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Children are magic. They live in a world that overspills with exploration, connections, dreams and imagination. They are trying to share this world with us all the time, because they want us to step through the door that leads there and join them in the magic.

Once upon a time we lived in that magic world. But now we are 'grown up' and many of us have perhaps forgotten the magic or, if we are educators, feel held back by expectations of curriculum and time pressures. Yet the door still stands there, waiting for us to have the courage to take those first steps and then head deeper and further into the joy of childhood.
It's this rich landscape of childhood that I have found myself adventuring in ever since I heard the words 'Can I go and play now?' from children's mouths which jolted me to seek the door. Having found it, I discovered that education can be an immersive adventure, and it's one that I am still on with so much yet to see and unearth. I'd like to invite you to join me, to come and share in the magic of children too.
The place that lies beyond the door has a name. It is called the World of Good Things and if in your heart you want to go there, then why not join me on a great big co-adventure? I can support you in your journey with my philosophy of 'co-play' and the 3Ms as well as showing you the 'map' of Adventure Island, Drawing Club, Play Projects, The Message Centre and all the other things that live in the World of Good Things - its scope is unlimited and waiting there are the joy and possibility that you have been seeking.
​Childhood doesn't have to become a lost word.
It's time to step in to The World of Good Things..

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Welcome to PLAAY.com's active, evolving, vibrant world of board games! PLAAY.com began in the year 2000 as a home for fresh, original board games, both sports and non-sports-themed. Over the years, we found our footing in the sports simulation board game genre, first as an outlet for board games based on sports which didn't have a board game presence, like roller derby and lacrosse. Then, starting in 2009, we migrated to the sports sim game mainstream, releasing games for baseball, hockey and more. In 2018 we began acknowledging our roots with the launch of our PLAAY NOW brand, as a platform for non-sports and/or non-simulation board games. What's next? We have big plans—stay tuned!

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PLAAY Games takes a different approach to game design and publication. Instead of all-or-nothing Kickstarter campaigns and large-scale print runs, our games are home-grown, hand-crafted, community driven and American made. By assembling our printed products from a host of local (Colorado, USA) print shops we’re able to offer a balance of high quality components and quick production turnaround—no long waits for the proverbial 'slow boat from China.' With an ever-expanding lineup of fun, fast-playing games designed to offer great solo and head-to-head experiences, we aim to fill those small holes in your game shelf and play schedule that few other titles can.

We cordially invite you to check out our twin game sites, PLAAYclassic.com and PLAAYNOW.com. On both sites, the hallmark of PLAAY Games is the same: PLAAY Games are designed first for solitaire play, with adaptations for multi-player participation. That makes us different from traditional game makers, for which it's typically the other way around. Another attraction is our active community of PLAAY gamers: it's chock full of pleasant, helpful people, and we'd love to have YOU be part of it!


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If you have questions, please e-mail us! Thanks for visiting PLAAY.com!