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  • Odds as of July 11 at BetOnline Raw Tag Team Championship - The Revival (C) vs The Usos. The Revival -170; The Usos +130; Odds as of July 11 at BetOnline Cruiserweight Championship - Drew Gulak (C) vs Tony Nese. Drew Gulak -300; Tony Nese +200; Odds as of July 11 at BetOnline Aleister Black vs Cesaro. Aleister Black -175; Cesaro +135.
  • In a Steel cage match, Braun Strowman is favored at -245 to defeat Kevin Owens and these odds seem like they should be more in favor of Braun. The rest of the card is very close in terms of odds. Finn Balor, Roman Reigns, Asuka, Team Hell No, Shinsuke Nakamura, Deleter of Worlds and Dolph Ziggler are all marginal favorites.

On Sunday, July 14th, the WWE will be live from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA, for their annual Extreme Rules PPV. However, there’s really nothing “extreme” about these matches based on their stipulations. The main event itself is a perfect example of this assessment as it’s a mixed tag team match for both the Universal title and the RAW Women’s title. Seth Rollins and his real life girlfriend Becky Lynch put their respective belts on the line against Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans.

In addition to the main event, six other matches will have WWE titles on the line from tag-team belts to the WWE championship held by Kofi Kingston. In total, there are 10 matches scheduled for Extreme Rules. It’s safe to assume that the WWE will have a Kickoff Show, especially since there’s a cruiserweight title match, which has become a mainstay on the pre-PPV portion of an event. Extreme Rules is set to begin at 7 PM ET and will stream live on the WWE Network.

Extreme Rules betting odds are still very close in most matches. The added Pre-show match now has attributed odds as well and those see Sanity favored at -260 to defeat The New Day. While both the Intercontinental Championship and Smackdown Tag Team Championship Matches have seen the odds flip, the odds are still close in either case.

WWE betting sites have released odds for Extreme Rules including a few prop bets that are worth discussing. Let’s climb that turnbuckle, step onto the top rope, and Superfly Snuka these odds to see where we can make some money.

Former friends will fight like enemies when @DrewGulak defends his #Cruiserweight Title against @TonyNese this Sunday at #ExtremeRules, streaming LIVE on @WWENetwork! pic.twitter.com/ttrLHvPNHg

— 205 Live (@WWE205Live) July 11, 2019

Cruiserweight Championship Match

  • (c) Drew Gulak (-300)
  • Tony Nese (+200)

It’s a shame that the cruiserweight title is relegated to just 205 Live and the Kickoff Show of a PPV, because the title matches are typically very entertaining. And this match should be no different. Gulak and Nese are two of the top cruiserweights in the company. They’re also two of the most solid WWE performers on the main roster.

Drew Gulak finally won the cruiserweight title for the first time by defeating Nese and Akira Tozawa in a triple threat match at Stomping Grounds last month. Nese had won the belt at WrestleMania 35 by defeating Buddy Murphy, but only held the title for 2 ½ months.

Tony Nese earned this rematch by defeating Tozawa in a #1 contender’s match on 205 Live. Unfortunately, the man who ended Buddy Murphy’s long title reign won’t be getting a second title run anytime soon.

I believe Gulak’s long chase for the title will be rewarded with a respectable championship run. And that starts this weekend by defeating Nese. WWE oddsmakers agree with this as Gulak is a large betting favorite.

Raw Tag Team Championship Match

  • (c) The Revival (-170)
  • The Usos (+130)

The feud between The Revival and The Usos continues this weekend as they fight over the RAW tag titles on another PPV. The two tag teams have been in a heated rivalry over the last several months and seem to be the only two tag teams that the WWE is pushing on RAW.

This feud started off with some hype, but it’s lost some steam over the last month. In fact, it hasn’t really been that successful with the WWE Universe. In my opinion, I believe it’s because the fans like myself are tired of the same teams doing the same things. We want something different, which I will talk about more with the SmackDown tag title match.

The WWE can go either way with the winner of this match. We can see The Usos win the belts again or we can see The Revival retain. For the sake of the titles, it would make more sense to have The Revival retain. If they lose the belts, after only holding them for five weeks, then the WWE will once again devalue these tag team titles.

At the risk of seeing this feud continue, I believe The Revival will win this match and get the momentum that they need as tag champs. A new feud will help as well.

WWE Bet: The Revival (-170)

Black’s Open Challenge Match

  • Aleister Black (-175)
  • Cesaro (+135)

For the last three months, Aleister Black has only appeared in video segments where he’s talking from a dark room. Each promo showed an evolution of darkness with Black to the point where he challenged anyone on the roster.

On the June 25th episode of SmackDown, there was a knock at Black’s door during one of his promos. He flipped out over the knock, but there was nobody there when the door was opened. The mystery began as to who was on the other side of the door. Many fans started speculating that it could be Bray Wyatt. On the July 9th episode of RAW, the WWE revealed that it was Cesaro who accepted Black’s challenge.

The two men had a very brief video segment. It was a surprise to see Cesaro as Black’s first opponent since the WWE repackaged him. However, it really is a smart choice. The bookers have a few options for the outcome of this match due to the credibility of Cesaro and the assumed chemistry that these two wrestlers will have. In fact, the small buzz that started earlier this week has been growing. This match is now starting to gain the attention it deserves.

My colleague Drew and I debated the potential outcomes for this match on our latest episode of The Payoff, which you can watch on our YouTube channel. I land on the side of the fence where the WWE has painted themselves into a corner. After three months of these Black promos, the WWE has to have Aleister win his first match. If he loses, no amount of post-match antics will make up for the loss.


These two men could have a great rivalry. In fact, they could even end up becoming a great tag team. But for Black’s first match back on the main roster, he has to win in order for anyone to believe in the hype that the WWE has been creating for Aleister since mid-April.

For this bet, I’m taking Aleister Black to win. It wasn’t an easy choice since I’m a big fan of Cesaro, but it’s the smart choice. Have Cesaro rematch Black on SmackDown this week and get the win. That will spark this feud even more. It just makes no sense to have Cesaro win on Sunday at Extreme Rules.

Last Man Standing Match

  • Braun Strowman (-170)
  • Bobby Lashley (+130)

Strowman and Lashley officially began their disdain for each other last year when Lashley teamed up with Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre to attack Braun and put him out of action for a few months. Since then, Strowman has had feuds with all three men.

Strowman circled back around to Lashley at the Super ShowDown even when the two men fought. Braun would win that match. A week later, the two would participate in a fatal five-way match to become the #1 contender for the United States championship belt. Although Ricochet would go on to win the match, Lashley played a huge part in causing Strowman to be eliminated.

From there, the two were locked into a feud that even saw them do a tug of war match. However, it wasn’t until the July 1st episode of RAW that the WWE Universe really stood up and took interest in this feud. Prior to their “falls count anywhere” match at RAW, most fans just didn’t care about this storyline. But, at the conclusion of this match, Strowman shoulder tackled Lashley through the LED video wall of the RAW stage entrance. Sparks shot off, the power went out, and fans were standing in awe. It was a moment that really changed the trajectory of both wrestlers.

Now, rumors have it that the WWE will once again push Strowman as being an unstoppable force like he was two years ago when he earned the nickname “the monster among men.” For that push to happen, he will need to beat Bobby Lashley on Sunday. I’m actually surprised at Strowman’s odds being this low, considering that most pundits and fans believe he will win.

I’m taking Braun Strowman to win in a last man standing match against Lashley. The only way he loses is if Lashley has some help in this match.

WWE Bet: Braun Strowman (-170)

Smackdown Women’s Championship Handicap Match

  • (c) Bayley (-150)
  • Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (+110)

At the Money in the Bank PPV in May, Bayley won the MITB briefcase and cashed it in at the PPV event. She came out and challenged Charlotte Flair right after Flair defeated Becky Lynch for the SmackDown title. Bayley was able to defeat Flair for the belt and has held it ever since.

Over the last month, Bayley has been embroiled in a feud with Alexa Bliss and her sidekick Nikki Cross. Bayley also defeated Bliss at Stomping Grounds a few weeks ago to keep this storyline going. It was the one match that had the most interest due to their great promo segment on SmackDown five days prior to the event.

Since then, Nikki Cross has become a prominent figure in this storyline and helped Bliss get a rematch. Additionally, she defeated Bayley in a “beat the clock challenge” that allowed Cross to pick the stipulation for the title match at Extreme Rules. Cross would make it a handicap match in order to help her “bestie” Alexa Bliss.

With Bayley facing two women this Sunday, it would make perfect sense for the WWE to take the belt off of her in a believable way. From there, the WWE can continue this storyline between Cross and Bliss that will eventually lead to the duo splitting and feuding. This entire angle has been created to get Cross “over,” and I believe they have accomplished this.

There are rumors that Bayley’s former tag team partner Sasha Banks will return to the WWE after missing the last four months due to frustrations with the creative team and decision makers. Banks protested the decision to have the tag team belts taken off them at WM 35.

If she does return this weekend, the question is whether or not she will help Bayley or cost her the match. Either way, I believe the title is switching hands. Bayley has had the belt for nearly three months, which is a respectable run. With that said, Bliss and Cross will do a better job making this title entertaining. Additionally, they will have new feuds that can slowly lead to their eventual separation.

#SDLive#[email protected] & @AlexaBlissWWE's rivalry has been YEARS in the making! #ExtremeRules

And don't forget about @NikkiCrossWWE…. hehehehehehe pic.twitter.com/u9VQ04ElCY

— WWE (@WWE) July 12, 2019

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match

  • (c) Daniel Bryan and Rowan (-160)
  • The New Day (+300)
  • Heavy Machinery (+175)

A triple threat match typically means that a champion or favorite can or will lose the match. It’s a way to “protect” the champs from looking inferior by having them face an uphill battle. Additionally, they don’t even have to be pinned to lose the belts. And that’s what I think will happen.

I believe that Bryan and Rowan are going to drop the tag straps. And they really need to lose the belts. As I was discussing above with The Revival and The Usos, we need some fresh blood in the tag team divisions. Heavy Machinery represents that freshness that the tag team division on the blue brand desperately needs.

Bryan and Rowan have stabilized the SmackDown tag division, but it’s not something they were supposed to carry for the long term. Now is the time to capitalize on their foundational efforts by putting the belts on Heavy Machinery.

On SmackDown this week, we saw a triple threat match between all three teams as a member of each team competed in the match. Ultimately, it turned out to be a very entertaining match as Otis, of Heavy Machinery, was the victor. I’m hoping that means he and his partner will win the belts this Sunday.

I believe that Bryan should return to the main event scene and feud against Kofi Kingston for the belt. I also believe that we can get new feuds and storylines with Heavy Machinery as the champs. The WWE has been slowly building up this tag team and the fans are fully behind them. It’s time to cash in on their popularity by crowning new tag team champs.

WWE Bet: Heavy Machinery (+175)

United States Championship Match

  • (c) Ricochet (-150)
  • AJ Styles (+110)

If given enough time, this should be the best match on the PPV. We’ve seen over the last few weeks on RAW that the two wrestlers have a great chemistry in the ring. Not to mention, they’re arguably the two most talented superstars in the WWE.

At Stomping Grounds, Ricochet defeated Samoa Joe to win the US title. The following night on RAW, AJ Styles defeated Ricochet in a non-title match. The WWE Universe loved this match and the WWE decided to have a rematch the next week. Ricochet would go on to win the rematch and even the series at one pinfall apiece. However, after the match, AJ Styles attacked Ricochet and both Gallows and Anderson joined in. It was the official reuniting of The Club.

Fans have been buzzing over this Club reunion. I have been buzzing over The Club’s return. But all of that excitement can come to a screeching halt if the WWE has AJ Styles lose this match.

The Club is rumored to become RAW’s top heel group. In other words, they will be the main antagonists of the show. But if Styles loses this match, then the reunion of The Club is pointless.

On the latest episode of RAW, Ricochet beat Gallows and Anderson in two separate matches. In my opinion, that already puts a big damper on the return of The Club. Now, if Styles loses too, then you might as well scrap this group because nobody is going to take them seriously.

Not only do I think AJ Styles should win, I also believe he will. Since Seth Rollins is going to hold the Universal Title for the foreseeable future, that leaves the US belt as the next biggest prize on RAW. There’s no better wrestler to hold this bet for the short term than AJ Styles.

Make no mistake about it, this feud should accomplish two things, to make The Club the top heel group and to boost Ricochet even higher. To be successful at this, the WWE needs to have AJ Styles win this PPV match on Sunday.

No Holds Barred Tag Team Match

  • The Undertaker and Roman Reigns (-400)
  • Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre (+250)

Roman Reigns has been involved in a bitter feud with Shane McMahon for the last four months. He’s feuded against Drew McIntyre for even longer. With that said, this storyline was becoming a one-sided affair as McMahon and McIntyre kept getting the better of Roman Reigns. That all changed when The Undertaker shocked the WWE Universe by announcing that he will be Reigns’ tag team partner.

With The Undertaker involved, this storyline grew because he and Shane McMahon have had a history against each other that culminated with a Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania 32. It’s part of the reason why The Undertaker came out and attacked both McMahon and McIntyre a few weeks ago. The other part is the fact that the WWE needed to breathe life into a feud that lost steam and was flirting with boredom. Additionally, the WWE’s TV ratings have plummeted, so they needed one of their biggest stars to return and help with a sad TV product.

Out of all of the matches for this show, this is the easiest one to pick. I can’t see a scenario where Reigns and The Undertaker lose. Although there’s no value with the superheroes, this pick is easily “The Dead Man” and “The Big Dog.” Don’t be surprised if Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens get involved in this match as well.

WWE Bet: The Undertaker and Roman Reigns (-400)

WWE Championship Match

  • (c) Kofi Kingston (-350)
  • Samoa Joe (+225)

Samoa Joe officially entered the world title scene by attacking Kofi Kingston on the June 24th episode of RAW, after Kingston successfully defeated Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in consecutive matches. From there, the two began to fight whenever they saw each other and exchange some heated insults.

Wwe Extreme Rules 2018 Betting Odds College Bowl

Samoa Joe is definitely worthy of a world title run, but the WWE has failed to put the belt on him. Joe has held secondary titles, but has yet to be elevated to a world title or even the Universal belt. With that said, I don’t see it happening this weekend either.

Kofi Kingston’s title reign will either end at the hands of Daniel Bryan or The New Day turning on him. There’s really no other scenario that makes sense or should even be explored. Kofi won the belt at WM 35 after the fans basically force the WWE to put Kingston into a world title match against Daniel Bryan.

Since then, his popularity has held strong as the majority of fans continue to root for Kingston. It’s a shame that Samoa Joe won’t win the belt, but at least he will help Kingston have a great match on Sunday. I believe these two will put on a memorable match that fans will buzz over.

In the end, Kingston will keep the belt and the WWE will once again have to figure out something else to do with Samoa Joe.

Winner Take All Mixed Tag Team Match

  • The Champs: Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch (-400)
  • Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans (+250)

Wwe Extreme Rules 2018 Betting Odds Ncaa Basketball

This mixed tag team match is for Seth Rollins’ Universal Title and Becky Lynch’s RAW Women’s championship. Whichever team gets the win, those members will get the belts. The male winner will receive the Universal Title and the female winner will receive the RAW Women’s championship.

Let me put this out there right now, I’m not a fan of this on-air relationship between Rollins and Lynch. I feel that the WWE is shoving it down our throats. It’s so cheesy and force-fed that I can see the fans treating the two lovebirds like they did with Roman Reigns for the last few years prior to his second fight against leukemia last fall.

As much as I would love to see Lynch and Rollins lose the titles, it’s not going to happen this weekend against Corbin and Evans. The challengers are just warm bodies for the WWE to continue pushing their power couple to the next level. And it makes me nauseous.

I’m taking Lynch and Rollins to win this match, but I do hope we get an appearance by Brock Lesnar.

WWE Bet: Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch (-400)

Will Brock Lesnar Win the Universal Title and RAW Women’s Title (+3300)?

SkyBet has an amazing prop bet that asks whether or not Brock Lesnar will cash in his MITB contract at Extreme Rules and win both titles. The odds of this happening are 33 to 1. However, I would absolutely love it if Lesnar accomplished this. In fact, I think this is what the WWE should do.

Have Brock come out, cash in the briefcase, then hit Lynch with the F5. He can pin her and win both belts without even having to pin Seth Rollins. That would take the feud between Rollins and Lesnar to a whole new level. Additionally, can you imagine if Lynch tried to fight Lesnar for the RAW women’s belt? We could also have a 2-on-1 handicap match at SummerSlam between these three stars.

Unfortunately, I don’t see the WWE having the testicular fortitude to pull this off or allowing Paul Heyman to do this. So, avoid this prop bet, but root for it to happen.

— Paul Heyman (@HeymanHustle) July 12, 2019

Best Extreme Rules Betting Value

The following wrestlers offer betting value at this weekend’s Extreme Rules PPV based on their current odds, matchups, and storylines:

  • Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (+110) are the underdogs in their SmackDown women’s title match against Bayley, but I believe they will win. The storyline and logic all point to an eventual feud between Cross and Bliss for this title down the road. It makes sense to give them the belt now in order for this long term angle to take the next step.
  • Heavy Machinery (+175) is one of three tag teams in the SmackDown tag title match. However, they aren’t the biggest underdogs as The New Day at +300 is. With that said, I believe Heavy Machinery offers great value especially since I think they will win. The WWE has built them up for months now and Otis is a legitimate fan favorite. It’s time for new champs and new tag title feuds.
  • Full disclosure—AJ Styles (+110) is my favorite wrestler in the WWE. However, I’m not picking him to win because I’m a fan. I’m picking him to win because it’s the best thing for this feud, to elevate Ricochet in the long run and to give the recently reformed Club some credibility. If Styles loses, then Ricochet would have defeated all three members in separate matches, which would kill any excitement and interest for The Club.

Final Thoughts on Extreme Rules

Extreme Rules has potential for exciting in-ring action with a few matches, but it also has the potential to be a major letdown. With Paul Heyman taking over RAW, there’s a chance that the red brand’s matches will have some excitement. SmackDown has the potential to deliver on entertainment and great in-ring action, as long as the WWE doesn’t shoot themselves in the collective foot with their shoddy decision making.

As you can see above, there are some opportunities for making money with the Extreme Rules PPV. I’ve picked three matches to end in a betting upset. But we could theoretically see half the show end in upsets. Either way, let’s hope that Extreme Rules becomes a launching pad for the new era of RAW under Paul Heyman and SmackDown under Eric Bischoff.

Wwe Extreme Rules 2018 Betting Odds College Football

WWE Extreme Rules Betting Recap

  • Drew Gulak (-300)
  • The Revival (-170)
  • Aleister Black (-175)
  • Braun Strowman (-170)
  • Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (+110)
  • Heavy Machinery (+175)
  • AJ Styles (+110)
  • The Undertaker & Roman Reigns (-400)
  • (c) Kofi Kingston (-350)
  • Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch (-400)
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  • Bray Wyatt is favored over Braun Strowman with -200 odds.
  • Seth Rollins is favored to beat Rey Mysterio with -250 odds.
  • The New Day is favored over Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro with -140 odds

STAMFORD, Conn. - The WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view will be taking place tonight at 7:00 p.m. EST from the WWE headquarters and training center. This event is filled with heavy-hitting matches from start to finish.

One of the biggest matches of the night will be between Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman.

Wyatt is the favorite with -200 odds at online sportsbooks while Strowman’s odds are at +150, and this is surprising.

The last time that Bray Wyatt was in a match was back on May 10th when he actually lost to Strowman at the Money In The Bank pay-per-view. Since then, Strowman has been on an absolute rampage as he has won his last eight matches with victories against Goldberg, Bray Wyatt, The Miz and John Morrison.

Wyatt has won 20 of his last 22 matches but Strowman has a much bigger physical advantage, as he is standing 6’8 and 386 pounds while Wyatt is at 6’3 and 285 pounds.

Bettors who want to take a risk can and should take it here by taking Braun Strowman and the sizeable payout with it.

Seth Rollins Vs. Rey Mysterio

Seth Rollins is looked at as the favorite here as his Extreme Rules odds are at -250 while Rey Mysterio’s odds are at +170.

Bettors should not let Mysterio’s 5’6, 175-pound frame fool them as he is not to be taken lightly. Mysterio has one of the most successful track records in the WWE with 1,087 matches under his belt including a Royal Rumble win and he is also a three-time WWE World Champion.

Not to mention, since the Royal Rumble back in January, he has gone 9-1 in over those 10 fights.

Rollins, however, has not been living up to his championship-caliber character as he has had a rocky road since the Royal Rumble, having gone 8-12 in his last 20 matches.

Wwe Extreme Rules 2018 Betting Odds Against

With Mysterio’s recent success and Rollins' current struggles, bettors should hold back betting on Mysterio and take the nice cash out with it.

The New Day Vs. Casaro & Shinsuke Nakamura

The tag team title will be put on the line here as The New Day, made up of Kofi Kingston and Big E, will defend their championship against Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro. The News Day is favored to retain their title at -140odds while Nakamura and Cesaro have +100 odds.

This should be another match that bettors might look to take the underdog as The New Day has been defeated by Cesaro and Nakamura on countless occasions. Atlantic city tourism information center.

Wwe Extreme Rules 2018 Betting Odds

They have faced off twice before and both matches were split. Cesaro recently defeated Big E and Shinsuke Nakamura took down Kofi Kingston.

Bettors should take this into consideration here and bet on Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura as they seem to have the upper hand.

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