Word Bingo Game

Play bingo using the High-Frequency words by phase as listed in Letters & Sounds


Decide which phase/game you want to play.

Open the green bingo card link, (opens in another tab).

Print approximately 5 copies, (for 30 chn) of your chosen page/phase. Deposites.

TAKE CARE TO PRINT JUST ONE PAGE! Otherwise you'll get every game's bingo cards.

Cut up and hand out your bingo cards.

Select the game you want to play and pull the handle.

If anyone completes their bingo card they shout 'Bingo!' Press 'Check' to check if they've won.

The word lists for this game are taken from Letters & Sounds (pages 194 & 195).

Have fun!

This game is © copyright 2019, J.Barrett, ictgames.com All Rights Reserved.
Made using the and libraries.

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The easiest way to learn and play

Create bingo cards with words is now very easy to do. Why should you play bingo with words instead of numbers? Using words to play bingo brings the traditional bingo game to a new level. It’s a convenient method to teach a second language and for students to learn the correct pronunciation. Playing “word bingo” with foreign students will help them to learn common English, French or Spanish words while playing a game. Middle school teachers can motivate students to read while playing bingo and winning prizes.

High school teachers can also play “dictionary bingo” with a list of words related to a specific topic like geography, biology or other subjects. You can play and adapt the game to better fit your needs and your educational goals. As an example of game procedure, give every student a bingo card, call out the definition, word, phrase or question. Students must then identify the word on their cards. Once a student gets five consecutive squares, he gets a bingo.

Generate your own cards with your word list

Below, you can find the program versions for 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75 and 80 custom words. Excel can’t support more than 65 000 rows of codes, so we had to create many versions of the program. Choose the program according to how many words or phrases you have on your list and select the free bingo card generator version corresponding to your Microsoft Excel (Windows or Mac).

Bingo cards, list of 25 words

Generator Excel Mac

Bingo cards, list of 30 words

Generator Excel Mac

Sight Word Bingo Game For Kindergarten

Bingo cards, list of 40 words

Generator Excel Mac

Bingo cards, list of 50 words

Generator Excel Mac

Bingo cards, list of 60 words

Generator Excel Mac

Bingo cards, list of 75 words

Generator Excel Mac

Bingo Sight Word Game

Bingo cards, list of 80 words


Word Bingo Game Rules

After receiving very good feedback about our program, we decided to honor our mission and make sure that generating all kinds of bingo cards is accessible and free for everyone. You can now create your own personalized bingo cards containing your own list of words or phrases (also known as Buzzword Bingo). Those interested, can quickly make custom bingo cards using the simplicity of Microsoft Excel.