Wild Rails

Take back what is yours!

Wild Rails is an exciting new game addition into the ever-growing Play’n GO portfolio. It is a high-quality artistic product emerging fresh from the creative oven to dazzle you with graphics in first place and steaming features as well. This game consists of five reels and 30 rows.

A large and ruthless corporation has taken all lands and resources from common people.


Wild Rails Demo

  • The Wild Rails slot is a 5 reel and 30 payline game. Set to the backdrop of a blue sky and a mountainous terrain, symbols spin in such as two 1920’s themed damsels, a male passenger holding cards, another with an eye lens and ten through ace cards.
  • Wild Rails Game, Oulu, Finland. WILD RAILS is an on-going development, twin stick local co-op shooting game on PC & Xbox, developed by Offset Games. We are an indie team based in Oulu.

Be part of an outlaw gang and help your people to take them back.

High-speed action on trains!

Experience different ways to execute train robberies:

Virtual bingo with friends on zoom

Battle against time and use your abilities, weapons and items to loot as much as you can!

Valleyfair Wild Rails

Equip and upgrade your gang!


Play with multiple different characters each with their own specialities.

Equip yourself with an arsenal of weapons and gadgets to overcome all obstacles!

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