Who Should I Bet On For The Super Bowl

It’s always fun betting which side you think is going to win. But if you are unsure of who might win, you can look at other wagers like the total of the game. Instead of rooting for one team to do well, if you take the over on the game, you can cheer on both teams. Meanwhile, if you like the under, you can root against both teams from scoring.
In Super Bowl 55, we’ve got two fantastic offenses with so much talent. With that, you would’ve thought most of the public would be on the over in this game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs. We’ve got Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs going up against the modern-day Greatest of All Time (GOAT), Tom Brady.
Ninety four percent of the early money is on the under. This number could jump to 55.
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The Super Bowl 55 total already dropped from 57.5 to 56 with sharp early bets on the under. Fifty-six is a lame number. If you can find me a game that finished with a total of 56, you can message me on Twitter. It’ll be hard to find.
Getting a number at 55 or even 55.5 is important because four touchdowns for each team would equal 56 points. Therefore, if we do get eight touchdowns, you’ll cover any number below 56 points.
If you like the under, make sure to grab 56.5 or better because if there are eight touchdowns, you’d still win the under if there were no other scores.
Obviously, this is all hypothetical. We’ll likely see plenty of field goals and maybe even get some missed extra points. However, we are in Tampa Bay for the Super Bowl and likely won’t have wind affecting field goals or game play.
Personally, I like the over. I know that might scare some of you who saw the early money on the under.
If you’d like to bet the over, let this number take a hit and potentially get to 55 before making a wager.
The Chiefs and Buccaneers have ridiculous play makers all around and have two stud quarterbacks who already have wins in Super Bowls in their careers. Combined, Brady and Mahomes have played in 10 Super Bowls and will now combine for 12 after this game. They’re fantastic under the bright lights.
For Brady, this is easily the most talented offense he’s ever had. He can throw to Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Rob Gronkowkski, Scotty Miller, Cameron Brate, Antonio Brown or even Leonard Fournette and Tyler Johnson. When did he have this in New England?
On the other hand, Kansas City built their team with speed and skill. They’ve got Tyreek Hill, Mecole Hardman, potentially Sammy Watkins, and the most reliable tight end in the league in Travis Kelce. Also, don’t forget their running backs like Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Le’Veon Bell.
Both offenses are just stacked with talent. Both teams combined to score for more than 1,000 points and allowed less than 850 points combined.
But if you’ve been watching the Chiefs closely, you’d know that the defense started off hot earlier in the season and hasn’t looked quite the same in the second half. Sure, the playoffs are different. Guys are more prepared and amped up for games. But that Chiefs secondary will have trouble defending the Bucs and their receivers.
And if you think the Buccaneers secondary can keep up with the Chiefs receivers, I’ve got news for you. They can’t.
Both teams have been dreadful on defense, with the Chiefs and Buccaneers struggling against the run and tackling. The Bucs have the better pass rush and a secondary that has stepped up more recently.
The Chiefs really don’t have much going for them at all defensively. You can expect Brady to dissect that defense.
Trends to Think About
The last two Super Bowl games with an AFC West opponent have gone under, including last year’s game between the 49ers and Chiefs. But that only missed by two points. The other game was between the Broncos and Panthers, with the total at 43.5 despite just 34 points scored in total.
The under is also 4-1 in the last five Super Bowls on CBS. This game will also be on CBS. The total is currently the highest it’s been since Super Bowl 51’s 57.5-point total.
When the AFC is favored, the under is 8-4 in the last 12 Super Bowl’s. The Chiefs are currently -3.5 favorites as the AFC team.

Superbowl odds are in, join today and claim your super bowl odds free bet with Super bowl. Player props have evolved into huge markets for Super Bowl LV betting action, with more and more player-specific bets hitting the books as today's Big Game is hours away from kickoff. Common Beginner Super Bowl Betting Mistakes Bets That Don’t Work in Unison. If you decide to make multiple bets, make sure they work in unison. All of your Super Bowl bets should fit the same storyline of what you expect to happen in the game. For example, if you bet: Team A to win the game; Team B to score first; The team to score first wins. It's natural for oddsmakers to inflate the total a bit for the Super Bowl. It's the most heavily bet game of the year, with a lot of public action, and the public is prone to rooting for a lot of.

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What is the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is quite simply the biggest game in football. It’s a game that attracts a TV viewership equivalent to roughly a third of the United States population - in 2019, 98 million people across America watched the live broadcast of Super Bowl LIII. The commercial breaks during the show are the most expensive on television, and the half-time show has historically brought in the biggest names in music and entertainment.

All this interest means a lot, but the Super Bowl is made even bigger by the hordes of people who bet on it. With every betting company under the sun offering Super Bowl odds, there’s every chance you’ll find a winning line while watching the big game. Let’s take a look at how to craft a winning bet, and where the best NFL Super Bowl odds are.

Best Super Bowl betting sites

What specific challenges does the Super Bowl present to bettors?

The Super Bowl is a one-off match, the culmination of a season of hard work by both participants. This means that you’re not betting on form as much as you would be in a regular-season game. Anything can happen, and it often does.

The match represents a particular challenge for participants. The stadium hosting the match is on neutral ground, ensuring neither side has home advantage. The other thing is that a lot of neutral fans get tickets for the game, so it’s a lot less partisan than would be the case with games in the NFL regular season.

In the regular season, players generally play in front of predominantly their own fans - distances are so great in the United States that, unlike in Premier League soccer for example, the idea of an army of traveling fans is not so ingrained in the culture. Instead, most grounds are, in the main, filled with supporters of the home team. This gives one of the teams a tremendous advantage in terms of motivation and also pressure being placed on the visitors.

In the Super Bowl, it’s all about the mental and physical strength of the teams and individuals taking part. That’s why past Super Bowls have focused so heavily on the actions of the likes of quarterbacks Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Cam Newton, and why special, game-changing, players such as those three are so prized when it comes to winning the Super Bowl. When a match is played in such a different and unusual atmosphere, often it falls to standout players, leaders of men, to calm the nerves of others on their team and make sure that the players play from a solid base.

Hence, for bettors, the Super Bowl is a unique challenge, just as it is for the players. Base your betting entirely on what you’ve seen from the teams in the regular season, and you ignore the influence of injuries, a different kind of crowd, and the pageantry and ceremony of the occasion. As a player, you notice it - how can you not, when the half-time show keeps you in the locker room for so long? - and as a bettor you’ve got to tune yourself towards the Super Bowl odds that reflect the special nature of the game.

Super Bowl All Time Most Wins

Who Should I Bet On For The Super Bowl Winner

When betting on the biggest event of the year, it’s always worth bearing in the mind the history and the past winners. Everyone thinks of the Patriots as the most successful team in the NFL, but they’re actually tied for most Super Bowl wins. Check out the Super Bowl winning-most teams below.

New England Patriots6
Pittsburgh Steelers6
Dallas Cowboys5
San Francisco 49ers5
Green Bay Packers4
New York Giants4
Denver Broncos3
LA / Oakland Raiders3

What are the most popular Super Bowl bets?

The bets to avoid if you want to have a fun time watching the Super Bowl are the conventional ones, for example betting on the outright winner of the match with no strings attached. Do that, and you pretty much ensure yourself a boring afternoon in front of the screen, because if you’ve bet on the favorite, you probably won’t get a decent payout, but if you’ve bet on the underdog, you might get lucky, but there’s a greater chance of slipping up, just because football isn’t kind to underdogs, particularly on the biggest stage.

With all that said, there are plenty of bets you might want to consider which are incredibly popular. You can bet on statistical elements of games that catch your interest. For example, betting on the score, or on the number of touchdowns that will be achieved by one or both teams in the game, are excellent bets, if high-risk. For a bit of extra amusement, you might want to add them into a parlay.

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Parlays are where you add a series of bets together for a combined set of odds where everything has to happen in order to receive a payout. For example, you might bet that Team X will win the Super Bowl, that four touchdowns will be scored in the game by both sides combined, and that there will be between two and four interceptions overall. This is a high-risk bet, and so you should take care to not stake too much on it, but it certainly spices up the typical betting lines, and might help to add together a few “sure things” to create something where you can win a cool payout.

Who To Bet On For The Super Bowl

If one team seems like a clear favorite to you, then why not try betting against the spread on the Super Bowl? Let’s say a team is a heavy favorite and starts at -7, that means that team has to win by 8 points to beat the spread. Effectively, that creates a new, more interesting game for you to bet on, where you see whether that team can win by the predetermined margin or not. It’s edge-of-the-seat excitement.

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Who Should I Bet On To Win The Super Bowl

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