What Is The Wheel In Poker

Like many video poker variations with bonus games, you can opt to play a Build a Wheel Poker like a standard video poker game. In case you don’t know how those games work, here’s a quick summary:

ITEM Holabird Western Americana Collections / The Sweetheart Express Auction (February 2021) / The Wheel Poker Chips 129255 5233 The Wheel Poker Chips 129255 Currency:USD Category:Collectibles / Casino and Gambling Start Price:30.00 USD Estimated At:60.00 - 100.00 USD. Poker Terminology & Meanings. The game of poker has its own slang or “poker talk.” If you are new to poker, learning the poker slang will greatly improve your knowledge of the game. From the small blind to the straight flush, here is a poker glossary of the important poker terms to. Wheel Poker is a regular VP game with a bonus game layered on top of it. You activate the bonus game by wagering a sixth coin. In the case of Wheel Poker, the sixth coin activates a chance at spinning a prize wheel on top of the machine. Unlike many VP variations, Wheel Poker isn’t available in a single play version-it’s only available as a three play or five. EXAMPLE: 'I was drawing to a wheel and completed it, but ended up losing to a flush.' APPLIES TO: Online and Land-based Venues. In lowball, the lowest possible hand that takes into account the rules for whether straights and flushes count and whether the Ace may be used as a low card.

Video poker games look like slot machines, but only on the surface. The differences are significant, though. Both video poker games and slot machines pay out prizes based on the combinations of symbols on the monitor.

Triple Wheel Poker IGT (International Game Technology) has experienced great success with their Wheel of Fortune slot machine. And they’ve taken the same spinning wheel concept and applied it to Triple Wheel Poker. This game sees you play a regular video poker.

But on a video poker game, the odds of getting a particular symbol are known. That’s because each symbol is that of a playing card, and the odds of getting that card are the same as they would be if you were playing with a real deck of cards.

Armed with that information, we can calculate the house edge for such a game. And since you get to discard cards and replace them, video poker includes a skill element that slot machines lack. Here’s how that works:

You start by betting between 1 and 5 coins per hand. We suggest always playing for 5 coins, because that’s a requirement to get the top possible jackpot—800 to 1 on the royal flush. If you play for 4 coins or fewer, the payoff for that hand is only 250 to 1. Casino game online uk.

Once you’ve placed your bet, you’re dealt 5 virtual cards on the computer screen. You can choose which cards to keep and which cards to discard. The game deals you replacement cards for your discards, and you get paid off automatically based on the pay table and which poker hand you wind up with.


In Build a Wheel Poker, you activate the special feature by placing an additional bet on each hand. Since Build a Wheel Poker is usually played as a 3-play or 5-play multi-hand game, the amount of this additional bet can add up quickly.

You start with a prize wheel with 6 blank spots on it. Besides those blank spaces, you also have a spot worth 4000 coins. And you have a progressive jackpot on one of the slices, too—it starts at 10,000 coins and increases over time just like any other progressive jackpot.

Any time you get a 3 of a kind or better, you get to fill in one of the blank spots with an additional prize. The amount of this prize is determined randomly.

  • But there’s more:

If you get a full house or better, you not only get to assign a random amount to one of the blank spots, you also get to fill in all of the other blank spots on the wheel.

When there are no blank spots left on the reel you get to spin the wheel and collect your prize for doing so.

You should know that any time you play a gambling machine with a prize wheel, the odds of getting the various prizes vary based on the prize amount. According to one reputable source we consulted, the player awarded spots are equally likely to come up, but the 2 larger prized spots have longer odds.

If you decide to quit playing before you’ve filled in all the blank spots on the prize wheel, you’re offered a “surrender” amount to reset the prize wheel. You also have the option of leaving the prizes on the wheel. There’s no good mathematical reason for doing this, but if you’re scouting games and can find one where some of the spots on the wheel are already filled in, you can increase your expected value by doing so.

Three Wheel Poker

Build a Wheel Poker Pay Tables and Odds

Like many of the newer video poker variations out there, Build a Wheel is a feature that’s placed on top of an existing game. It’s available with the following as the base game:

  • Bonus Poker
  • Bonus Poker Deluxe
  • Double Bonus Poker
  • Double Double Bonus Poker
  • Triple Double Bonus
  • Deuces Wild
  • Bonus Deuces Wild

The payback percentages for each of these variations is based on the pay table for that specific game, but the “Build a Wheel” increases the payback percentage for the game by 0.1% or 0.2% or so.

Here’s an example:

A traditional 8/5 Bonus Poker game offers a payback percentage of 99.17%. If you’re playing Build a Wheel 8/5 Bonus Poker with 3 hands, the payback percentage becomes 99.32%, which is an improvement of 0.15%. The 5 hand version of the same game has a payback percentage of 99.27%, which is only 0.1% better.

The additional payback percentage is based on the average values of the prizes on the prize wheel. It’s not an exact number, especially since one of the prizes is a progressive jackpot which is going to continue to increase over time while you’re playing.

You’ll use the appropriate strategy for the base game. This is usually presented as table with a hierarchical listing of hands. You start at the top and read down until you find a hand that looks like what you’re holding. Those are the cards you keep.

Build a Wheel Poker doesn’t have a lot of specific strategy on top of that, but there are a couple of important points you should pay attention to.

For one thing, you should play the 3-play version and enable the “Build a Wheel” feature. The 3-play version offers a better payback percentage than the 5-play version.

For another thing, you should never surrender. Be sure you have a large enough bankroll to play until you’re able to spin the prize wheel. If you’re planning to quit, be sure to quit immediately after spinning the wheel. Doing otherwise just increases the amount the casino makes from your play.

Build a Wheel Poker is one of those video poker games that has become reasonably popular in land-based casinos but hasn’t caught on in online casinos yet. The only place we know of where you can play Build a Wheel Poker online is VideoPoker.com, which is not an online casino at all. You can play for free there, but not for real money.

If you want to gamble online for real money, we recommend trying some of the base games that Build a Wheel Poker (ahem) builds on. Bonus Poker and Deuces Wild and their subsequent variations are available at most online casinos for real money.

As far as specific properties go, we recommend any of the following casinos for video poker players:

Be sure to obey the laws in your jurisdiction before playing online. You should look for real reviews of online casinos at a reputable information portal (like this one) before making your first deposit.


Build a Wheel Poker is a fun variation of video poker which combines the excitement of Wheel of Fortune slot machines with the skill element and high payback percentages of traditional video poker games. You don’t have to learn a whole lot of new strategies in order to participate, either—just use the strategy for the base game, keeping the following in mind:

  • You should never surrender.
  • You should stick with the 3-play versions of the game.
  • You should always activate the special feature.

Unfortunately, Build a Wheel Poker hasn’t caught on with Internet casinos—at least not yet. But you can try the game for free at VideoPoker.com. We prefer real money games, though, and we suggest taking a look at some of our casino reviews when considering where you want to play.

You have three betting options when playing Triple Wheel Poker:

  • Playing 1 to 3 hands Triple Play
  • Betting 1 5 coins per hand
  • Making an additional 2 credit bonus wager per hand to activate 3 prize wheels.

The number of hands that you can play differs depending on if its Triple Play 3 hands, Five Play 5 hands, or Ten Play 10 hands. But regardless of the game, you must play every hand at the max 5 credit bet to be eligible for the 3 prize wheels.

You also need to put 2 extra coins on every hand to activate the wheels. This makes for 21 total credits if you’re playing the Triple Play version.

This is $5.25 per turn on a quarter denomination machine, which is expensive for many players.

If you still want to play Triple Wheel Poker, we recommend that you choose a Triple Play machine to avoid spending more than $5.25 per turn.

Playing Hands

When playing multiple hands, only the bottom hand is dealt face up while the other hands remain face down. Every card that you hold in the bottom hand will be reflected in the other hands.

Here’s an example: you hold three kings in the bottom hand, and you’ll see three kings flipped over in each of the other active hands.

When you’re finished holding cards and making discards, click the Draw button to complete all of your hands. Potential payouts will be made according to the video poker variation that you’re playing.

You activate each wheel by being dealt the following hands.

Bronze Wheel – 1 spin for a 3 of a kind before drawing.

What Is The Wheel In Poker Terms

Silver Wheel – 1 spin for a straight or flush before drawing

Gold Wheel – 1 spin for a full house or 4 of a kind before drawing.

The potential prizes that you stand to win increase as you move from the Bronze to Gold Wheel. The highest possible payout that you can win is 10,000 credits through the Gold Wheel.

Triple Wheel Poker Variations

Triple Wheel Poker machines allow you to choose from several different variations when playing. Here’s a look at what video poker games are offered through Triple Play:

What Is The Wheel In Poker

  • Jacks or Better
  • This is one of the most popular video poker variations because it has a simple pay table. A pair of jacks is the lowest qualifying payout.

  • Bonus Poker
  • You receive bonus payouts for four aces; four 2s 4s; and four 5s Ks.

  • Bonus Poker Deluxe
  • Offers large bonus payouts for any 4 of a kind, rather than dividing bonuses up between specific 4 of a kind hands like in Bonus Poker.

  • Double Bonus
  • Offers double bonuses on the same 4 of a kind payouts as Bonus Poker.

  • Double Double Bonus
  • Features the same bonus payouts as in Double Bonus, with the addition of payouts for four aces w / a 2, 3, or 4 kicker, and four 2s, 3s, or 4s, w / a 2, 3, or 4 kicker.

  • Deuces Wild
  • 2s are wild, and you receive bonus payouts for four deuces and a 5 of a kind. The drawback is that the lowest qualifying payout is a 3 of a kind.

  • Bonus Deuces Wild
  • Offers bonus payouts four deuces with an ace kicker; four deuces; five aces; five 3s 5s; and five 6s Ks.

  • Joker Poker
  • The deck features a joker wild card, creating the possibility for a 5 of a kind. Also, the lowest qualifying payout is for a pair of kings.