What Happens When You Win A Slot Jackpot

When it comes to slot machines, you have two broad categories. There are flat top slot machines, and there are progressive slot machines.

At Turtle Creek, if the jackpot is more than $25,000, the casino will issue a check. And in certain situations, the casino will offer the winner a free room and a dinner while employees process the appropriate paperwork. After all, if you have a free meal and all that freshly won cash, there’s a good chance you may keep playing. Winning the Massive Slots Jackpot is a hard nut to crack. It’s so difficult because Slot Machines are programmed to take in more money than they payout. Remember, gambling is meant for entertainment — it’s not meant for you to get rich. However, with the right tips, you can help your money last longer to.

A flat-top slot machine is more common, and it’s a game where the top prize is a fixed amount. 1,000 coins is a common prize, but it varies by machine.

Progressive slots are more volatile, with lower chances of winning, but bigger possible wins, while fixed jackpot slots have higher chances of winning, but smaller potential wins. Take note of the jackpot size - The current pot size of any given slot machine can be found on the games' thumbnails. Eventually someone from the casino comes over and turns off the bell. For jackpots they have to bring in 2 or 3 people to verify the win and authenticate you. They take your identification and ask you to sign paperwork and there is some coming and going. By the time they come back with the money it's been another 30 minutes. If you win a Mega Millions jackpot, you will have to pay federal taxes. A federal tax of 39.6 percent is due on all jackpot prizes. 25 percent is taken immediately before you receive your winnings and a further 14.6 percent is due at the end of the tax year. You may also be liable for state taxes.

Progressive slot machines, on the other hand, have top prizes (jackpots) that grow over time until they’re hit. They can be compared to lottery games in that respect. You know how the lottery gets bigger every week if there was no winner the previous week? Hitting the progressive on jackpot on real money slot machines is just like that.

How Big Does the Jackpot Get on a Progressive Slot Machine?

The obvious first question is, how big does the jackpot on a progressive slot machine get? The answer is that it varies based on the game.

You can find progressive jackpots that rival lottery prizes in size. The Megabucks slots in Nevada have the biggest progressive slot machine jackpot in the world. The jackpot starts at $10 million and grows until someone hits it.

When I wrote this post, the jackpot was at $15 million and growing. The biggest the jackpot ever got was in 2003, when it had risen to almost $40 million before getting hit. It’s also gotten as big as $35 million before being hit, too. But that’s on the outside end of the spectrum.

Progressive jackpots can also be much smaller, depending on the casino and the specific game. You can find plenty of progressive jackpots on the other end of the spectrum, too. Online progressives can be as low as $500 or $600.

The advantage to lower-sized progressive jackpots is that you’re more likely to win one. The odds of winning something like Megabucks are astronomically small.

What Does a Progressive Jackpot Do to the Expected Return?

If you’re not familiar with the expression, the “expected return” for a slot machine is the percentage of the money you get back in the long run when playing the machine. It’s expressed as a percentage, and it’s always less than 100%.

Expected return is based on the probability of winning and the amount you stand to win. Every prize on a slot machine has an expected return based on the probability of winning that prize multiplied by the size of the prize. When you add the expected return for each prize together, you get the overall return for the game.

Here’s what that means: If you have a slot machine with an expected total return of 94%, you expect to get back 94 cents for every dollar you put into the machine.

If you’re an average slot machine player, you might make 500 spins per hour. If you’re playing for a dollar per spin, you’re putting $500 through the machine per hour.

94% of $500 is $470, which means you’ll lose an average of $30 per hour on that machine.

That’s no guarantee, by the way. That’s an average you can expect in the long run, over dozens of hours. In the short term, you might see an hour or a session where you were up $30 or even $300. You might see other hours or sessions where you lost $60 or $120 or even more. That’s why it’s random.

The Size of the Jackpot Has an Effect on the Actual Return

The actual return on a machine is the actual amount you get back. This is opposed to the theoretical return on the machine, which is what most people mean when they talk about expected return.

But when you’re dealing with a jackpot that has such a low probability of being hit, its theoretical return might as well be zero. After all, if the probability is so close to zero that you might not expect to hit it in a lifetime of play, it might as well not even count.

Megabucks is a good example. The odds of winning the jackpot are about 1 in 50,000,000. How long would it take to make 50,000,000 spins on Megabucks?

At 500 spins per hour, you’re looking at 100,000 hours of play. If you played Megabucks 40 hours a week for 50 weeks a year, you’d get in 2,000 hours of play. That’s 50 years of playing Megabucks as a full-time job.

No one I know would want to spend 50 years playing for that jackpot. So, you might as well subtract the expected value for the jackpot from the overall expected return for the game.

Usually, this means that the expected return for a big progressive jackpot is effectively lower than it would be if you were playing a flat top slot machine game.

What Kinds of Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines Are There?

I mentioned before that I like to categorize things, and I’ve found that categorizing progressive slot machines is easy. You have three types:

  1. Individual machines
  2. Local area-networked machines
  3. Wide area-networked machines

An individual machine with a progressive jackpot has a jackpot that grows as you play it. The jackpot also grows when someone else plays it. But it doesn’t grow when it’s not being played. A percentage of each bet “fuels” that jackpot, so the jackpot ticker doesn’t move when no one is playing the game.

It’s a jackpot ticket for an individual machine. Local area-networked machines are slot machines in a single casino and sometimes in the same bank where your play on any of the networked machines that fuels the jackpot. When someone on any of the networked machines wins, the jackpot resets to its original amount.

A wide area-networked progressive jackpot is one where the jackpots in multiple casinos in multiple locations all fuel the jackpot on the games. Megabucks is the most notable example of this, but plenty of progressive jackpot games are wide area-networked games.

Generally, the gambling games with the biggest jackpots are wide area machines, and the games with the smallest jackpots are the individual machines.

What Happens When You Gamble and Win a Jackpot?

First, the machines don’t pay out immediately in coins when you win a progressive jackpot. Such a payoff would be impractical.


A flashing light usually goes off on a progressive jackpot machine when it’s hit, and a slot machine attendant will visit you. The casino will set things up for you so that you get paid. If it’s a huge jackpot like Megabucks, it’s similar to winning the lottery.

You don’t just get a check handed to you. But you do get paid. Also, keep in mind that gambling winnings are taxable income. The casino will provide you with an earnings report. You should keep a diary of your gambling expenses so that if you do win big, you can defray at least some of the taxes you owe with these expenses.

You can’t defray expenses unless you’re a winning player, though, and you can never claim more in losses than you’ve won in a calendar year.

This is true for any United States casinos, and it applies to any winnings at the casino over a specific amount. Small wins like $50 are no big deal and don’t get reported, but once you get into progressive jackpot territory, they definitely get reported.

How Do You Win Progressive Jackpot Casino Slot Machines?

There’s no magic trick to winning at progressive slots. They’re like the lottery. No amount of superstition or astrology can help you win. You just have to get lucky.

You can safely ignore all the so-called slot machine strategies you’ll see for sale or talked about on the internet. They’re all equally worthless. Slot machines are random, and you can’t predict when you’re going to win on one with some silly tactic like the “zig-zag method.”

It also doesn’t matter where the slot machine is located in the casino. For years, people have suggested that the loosest slot machines are the ones nearest the walkways in the casinos, but that’s just one of the common casino myths. It might have had some basis in truth at one time. But as far as I know, no casino or casino manager makes it that easy to spot the “loose” progressive slots.


Hitting the jackpot with progressive slot machines is something most of us will never achieve. If you do become a progressive jackpot winner, it will probably be on one of the games with the smaller jackpots—the individual machines.

Still, it’s fun to watch the jackpot ticker grow constantly, and it’s even more fun to daydream about what you’re going to do when you win all that money.


Winning the jackpot is every player’s dream. To achieve your dream, all you need to do is put your money in the slot machine or play other jackpot casino games and press the button or pull the lever and see how the symbols come up. You see one symbol, then two symbols and then you can’t believe your eyes.

Suddenly you become aware of the fact that you’ve won something that every casino player always dreams of. Depending on the size of your winnings, your life might change completely in the future. Everyone is happy for you at this moment. However, before you start counting the eggs in your basket, here are a few things that you should keep in mind after learning how to win a jackpot.

1. You might get free lunch

When the casino attendant comes over and issues you with a check or huge loads of cash, the first thing that they’ll do is check the machine that you used. The attendant has to verify that the machines are functioning in the right way. And that your win wasn’t caused by a malfunction.

You might think that if the machine was faulty, you’ll still get your money in the end. However, on slot machine, you’ll see a label that says, “Malfunction voids all plays and pays”. This protects casinos from such kind of losses.

2. You’ll feel happy and lost

This is often the case. But not usually necessary. In several states, casinos hand out large sums of cash. And while they’ll happily have you escorted by their security personnel to your car, you’ll be on your own after that.

Casinos prefer paying cash whenever they can because it motivates players to continue visiting and playing. At the end of the day, a casino is a business that wants to generate huge revenues and profits. They offer lots of promotions and bonus offers. To win easily you can try these out whenever you want.

Some laws can end up complicating the process of receiving your wins. This is where the casino refuses to pay jackpot Before you receive anything, you’ll have to verify that you are not on the exclusion list of the state. If you are, you’ll not get a cent. 3 card poker. Otherwise, the casino will be heavily fined. This is meant to prevent addicted gamblers from relapsing. Why should you gamble if you’ll never win?

In general, you’ll receive the full amount that you win since most states don’t require casino establishments to take out taxes from your wins. If you want to, you can ask the casino to withhold your taxes. And they’ll comply. Learning how to win money at a casino is essential for your growth.

3. You’ll get a percentage after winning one million bucks

You can easily win one million bucks using online casino ranking available on the web. After winning, you can decide to have the remaining amount paid in full or have the casino pay you a fixed sum every year. If you want to get the biggest payout possible, the fixed yearly amount is the best option.

It will help you manage your money easily and reduce your tax bill to some extent. However, you don’t have to decide immediately. The casino will give you around ninety days to make your decision.

During this time, the casino will do its best to ensure that you are part of its marketing strategies. You’ll be invited to events and be presented with massive checks and even get interviewed by local media. However, you don’t have to take part in all these if you don’t want to. But most winners want to be famous.

4. Casino staff will help you

After winning a lot of money, you should expect to be visited by a casino worker. The jackpot win will send a signal back to the monitoring room of the casino. Therefore, an attendant will come over quickly to ascertain that you won. They’ll ask for identification and you won’t receive your prize until you show him or her a valid ID issued by the government.

The Big Jackpot Slot Wins

This mainly applies to non-residents since they know how to win at casino slot machines. They are also taxed using different rates. If you don’t have an identification, the casino will keep your money secure until you provide your identification.

Some casinos keep millions in their accounts for years. The law does not allow them to spend it. As long as you have your identification, the casino will hand you your cash. Most casinos prioritize fast hand pays to motivate other players to participate and win. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you see the casino attendant walking around with hundred dollar bills.

5. Fill the tax form

We are going to assume that you won more than $1000. The bad news is; you’ll have to pay the taxes. You will always be required to pay taxes on all your wins. The casino will hand out to you a Tax Form once you win casino games.

This is a special document prepared by IRS designed for specific casino jackpot winners. Although taxes will reduce the amount of money, there is good news. You can pay your taxes using money that you spent while chasing the jackpot as long as you have a record of your wins and losses.

6. You’ll be a target for knowing how to win casino games

When you are gambling, you’ll be intensely monitored by the professionals. If you win a huge load of cash, they’ll be keeping a close eye on you for the entire day. You’ll be treated differently because you’ll have known how to win jackpot in a casino. And casinos can’t make money if players win. There are a lot of online casino win real money offers for players who prioritize convenience.

Winning the jackpot is every gambler’s dream. However, winning doesn’t mean that you’ll receive the cash. You’ll have to adhere to casino rules and the state laws. The casino will also need to verify your wins. Casino games are based on chance or luck. You never know what will happen. At times you’ll lose your money and sometimes you’ll win. Do not give up when you don’t win. One day, you’ll achieve your dream. The most important thing is managing your finances and emotions. If everything checks out, you’ll be one of the lucky winners.

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