Vegas Over Under Nba Wins

It’s time to put your wagers down ahead of the 2019-20 NBA season.

With so much activity in the summer between big trades and even bigger signings, it’s a little tougher than usual to peg the over/unders for each of the 30 teams, but luckily, our Nick Schwartz and Charles Curtis have crunched the numbers, done hours and hours research and come up with their predictions (or, like everyone else, they’re just guessing!).

Here are their over/under takes as the Oct. 22 opening night gets closer with the Raptors and Pelicans playing, followed by Lakers-Clippers.

FTW staff members pored over the latest season win totals from Vegas to pick eight over/under lock ahead of the upcoming season. Atl 33.5 Bos 49.5 Bkn 44.5 Cha 23.5 Chi 33.5 Cle. Las Vegas Raiders; Los Angeles Chargers. NBA Team Over/Under Trends - All Games, 2020-2021. Win/Loss ATS Over/Under. Over Record: The number of times. Las Vegas oddsmakers predict the Golden State Warriors will have the best record for the upcoming NBA season, with their over/under wins set at 67.5. (Credit: Getty Images / Ronald Martinez) The NBA season is rapidly approaching, which means that Las Vegas is gearing up for betting on the number of wins each team will get. Odds on the 2019-20 NBA Regular Season Wins according to Bovada Sportsbook. Updated on July 6, 2020. 2020 NBA Restart - Total Wins - Boston Celtics Over 5 -115 Under 5 -125.

(All bets courtesy of BetMGM)

Atlanta Hawks: 33.5

Charles: Over

They won 29 games last season and play in the weaker conference. That and a step forward from this young roster is worth five victories.

Nick: Over

This one is probably going to come down to the wire, but I’m high on Trae Young and Cam Reddish.

Boston Celtics: 48.5

Charles: Over


Losing Al Horford will hurt a lot, but maybe Kemba Walker replacing Kyrie Irving will be what the locker room needs to just get to 49 wins again.

Nick: Under

This team only won 49 a year ago, and I’m not convinced they’re better off with Kemba Walker over Kyrie Irving, especially with Horford gone. Much will depend on Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, but I don’t feel especially comfortable betting on the Celtics to exceed expectations.

Brooklyn Nets: 45.5

Charles: Under

I loved this team last year, I think they’re in for big things when Kevin Durant returns. But I just don’t know if this roster without KD is ready to make the leap quite yet.

Nick: Over

I think there’s a nonzero chance Kyrie Irving has chemistry issues with his new teammates and we see a Boston 2.0 situation play out, but I’m banking on Caris LeVert to look like the borderline All-Star he was before his injury last year.

Charlotte Hornets: 23.5

Charles: Under


Nick: Under

23.5 wins is not very many wins… but this team is gross.

Chicago Bulls: 32.5

Charles: Over

I’m intrigued! Not “they’re totally sneaking into the playoffs” intrigued, but I think this roster — with vets including Thaddeus Young and Otto Porter Jr. — will be good enough to hit the over.

Nick: Over

The Bulls made some solid moves in the offseason, and this may be the Lauri Markkanen breakout year.

Cleveland Cavaliers: 24.5

Charles: Under

This is assuming the franchise trades Kevin Love at some point.

Nick: Under

The Cavaliers have some interesting young pieces that could potentially drag this franchise toward .500 in the coming years – but this team is a project, and they’ll probably need to move Kevin Love whenever they can.

Dallas Mavericks: 40.5

Charles: Under

I love the idea of Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis playing together, plus there are a lot of sneaky-good rotation guys in the mix. But! Are we sure Porzingis will stay completely healthy? Can they really win 41 times in the West? I’m nervous. This one is going to be close.

Vegas Over Under Nba Wins 2021-2022

Nick: Under

Even with the Warriors and Thunder bracing for a nosedive in the standings, there are too many good teams in the West.

Denver Nuggets: 52.5

Charles: Under

Another team I love watching, but are they going to get left in the dust with the conference improving all over the place?

Nick: Under

This team won 54 games a year ago, when they were comparatively stronger relative to the field in the West. Denver was 5-2 against the Lakers and Clippers last season. They might go 2-5 this year.

Detroit Pistons: 37.5

Vegas over under nba wins

Charles: Over

A second-straight .500 season seems about right here.

Nick: Over

Blake Griffin quietly put up his best season since 2014 last year with the Pistons. This team can hang in the East, barring injuries.

Golden State Warriors: 47.5

Charles: Over

Are we so sure they’re going to be so much worse? Are we so sure Klay Thompson is going to miss that much time? I’ll take the over — there’s no way they lose 10 fewer games than last season.

Nick: Under

It remains to be seen if this team can stop any opposing guards, and the loss of Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson (for a significant period) is too much to bear. There’s no doubt in my mind that Durant and Thompson are worth around 10 wins over the course of a season, and the West is even more dangerous than it was a year ago.

Houston Rockets: 53.5

Charles: Under

I just don’t know about Russell Westbrook figuring out how to share with James Harden, so while they’re probably a 50-plus win team, they end up just missing.

Nick: Over

I have reservations about the Westbrook-Harden combo, but I still think they’ll cruise in the regular season before imploding in the playoffs, in true Rockets fashion.

Indiana Pacers: 46.5

Charles: Over

They’re deep as heck and picked up some key role players this offseason. I’m fairly confident with this one.

Nick: Over

Egt slot download. This was a good team without Victor Oladipo for much of the season last year, and he should be back by December or January. Comfortably over, here.

Los Angeles Clippers: 54.5

Charles: Over

Here’s your No. 1 seed in the West, which gets them to 55 victories or more.

Nick: Under

The Clippers will likely lead the league in load management, and Paul George is already expected to miss at least the first month of the season. I think the Clippers sacrifice the regular season to be as prepared as possible for the postseason.

Los Angeles Lakers: 51.5

Charles: Under

I’m not buying it. I worry about the backcourt and about how they make Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard/JaVale McGee work. So I’ll assume they’re a playoff team at 49 to 50 wins.

Nick: Over

Kyle Kuzma is the X-factor here, and the Lakers won’t be rushing him back as he recovers from a stress reaction in his foot. Still, LeBron James was putting up MVP-level numbers last year before his injury, and Anthony Davis is my pick to win the 2020 MVP award. With the Rockets, Thunder and Warriors all potentially falling in the standings, the wins will be there for the taking.

Memphis Grizzlies: 27.5

Charles: Under

I’m extremely excited for the Ja and Jaren Era, but it’s going to be painful in Year 1.

Nick: Under

I’m surprised this line wasn’t closer to 25.5 or 24.5. This team is going to struggle without Mike Conley.

Miami Heat: 43.5

Charles: Over

Jimmy Butler and a big year from Bam Adebayo cement them as a postseason team.

Nick: Over

This one feels like a trap, as I think the East is probably better than we’re giving it credit for, but Jimmy Butler is probably worth the bump they need from a year ago.

Milwaukee Bucks: 57.5

Charles: Under

The No. 1 seed in the East is certainly right there for the taking. But maybe they take a little step back simply because of a regression to the mean?

Nick: Over

I’m not as high on the 76ers as many others are, and with Toronto losing Kawhi, the Bucks are the clear class of the Eastern Conference. The No. 1 seed is a lock.

Minnesota Timberwolves: 35.5

Charles: Under

Did they do anything of note this offseason to change a mediocre squad? Nope.

Nick: Under

Even if Karl-Anthony Towns takes a step forward and joins the MVP conversation – and that’s a big if – he has no help on this team.

New Orleans Pelicans: 39.5

Charles: Under

That seems a little high for an extremely young team of mostly newcomers.

Nick: Under

Even if Zion Williamson exceeds his already sky-high expectations, which I suspect he won’t, 40 wins is too many to expect in the West from a group of Lakers castoffs and Jrue Holiday.

New York Knicks: 26.5

Charles: Under

Even getting to that terrible number seems like a lot to ask for the mishmash the front office put together after whiffing on the big free agents this offseason.

Nick: Under

I think people are sleeping on Julius Randle, who will emerge as a national star this season – but this roster is still weak.

Oklahoma City Thunder: 31.5

Charles: Under

Another one where I assume some deals will be made to leave a somewhat barebones roster even more gutted.

Nick: Under

The best thing the Thunder can do is jettison Chris Paul and let Shai Gilgeous-Alexander put in a full year to develop. They won’t win many games doing this, but this team is already focused on future drafts.

Orlando Magic: 41.5

Charles: Over

Things are starting to look up with this team — and hey, maybe Markelle Fultz will turn out to be good? — so I’ll take the over.

Nick: Under

This one’s on a razor’s edge, but enough teams have seemingly improved more significantly (Heat, Hawks, Nets, Pacers, Bulls), that I’m not sure the Magic repeat their 42-win season.

Philadelphia 76ers: 54.5

Charles: Over

It all comes together after a fantastic offseason, and the remade starting five carries the Sixers to the top seed in the East.

Nick: Over

I don’t think the Sixers are a better team than they were a year ago, and I need to see Ben Simmons draining jumpers before I believe it, but with the Celtics’ overhaul and the Raptors’ losing Kawhi in the Atlantic, I do think the Sixers will post a better record this season.

Phoenix Suns: 28.5

Charles: Under

What, are Ricky Rubio and Dario Saric suddenly worth 10 wins? No thank you.

Nick: Under

There’s no chance.

Portland Trail Blazers: 46.5

Charles: Over

This team could very easily get to 50 wins even with the improvements made by others around them.

Nick: Over

The Blazers won 53 last season, and while they’ll be without Jusuf Nurkic indefinitely, Hassan Whiteside should be a serviceable replacement.

Sacramento Kings: 37.5

Charles: Over

Sigh. They were on their way to a bottom-two postseason seed … and then the Western Conference got so much harder. I think they get to 39 wins again.

Nick: Under

Too many other teams in the West have improved more notably than the Kings, who only managed to re-sign Harrison Barnes and add Dewayne Dedmon and Trevor Ariza. It’ll be close, though.

San Antonio Spurs: 46.5

Charles: Under

If it is under, it won’t be by much.

Nick: Over

Dejounte Murray’s back! DeMar DeRozan is in year 2! LaMarcus Aldridge is still a stud!

Toronto Raptors: 46.5

Charles: Over

Yes, losing Kawhi Leonard hurts a lot, but they’re not bad enough to hit the under with OG Anunoby getting healthy and with a deep bench.

Nick: Under

There’s a logjam in the middle of the East, and the Raptors have to avoid both a post-championship letdown and make up for the loss of a top-3 player in the game.

Utah Jazz: 54.5

Charles: Under

The expectations are sky-high, as they should be, after Bojan Bogdanovic and Mike Conley were added. But 55 wins? That’s a little too sky-high for me.

Nick: Under

Donovan Mitchell hasn’t peaked yet and Mike Conley is a great get, but I don’t think the Nuggets improve by five wins from last season.

Washington Wizards: 28.5

Charles: Under

A potential Bradley Beal trade cements them as one of the worst teams in the league (and yes, this includes if John Wall returns).

Nick: Under

Thomas Bryant is a stud and you should make sure he’s on your fantasy team. That’s about the only positive thing I have to say about the Wizards.

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The NBA season is almost upon us, and with Las Vegas sports books releasing each team’s season win total line, our own Luke Kerr-Dineen and Nate Scott do the honors of picking the over/under for each team.

All teams listed alphabetically, odds courtesy of

Atlanta Hawks, 43½

Luke Kerr-Dineen: Over. Jeff Teague and Al Horford are gone, but Paul Millsap was the best player on this team anyway. Dwight Howard is still solidly functional, and I’m more bullish on Dennis Schroder than some. This team isn’t five wins worse.

Nate Scott: Under. The departure of Al Horford will be hard to overcome, and I’m not sold on Dwight Howard being the guy who fixes all the problems there. I have them at 41 wins, a slight under.

Boston Celtics, 52½

LKD: Over. Al Horford is a good piece for a team that’s moving in the right direction. If the Celts establishes itself as the second-best team in the East, it should be enough to hit the over.

NS: Under. This is going to be a great team, and I think they’ll finish in the top 3 in the East, but I think Vegas is slapping a 2.5 game tax because they know Boston fans are extremely proud and like to gamble on their boys. This seems like a 50 or 51-win team to me.

Brooklyn Nets, 20½

LKD: Over. Was ready to take the under until Ben Simmons went down and doomed the 76ers to another season of tanking. Even the Nets, as bad as they are, should win more than 20 games (right?!).

NS: Under. They are going to stink.

Charlotte Hornets, 42½

LKD: Under. I’m sorry, Charlotte, but I’m just not ready to believe in you.

NS: Under. But just barely. Love the guards, not sold on the bigs. I think they sneak into the playoffs, but I see them right at 42 wins.

Chicago Bulls, 38½

LKD: Under. This team is a hot mess.

NS: Over. I have no idea how these pieces are going to fit together, but Dwyane Wade has won everywhere he’s gone and I’m betting on them pulling out games in weird ways.

Cleveland Cavaliers, 56½

LKD: Under. With fewer outside factors pushing them on (the LeBron-Championship narrative, Golden State’s win streak, Toronto’s emergence), and the team wanting to pace LeBron for another playoff run, the Cavs will probably settle for winning the conference hitting the under.

NS: Over. I don’t care if LeBron takes a few months at 80% and then turns it up in the postseason, they’re so clearly the best team in the East that I think they’ll push for 60 wins.

Dallas Mavericks, 38½

LKD: Under. I take Nate’s point, but the West is so strong this year, just not sure where a dicey Dallas team is going to find these wins.

NS: Over. How many times are we going to underestimate Rick Carlisle and Mark Cuban? I don’t care how shaky the roster looks; the Mavericks always win at least 41 games.

Denver Nuggets, 37

LKD: Over. A talented, young roster that many are pegging as their dark horse team to make a run this season.

NS: Over. But just barely. I like what they’re doing, and hopefully Emmanuel Mudiay can avoid the turnovers this season. Thirty-eight wins sounds right to me

Detroit Pistons, 45½

LKD: Under. Going to be hard to get to this number, especially, if Reggie Jackson’s injury is as bad as feared.

NS: Under. Again, just barely. This team overachieved a little bit last year, winning 44 games, and I see them right at that again.

Golden State Warriors, 66½

LKD: Under. Golden State is the only team to win more than 66 games in back-to-back seasons. Even with Durant, I just can’t see them doing it again. Something will happen to prevent it.

NS: Over. Whatever. They’re going to score a million points a game.

Houston Rockets, 44

LKD: Over. And James Harden for MVP. Completely and unabashedly all-in on the Rockets this year. It’s going to be so much fun.

NS: Over. I think they’re going to go full tilt with James Harden running a high-powered Mike D’Antoni offense, which will be difficult for bad teams to keep up with.

Indiana Pacers, 44½

LKD: Over. Part of me wants to see them go under as payback for the way they ousted Frank Vogel, but Jeff Teague is another solid addition to a nice team.

NS: Under. Love some things they’re doing, but not sure I love the coaching change.

Los Angeles Clippers, 53½

LKD: Over. Will be close, but I could see them stealing a few wins (and slipping just ahead) from the Durant-less Thunder.

NS: Under. Just barely – they’ll be good, but the Western Conference will be tough again. I see them at 53 wins.

Los Angeles Lakers, 24½

LKD: Under. If this team wasn’t called the “Lakers,” no way the line would be 24½.

NS: Under. One more year of waiting, Tinseltown.

Memphis Grizzlies, 42½

LKD: Over. Three-straight years of more than 50 wins before an injury-ravaged nightmare last season. The Grizzlies will bounce back. At the very least, it’ll sneak over 42 wins.

NS: Under. Can’t believe I’m writing it, but the ship might have sailed with this unit. This looks like a .500 team to me.

Miami Heat, 34½

LKD: Over. A transition year in Miami, but Hassan Whiteside and co. are good enough defensively to get Miami to at least 35 wins.

NS: Over. So much has happened with this team it’s tough to imagine them winning 35 games, but Erik Spoelstra is still one of the most innovative and smart coaches in the league and there’s talent, especially defensive talent, here.

Milwaukee Bucks, 34½

LKD: Over. Should be a few wins better than last year.

NS: Over. I think they make a playoff push. It’s GIANNIS TIME

Minnesota Timberwolves, 40½

LKD: Under. Still think they’re a year away from really impressing.

NS: Over. It’s time for the young’uns to do the thing.

New Orleans Pelicans, 37

LKD: Over, but I’ll defer to the former New Orleans resident on this one…

NS: Over. This is one of the strangest teams in the league in terms of roster makeup, but you can’t keep the Brow down.

New York Knicks, 38½

LKD: Over. This is the NBA’s new Super Team, after all. But jokes aside, bizarre as its offseason moves may have been, six or seven more wins in a weak Eastern Conference shouldn’t be out of the question.

NS: Over. This is an important year for Carmelo Anthony, and I think he steps up. This is the team I’m most intrigued by.

Oklahoma City Thunder, 43½

LKD: Over. I want to root for this. I want to see Russell Westbrook go peak Russell Westbrook. And besides, Durant’s offseason move overshadowed some of the genuinely good pieces that remain on this team.

NS: Under. Russell Westbrook is a strong MVP candidate and could go Super Saiyan this entire season, but there are too many holes here.

Orlando Magic, 37½

LKD: Under. Bit of a coin flip. Can they squeak three extra wins this season? Hardly out of the question, but “no” seems the more likely answer.

NS: Under. Lot of interesting pieces, they’ll be a nightmare defensively, but I don’t know who their go-to guy is. Evan Fournier? Is that their crunch-time scorer?

Philadephia 76ers, N/A

Line has been yanked since news of Ben Simmons’ injury, so stay tuned!

Phoenix Suns, 30

LKD: Under. Yea, not looking good for Phoenix.

NS: Under. The rebuild is on!

Portland Trailblazers, 45½

Las Vegas Over Under Nba Wins 2021-2022

LKD: Under. A coin flip, really. Mainly just doing this to annoy Nate.

NS: Over. I was beyond way off on the Trail Blazers last season, and I won’t make the same mistake again. My favorite backcourt in the league not located in Golden State.

Sacramento Kings, 34

LKD: Over. A bit of a laughing stock, but even so, 34 wins really shouldn’t be that hard to eclipse when you have a guy like DeMarcus Cousins on your team.

NS: Over. I don’t feel good about this one, but I had them at 35 wins when I guessed blind, so I’m sticking with it. Boogie is too good to let them suck this bad.

San Antonio Spurs, 58½

LKD: Under. Worth nothing though that Popovich-coached teams have only surpassed 58 wins in three of the last 10 seasons. And now they don’t have Tim Duncan.

NS: Over. Pop teams win 60.

Toronto Raptors, 50½

NS: Over. Yes, they over-performed last season, but shedding at least six wins in an already weak conference is a pretty big regression.

NS: Under. Did this team really get better? Doesn’t it feel like they hit their ceiling last year?

Utah Jazz, 49

LKD: Under. Always wary of unproven teams that become the trendy pick in one offseason. Nine wins higher than its preseason win total last season. No thanks.

NS: Under. I think this team is good, just not 50-wins good.

Washington Wizards, 42½

Vegas Over Under Nba Wins

LKD: Over. It’ll be close, but I *think* they’ll have enough to inch them over the .500 mark.

NS: Over. They have to be better than last year. Right? RIGHT?