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Ty Beanie Baby - Bananas the Monkey - Medium Features: Approximately 11 inches tall; Mint with mint tags. From the Ty Beanie Babies collection. Plush stuffed animal collectible toy.

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  • TY Beanie Baby - BANANAS the Brown Monkey (2015 version) (6 inch).
  • Bananas The Brown Monkey; This ty beanie baby is out of the TY Beanie Ballz Collection. For the rest of the ty beanie babies with pictures of each beanie baby, click here. From the TY Beanie Ballz collection. Plush stuffed animal collectible toy. Mint with mint tags (with heart & tush tags). Approximate size: 5 inches.

Back in the 1990s, Beanie Babies, little stuffed animals, were considered to be something as valuable as gold, or a piece of artwork. Many people would go crazy over each model’s release, and they would rush to buy them with the end goal to be to get in on the next most valuable Beanie Babies stuffed animal. Sometimes it worked out, with some models being worth well over one hundred thousand US dollars. However, many time people would waste their money on models that didn’t become valuable. Today, Beanie Babies may no longer be the next hit sensation, but they are still worth collecting. Sometimes one could get lucky and get a Beanie Baby with a misspelled name on the tag, or a unique color difference. This would result in a higher value, which means the owner could sell it and make a large amount of money. Below is a list of the top Beanie Babies in order of value. Maybe after reading this you should look through your collection. Maybe you have had gold sitting in your attic now in 2018 and never even knew… Safari gold megaways demo program.


10. Peace/Garcia the Bear

Ty Bananas Monkey Svg

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This Beanie Baby is a bear that is uniquely colored in tie dye. Because of the unique coloring process, no two Beanie Babies of this model are the same. Peace and Garcia are almost identical, except Peace has a peace sign embroidered on its chest. Garcia looks exactly the same; however it doesn’t have the peace sign on its chest. This is one of the most popular Beanie Babies for those who are starting a collection of valuable ones or are trying to have something to brag about. Because of this, it is low on our list, but nonetheless, it is still an important Beanie Baby to have in your collection.

9. Mystic the Unicorn

Mystic the unicorn is a great Beanie Baby to add to your collection. It is more valuable than Peace or Garcia, and it is also worth more. Ty Inc. – the company that designs, manufactures, and produces Beanie Babies – released many different versions and variations of this classic. Some of the oldest ones contain a soft cloth horn and yarn mane, however even rarer variations have a rainbow colored fur mane and a fabric, iridescent horn. The first edition of Mystic the unicorn is considered to be the most valuable and most coveted, however some collectors prefer the aesthetics of the special edition versions with the unique colors and fabrics.

8. Nana the Monkey

This Beanie Baby looks like a simple stuffed animal monkey, however it is much more. The Nana the monkey Beanie Baby is just a monkey, but it is worth a ton of money. Some of the first edition Nana the Monkey Beanie Babies can go for well over four thousand US dollars. Nana the Monkey is part of the original Beanie Baby group, which makes her one of the original and most expensive Beanie Babies to own. Nana the Monkey is a great addition to any collection.

Ty Bananas Monkey

7. Digger the Crab – Fairly Expensive for a Stuffed Animal

Digger the Crab is an even more valuable Beanie Baby than Nana the Monkey. Digger the Crab is also from the first round – or original generation – of the Beanie Baby collection. While Digger the Crab may not have any flashy designs or unique textures (he is simply a deep orange with black eyes), he is still extremely valuable due to the original date of his incarnation. There were also red versions of Digger the Crab, but they are less valuable since they are not from the original generation of the Beanie baby collection. The first edition, deep orange Digger the Crab is an essential part of more expensive beanie baby collections.

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6. Pinchers the Lobster

Pinchers the Lobster is a very valuable member of the Beanie Baby collection. He, like Nana the Monkey and Digger the Crab, is a first edition Beanie Baby, which is why he is worth so much money. Like Digger the Crab, Pinchers the Lobster is a simple, solid color, in this case a deep red. There is some controversy behind the name of this Beanie Baby. At first, he was named Punchers the Lobster, however that was met with critical backlash as it seemed to encourage violence, and since the target demographic for Beanie Babies is children, it was deemed inappropriate. The name was quickly changed to Pinchers the Lobster, however it is unknown whether the name was originally a spelling error, or if the name was intentionally Punchers the Lobster and then changed shortly after. If a collector stumbles across a Punchers the Lobster Beanie Baby, it is considered one of the holy grails of Beanie Baby collecting. The Punchers the Lobster model is very rare, meaning it is sometimes even more valuable than Pinchers the Lobster, however Pinchers the Lobster is also very valuable. Either is a great add to any collection.

5. Patti the Platypus (magenta version)

Patti the Platypus was one of the original Beanie Babies. It is even older than Pinchers the Lobster, Nana the Monkey, and Digger the Crab. Patti was made in four colors during its production over at Ty, Inc. Those colors were magenta, fuchsia, maroon, and the color raspberry. When Patti the Platypus was first created, it was released in magenta only, which is why this color is the most valuable for this model. The other colors are worth a decent amount of money as well, but the magenta Patti the Platypus is the most expensive and the ideal color of Patti the Platypus to add to your Beanie Baby collection.

4. Brownie the Bear

Brownie the Bear is one of the original nine Beanie Babies from the first generation. He was later renamed Chubbie the Bear, so the Brownie the Bear model is more valuable due to its rarity. The Brownie the Bear Beanie Baby was also produced with a Korean tag, which is the most sought after version.

3. Valentino the Bear

Valentino the Bear has a misspelled tag, and because of this, it is worth a large amount of money. It is one of the most well known and classic Beanie Babies. Its red embroidered heart and its faded white look are very iconic. The average Valentino the Bear Beanie baby is not very valuable as they are so common; however the ones with the misspelled tag are some of the most valuable Beanie babies one could own. A must have for any serious collector, the Valentino the Bear with the misspelled tag is an essential addition to your collection.

2. Peanut the Elephant (royal blue colored version)

Peanut the Elephant, in the royal blue color, is one of the most valuable Beanie Babies a collector could hope to come across. Peanut the Elephant came in many different colors, including a gray, powder blue, and purple color. However, the royal blue color is very rare, so rare that it makes this model of Peanut the Elephant the second most valuable Beanie Baby, second only to…

Ty Bananas Monkey Names

1. Princess the Bear – The Most Expensive Beanie Baby

Ty Bananas Monkey Clipart

Released in 1997, after the Beanie Babies craze had already hit, Princess the Bear was not part of the original collection. However, Princess the Bear, a purple bear with a white rose embroidered on its chest, was intended to be a fundraising model for The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund. Because of its rarity, the Princess the Bear Beanie baby model is considered to be the most expensive and valuable Beanie Baby, with some going for almost $500,000 US dollars on eBay in 2017. Any collector would tell you that Princess the Bear is the Holy Grail of their Beanie Baby collection, and those who don’t own one would do anything to get one.

Ty Bananas Monkey