Temple Tumble

Temple Tumble features symbols scattered on a 6x6 grid. Your aim is to unearth the biggest rewards from the mystic temple by spinning the reels and creating winning paylines. There are 46,565 win lines available in Temple Tumble! All you need to do is match up at least three symbols in a payline. Temple Tumble is an exciting new free pokies game from Relax Gaming. Journey into the Cambodian jungle! This 6×6 video slot has a huge scope for exciting wins, with 46 656 different ways to win, it is ideal for players who like to control their own destiny. Temple Tumble Megaways has an exciting theme that is set within an ancient Aztec temple, similar to the setting of Temple of Treasure Megaways. Players take on the role of a brave explorer, who is hunting for lost treasure. The overall look of the game is vibrant, with glowing symbols. Temple Tumble Megaways really gets interesting when you unleash the free spins feature. To do that, you’ll need to clear every block in the wall - the excitement really builds as the blocks tumble and disappear and the music begins to pound as it rises to a crescendo.

We have always enjoyed a childish game of finding ‘treasure’ hidden among the bushes or the playground in our childhood. Kids, youngsters, or adults they all enjoy a playful game of treasure hunting. One such intriguing game is Temple Tumble, created by Relax Gaming.

Sitting in your favorite chair, arrive into the Cambodian Jungles, where multiple interesting tactics and wins await your presence. Newbies can try playing a trial version of the game on the Relax Gaming website. Players must be above 18 years of age to play this game legally, as well as the trial version.

Basics Of Temple Tumble?

Temple Tumble Megaways Uk


This game is relatively simple and can be played by beginners at ease. There is a total of 46656 ways to win in a set of Temple Tumble. The game comprises of 6 reels and six rows in a slot machine.

The player aims to match symbols, these can be matched in any position, but the matching must be for three or more reels. The pairing of the reel starts from the leftmost reel, which results in a pay way win. On winning a bet, the symbols get automatically destroyed. Apart from the winning symbols, any adjacent symbols also get terminated.

The places left vacant after the destruction are then replaced with new symbols. This move keeps the game ongoing and increasing the chances of winning for every player. If multiple symbols match in the same spin, then the winning multiplies.

Players cannot change the bet-level for around once the wheel begins spinning for temple tumble mega ways as that value gets locked. The winning bets are displayed in the currency of the player to make it easier to comprehend.

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Stone Blocks and Special Blocks

Every time before a spin gets initiated, there are between 3 and 24 stone blocks present in the reel area. These stone blocks are like hurdles; thus, the more stone blocks cleared, the higher the chances of winning. In case also stone blocks get destroyed in a single spin, then the player is rewarded with six free spins. What makes these free spins more interesting is that the stone blocks in these spins have hidden rewards such as extra spins or multipliers.

The reward depends on the model chosen by the player from the three different modes. If the player decides Multipliers, then all the special blocks will contain a multiplier if the player decides Extra spins. The special blocks will have extra spins similarly if the player chooses the third option. Multiplier and Extra spins, then the special blocks will contain both the variants.

The options for both multiplier and extra spins is either 1,2 or 3. If in a free turn once again all stone blocks are destroyed, then three more free spins are awarded to the player.

How To Play Temple Tumble Mega Ways?

A player has to select a bet size depending upon their choice; it can be of minimum or maximum value allowed by the site.
Once a bet is placed, the player has to press the button to spin the wheel.
Depending on the chance, the symbols may either get destroyed or stay intact.
Destroyed symbols will also cause the destruction of logos on all sides.
Players can also choose the autoplay mode for temple tumble; they must select the desired number of rounds as well.
Players can also check the number of autoplay spins left while playing this casino slot game.
Using the ‘Home’ key, a player can quickly exit the game.

Newbies, beginners, and people of all age groups would surely love playing this highly captivating game. Many licensed sites offer free play slots to players. Once an individual has understood the basics of this game, then surely, they wouldn’t stop themselves from hanging on for a few more spins.

The chances of winning are pleasant, making it difficult to lose without earning any money. The aesthetics of this game give it a complete video game vibe making it more relatable and enjoyable for the millennials.

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