Slingo Extreme Demo

If you’re a fan of slots but also partial to a bit of bingo, well then step right up and strap in! This is the new TRIPLE X-treme version of Slingo Riches – the game that combines the fun of Bingo with the winning framework of Slots.

The legendary Slingo mechanic. Now well-known among Slingo fans, our awesome game mechanic was first employed in this much-loved classic. Players start with 11 spins of the slot reel and any numbers. Slingo Extreme demo play / free play As with any casino slot, it always makes sense to play a free demo game first, especially if you are new to the wonderful world of slingo. Demo play basically allows you. The aim of the game is to match numbers on the slot reel to those in the 5×5 grid, completing as many slingos as you can. A slingo is achieved by eliminating 5 numbers in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally. You’ll start with 11 spins, and prizes are awarded for each slingo.


With big cash prizes, extra spins and a chance to place Jokers and Super Jokers as you like, you can play on your luck or test your strategy skills. The exciting extra spins are unlimited and lets you buy extra spins until that full house explodes across your screen.

Play Slingo 3Xtreme online and get the best of two hugely popular games within this action-packed Slingo game.

How To Play

For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.

Bonus features

Unlimited Extra Spins

Continue your game by purchasing extra spins until you hit a full house.

Skill and Strategy

Place Jokers and Super Jokers to set your very own strategy. The more skill you show, the more winnings you can gain.


Malfunction voids all plays and pay.

Game Information

  • Min Stake: 20p
  • Max Stake: £100
  • Max Payout: £250,000
  • Jackpot: No
  • Paylines: 11 Slingo lines
  • Special Features: Unlimited extra spins, boosted in-game jackpot
  • RTP: 95.00%

Slingo Extreme Review: Fast gameplay with custom stakes

Slingo Extreme is a very fast-paced game that sees the chances for high wins increase considerably with every line you fill on the board.

The auto-spin dynamic makes it considerably more exciting than the standard Slingo games. However, it takes away a certain amount of control. And it’s all about thrills, not about relaxing.

Slingo Extreme Demo Game

While this game does require some strategic play, never forget that the spins are always random, and you’re not guaranteed enough influence on them to control your wins.

It’s lots of fun, but be warned: it makes it very easy to try to chase losses by increasing the stake in the hope of making it to the next level.

See our page on Slingo Original games for more information and variations!

  • 3Where to play Slingo Extreme in the UK


This variation of the groundbreaking bingo slot game is all about speed.

The slots spin to reveal the numbers you use to cover squares on the bingo card, just like with regular slingo games. The only difference is that the game is set to auto-spin, so everything flashes by at extreme speeds.

Jokers let you cover numbers on a single line, while Super Jokers are free to use on any number on the board.


When you’ve finished the 11 base spins and the free spins you may have won, you can choose to buy more spins for increasing stakes.

Slingo Extreme strategy

Since you only get 11 base spins to fill the card to get a full house, it’s important to keep in mind that Slingo requires you to develop a strategy for best results. Just be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking you can chase losses until you win.

It’s a good idea to quickly fill the center square and the corners, to maximise your chances of scoring double or triple slingos by combining horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines.

Then, think about how to place jokers so that they’ll get you closer to slingos on more than one line. Prioritize filling lines with the most covered squares, and try to match them with the ones that will help you get closer to the next slingo.

In this first example, placing the jokers along the bottom row will maximise the odds of completing the horizontal row, while getting you closer to the two vertical ones on vertical lines 2 and 4:

In this next example, you want to place your joker in the corner, so that it gets you closer to the vertical line and the diagonal, while also building up the horizontal slingo:

Where to play Slingo Extreme in the UK

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Slingo Extreme is a mobile slingo slot game with fast gameplay. See LadyLucks for more info & free demo ? Get welcome bonus codes for UK online casinos ??