Serengeti Kings

These kings of the African Serengeti create a sense of power and protection. Best online casino game to play for free. Cast in the lost wax process with exquisite detail & aged to look like they've come from a 100 year old estate. Showcase your passion for the beauty of the wild, call Art of Bronze today at (805) 908-5355. The symbols that appear inside the Serengeti Kings online slot are diverse. There is a group of icons that are borrowed from classic slot machines, namely the card ones. The other one is inspired by wild animals that roam the places of Serengeti Parks. This section is where you will find the value on the maximum bet of each group of icons: High.

When it comes to wild animals and African plains, there are plenty of slots out there making their claim for your affections.

Raging Rhino was NextGen’s offering while things take a feline feel on Lightning Box’s Silver Lion slot. But don’t you want a game that has animals that look like they come out of the Lion King (animated not CGI), has a jaunty soundtrack and a nifty Free Spins feature? Well, say hello to the Serengeti Kings Slot game.

Pros & Cons

  • Amazing graphics
  • Loads of Free Spins.
  • Easy to play.
  • Panthers on the Serengeti?
  • Can fall into the Feature Buy trap.
  • Tough to stop playing!

How to Play

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If you’ve played NetEnt slots before then you’ll recognise the layout of all the important buttons. The giant spin button bottom and central, with the betting options all next to it. And if you ever want to know more, the menu button is sitting on the left waiting for you. Now, onto the spinning. Once you’ve set your bet and spun your reels, you can marvel at the beautiful landscapes that sit behind the reels.

One thing to note is that, as with NetEnt’s Robin Hood: Shifting Riches slot, your Free Spins bonus is set to your bet level. So if you collect Lion or Panther counters on one bet level it will be linked to that level. Altering your bet level will reset your counter collection. As you play, you’ll notice on the left how much your Scatters are worth and while you begin playing on a daytime scene, when it moves to dark, the panther becomes the focus as opposed to the lion – read the Bonuses section for more!

Serengeti kids

Serengeti Kingston


You’re on the Serengeti so what do you expect to see as the main symbols? Well, Ten to Ace card values are the low value ones, so maybe not what you were expecting after all. The high value symbols make up for this though. When we play slots on the Serengeti we want to see wildlife, so the Meerkats, Giraffes, Zebras, Hyenas and Lions and Panthers do the title justice. The two felines act as the self-titled Serengeti Kings. Do you see panthers on the Serengeti though? Perhaps a question for another day.

Serengeti Insects


Serengeti Kids

It’s all about the Scatters, Free Spins and the royal big cats which make the bonus action spectacular.