ScoreBet, its online betting platform, is available in four U.S. States: Colorado, New Jersey, Iowa and Indiana. 10, the company executed a 10-to-1 reverse stock split to improve its.

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  3. Scorebet is one of the emerging South African premium online and mobile Sports Betting Sites like Hollywoodbets, Playabets, Sportingbet among others. Gone are the days when you had no option review sign me up.
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Lucky Number Predictions

Your dream numbers

Welcome to South Africa’s #1 Lucky Numbers website!
Here you can find the Latest Lucky Number Predictions using Hot & Cold Numbers and the Latest Lucky Number Results. We base our lucky number predictions on historical data looking at 100’s of past draws and then showing the hold and cold numbers based on these. Hot numbers mean that the number has been drawn very frequently in the past. Cold Numbers mean that the number has not been drawn frequently in the past.
We also show the latest Promotions from all the best betting companies, so that you can enjoy playing lucky numbers often.
This site is to be used for entertainment purposes only

Lucky number predictions

Making predictions or tips on lucky number draws is always quite difficult as statistical analysis requires lots of data to make it relevant. So our system goes back and pulls the draw results from thousands of previous draws, for all lucky number games and stores them, analysing which numbers come up more frequently than others and which ones hardly ever come up. These are often referred to as Hot and Cold numbers. We then apply a weighting to recency, as we want to see what is happening in the most recent draws taking place. The hot balls are the ones which come up most often and the cold balls are the ones which come up least often. We then use this data to predict which numbers are most likely to come up in the next draw for each lucky numbers game.

Most popular lucky numbers games

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The most popular lucky numbers games include UK49 (both lunch and tea), SA powerball, SA Lotto, SA Daily lotto, Russia Gosloto and the France Lotto. Mo China is also very popular but not many betting sites have it.

Lucky Numbers Betting

Lucky Numbers is a form of betting which allows South African punters to place bets on the outcomes of a wide range of local and international lotteries. When playing lucky numbers, you can select any of your desired numbers for a particular lotto. All lucky number bets are based on the numbers that are drawn from the respective lotto’s and in most lucky number bets are subject to the rules of that particular lottery.
In the event that a lottery draw does not take place for any reason, all the valid bets on that draw will stand, but if the draw is postponed ,then all bets on that draw shall be declared void and punters will be refunded of their stake.
It is important to note that there is a difference between Luckynumbers and Lotto because when you are playing lucky numbers, you are not exactly playing into the actual lotto pools but you will be betting on the numbers that will be drawn.
In Luckynumbers, your payout is fixed and is not affected by the number of people who win like in the main lotteries. Bookmakers have a set minimum bet but you can place an even higher stake of your choice.

Which Lotteries are available for lucky numbers betting?

Lucky numbers are available for a number of lotteries including UK49’s , Russian Goslotto, France Lotto, Eurojackpot, EuroMillions, Oz Lotto, Spanish Lotto Austrian Lotto USA Powerball, US Mega Millions, US Powerball, Greece Lotto among other lotteries from all over the world.

Which Bookmakers offer Luckynumbers?

How to place a bet on football in a bookies. There is quite a large number of bookmakers offering Luckynumbers in South Africa namely;
Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers
Supabets Lucky Number
World Sports Betting
GG Gaming
Betway Lucky Numbers

How to play Lucky Numbers?

When playing lucky numbers, you need to select the amount of numbers you wish to play, but you should obviously be guided by the lotto you want to bet on, For example, France Lotto is 5/49 which means that you can only select less than 5 numbers, but you should not worry too much because bookmakers have a guide on how many numbers you should bet on on a particular lotto.
This article will focus on the French Lotto to show you how you can bet on Lucky Numbers and you can use this example to bet on any lotto you might want to bet on.
From your bookmakers website, locate the Lucky numbers link/button to gain access to the lucky numbers page.
On the Luckynumbers page, you must select your desired lotto (France Lotto 5/49) and you will see the available options for you to bet on.

  • 1 Ball (1 Main Set) 8
  • 1 Ball (1 Bonus) 8
  • 2 Balls (1 Main Set & 1 Bonus) 85
  • 2 Balls (2 Main Set) 100
  • 3 Balls (2 Main Set & 1 Bonus) 900
  • 3 Balls (3 Main Set) 1500
  • 4 Balls (3 Main Set & 1 Bonus) 12500
  • 4 Balls (4 Main Set) 25000
  • Bonus Ball Odd 0.9
  • Bonus Ball Even 0.9

Scorebet Online

After making your selection, you can input your stake and submit your bet and wait for the draw results. You need to remember that for you to win, your selected numbers must come up in the actual draw, that is, if you pick 2 numbers, both numbers must be drawn.

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List of Sports Betting Sites in South Africa is South Africa’s most comprehensive online sports betting guide with in-depth analysis and reviews of online sports betting sites in South Africa, bonuses, promotions, odds and competitions. We help introduce punters to the full range of sports betting online in South Africa, and help them make informed decisions through our most comprehensive online sports betting guide with in-depth analysis and reviews of online sports betting sites, bonuses, promotions, odds and competitions. We help introduce punters to the full range of sports betting online in South Africa, and help them make informed decisions through our reviews.

On this page you will find a comprehensive list of all betting sites in South Africa. This will include the SA betting sites that have been operating for decades, such as Sportingbet, Hollywoodbets, Supabets etc., as well as those sites that have launched more recently, such as Gbets, Betway and Sunbet. As you can see the list of SA Betting sites is quite long, but we wanted to be able to give you all the information you might need to make an informed betting decision.

Best Betting sites South Africa

Now although below you can find the full list of all Betting sites in SA, we also want to give you a shorter list of just the best betting sites in South Africa. We determine the best betting sites in South Africa by looking at a number of factors, including: ease of registration, deposit and withdrawal options, bonuses, and markets. At the moment we think that the following are the best betting sites in South Africa: Supabets, Hollywoodbets, Betway and Sportingbet SA.