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  4. What Is The Maximum Tenure For SBI Fixed Deposits?The Maximum Maturity Period For FD Schemes Is Ten Years.
Interest Rates

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DIR for Rupee Bulk Deposits; Type of Deposit Value Term Rate of Interest Valid till; Bulk Deposit. 30 days - 1 Year. Unitized break up of term deposit scheme to corporate and institutions. Period of term deposit: Min 15 days to 36 months; Minimum Deposit to be Maintained in Current Account: Rs 50,000/-Amount of deposit: Minimum Rs 50,000/- and subsequent deposits in multiples of Rs 5000/- with a minimum of Rs 25,000/. Operation in the Account. The interest rate payable to SBI Staff and SBI pensioners will be 1.00% above the applicable rate. The rate applicable to all Senior Citizens of age 60 years and above will be 0.50% above the applicable rate. Tax deduction at source TDS is applicable as per Income Tax Rules.

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SBIC CAD Prime Rates Effective - March 30, 2020 2.45%
SBIC USD Prime Rates Effective - March 17, 2020 3.25%
Student Investment Account0.20% p.a
Student GIC Account (1 year non-renewable & non-redeemable GIC)1.05% p.a
*Rates as of 25th June, 2020. The GIC is paid out in 12 equal monthly payments into your personal operative account with SBI Canada Bank.
Program Fee (Non refundable)C$150

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Sbi Term Deposit Rates Calculator


Who can invest in SBI Fixed Deposits?The following individuals and groups can invest in SBI FDs:Resident individuals, NRIs with NRE/NRO account, NRIs with NRE/NRO account, Partnership..
Term Deposit
  • Accepted from both Residents and Non - Residents
  • Different rates of interest for different terms of period
  • Accepted both in Euros and US Dollars.
  • Minimum Deposit: US$1000 or €1000
  • Minimum Period: 1 Month
  • Premature Encashment: Permitted, however, interest will be paid at rate applicable to the period for which the deposit has run. No interest will be paid for deposit prematurely withdrawn before 1 Month.
  • With-holding Tax: With-holding tax is recovered at applicable rate where interest is paid to resident depositors.

Fixed Interest Rate (Tenor upto 1 year)

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Revised rates from 01.12.2020



1 month to less than 3 month



3 months to less than 6 months



6 months to less than 9 months



9 months to less than 1 year



Floating Interest Rate ( 1 year to 5 year)

State Bank Of India Fixed Deposit Rate


Newly Introduced floating card rates from 01.12.2020



Spread Over 1 Year USD LIBOR*

Spread Over 1 Year EURIBOR*

1 year to less than 2 year



2 year to less than 3 year



3 year to less than 4 year



4 year to less than 5 year



5 year



* For all Tenors, 1 year USD LIBOR or 1 Year EURIBOR will be used.

For Deposits above Euro/US$ 5.000.000 please contact on undernoted numbers:

Mr Akash Kumar (Credit Operations, Forex & SWIFT)
Tel: 0032/3/2050202

[email protected]

Mr Bhagwan Singh Rathore, Asst Manager (Forex & SWIFT)
Tel: 0032/3/2332887

[email protected]


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What Is The Maximum Tenure For SBI Fixed Deposits?The Maximum Maturity Period For FD Schemes Is Ten Years.