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How to use our Saratoga Racing Tips Our expert racing tipsters post their Saratoga picks 6-10 hours before the start of the first race. Get the latest news, odds, race reports, and predictions from our experienced group of horse racing tipsters. The Saratoga racecourse has been around a while! First opened in 1863 this course is considered the oldest thoroughbred race track in the US. The racecourse is located in Saratoga Springs, New York. Being located in uptown New York, the course is one of the most popular in the country. Friday’s forecast for Saratoga Springs, New York, calls for scattered showers, temps in the low 80s, and winds around nine mph. I cover the three richest races here, but remember: You can always find Saratoga’s complete race card, including entries, jockeys, and betting options, at our best horse racing betting sites.

What's Happening During Your Saratoga Stay!

Saratoga Springs, New York is full of just a little bit of everything. If you're looking for some beautiful sights one could always venture through Historic Congress Park located right in downtown or head over to Saratoga Performing Acts Center located in the north end of the city. If you one of us that are into the Arts you need to get down to Yado home of one of the most beautiful venues in the world, the buildings, statues and multiple gardens will leave you speechless.

A Day at the Races!

Saratoga Springs is known throughout the World in the eyes of any horse racing enthusiasts, it's one of those Must See places! The Saratoga Race Course brings but the value of an old school venue still staying strong in its roots to give the feel that as the times are ever changing you can always find a home in the historic grandstands, the red spring corner or down leaning up against the fence as the horse fly down the home stretch. Wherever you find yourself within the fences of the track you will always feel a sense of calm and peace among a place of so much chaos and misery lol one will only hope you walk away a winner!

A Night on the Town!

No matter where you go throughout the world their are always little pubs, bars, restaurants, ice cream shops etc and as you might of guessed the same goes for Saratoga! If you are looking for a great places to eat go check out any of the 100 plus places located in downtown or some just outside the city, there will be more than enough to give you the fill you are looking for! After you finish up with some of the great lunch and dinner options your main goal should be to find out where Caroline St is, if you have ever been to New Orleans and Bourbon St than please don't get your hopes up that high but trust me there is plenty of people and drinks down on old Caroline St. (Gaffney's and The Tavern are always a hotspot). If you are coming from the track make sure to make your way over to Siro or The Horseshoe before making your way downtown.

At the End of The Day

For the few of you who read through the columns above you would have found all that Saratoga Springs has to offer to anyone that has the time to swing through. One of the most important things to never forget is that no matter what place, venue, city or state you go, it all comes down to the people you are with. You can be in the best place on earth but without the people by your side life just wouldn't be as good.

Make sure that when you walking through the streets of Broadway or venturing through the back field at the track or putting back that one last tequila shot that no one actually wants. The reason these places are still here are because so many people have come before you and those people are the reason so many othershave given Saratoga the time of day. Always remember one thing Life is Sweet but Short for Certain, enjoy every last minute! Enjoy your Saratoga Stay!

Editor's Note (2/19/21): The New York Racing Association (NYRA) has announced that the 2021 summer meet at Saratoga Race Course will take place from July 15 through September 6. The information below reflects 2019, but we will update it with 2021 details as soon as they are released by NYRA and New York State.

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During your first trip to Saratoga Race Course, the thought of placing a bet may be exciting, but also a little intimidating. You may be worried about locating the clerks, using the right racing terminology, or even how much to bet based on the odds.

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To help out first-time betters or those who may not have been to the track in awhile, we've put together this handy guide to placing a bet at Saratoga Race Course. Once you read through the steps, you'll realize it's not as confusing as it seems!

*NOTE: You must be 18 or older to wager at Saratoga Race Course.*

Step 1: Study Up!

People joke that they make bets on horses based on the color of the jockey's silks, or because you like the horse's name. So certainly you don't have to become an expert who reads The Daily Racing Forum or studies the charts. However, short of winging it completely at the betting window, it's good to understand that a lot about betting is based on being prepared to make the best bet you can. Veteran gamblers spend hours studying past results and examing race conditions and betting odds. We say that being prepared before hitting the clerk's window or touchscreen machine enhances the track experience. Here are five pieces of information you need to know before you make that bet:

  1. Name of the racetrack
  2. Race number
  3. Dollar amount of your bet
  4. Type of bet
  5. Number (NOT name) of the horse(s) you're betting on

Some of these are more confusing than others, so we've clarified them below!

Types Of Bets

Straight Wager Bets:

  • Win: Pick a horse to finish first
  • Place: Pick a horse to finish first or second
  • Show: Pick a horse to finish first, second, or third

Exotic Wager Bets:

  • Exacta: Pick the first and second place finishers in the exact order
  • Trifecta: Pick the first, second, and third place finishers in the exact order
  • Superfecta: Pick the first, second, third, and fourth place finishers in the exact order

Multi-Race Bets:

  • Daily Double: Pick the winner in two consecutive races
  • Pick Three: Pick the winner in three consecutive races
  • Pick Four: Pick the winner in four consecutive races
  • Pick Five: Pick the winner in five consecutive races
  • Pick Six: Pick the winner in six consecutive races

Calculating Your Payout

Payouts are determined by the number of horses in the bet, the odds, and the wager amount. Exotic and multi-race bets are more complicated to figure out, but calculate your straight wager bets as follows:

  1. Use the odds as a fraction and divide it to get a decimal (ex. 5/1 odds = 5 and 7/2 odds = 3.5)
  2. Multiply that decimal by your wager amount (ex. 5 x $2 or 3.5 x $20)
  3. Add your wager amount to the product you got in the step above (ex. $10 + $2 or $70 + $20)

Step 2: Find The Betting Windows

Once you've figured out all of the relevant information, including how much money you'd like to wager based on your desired payout and which type of bet you'd like to place, it's time to make a wager. This is where you have the option to use a live teller or make use of the self-service terminals located throughout the racetrack.

At Saratoga Race Course, you can find live teller wagering windows and self-service terminals throughout the racetrack. A large bank of mutuel windows is located under the Clubhouse, which is in between the Grandstand and the At The Rail Pavilion. Head to the nearest window or terminal and give the clerk the five pieces of information you gathered in Step 1. You would say, for example, 'At Saratoga, Race 3, $5 to win on number 6.'

Touch-Screen Betting

Automated betting can also be done through self-service touch screen terminals. To use these machines, you can insert a betting voucher, or winning mutuel ticket, or in some cases cash. More veteran track goers can also use a NYRA Cash Card or NYRA Bets Account Card, which is convenient for those who prefer to bet in a more private setting. The only word of caution with touch-screen wagering is to double check your ticket before leaving the window or the self-service terminal.

Vouchers can be purchased at all windows; vouchers and NYRA Cash Cards can be purchased at voucher selling windows.

Step 3: Watch The Race

Enjoy the race, and keep track of which horse(s) you've bet on!

If your horse wins, proceed to Step 4. If not, return to Step 1.

Step 4: Claim Your Bet

Saratoga Race Track Betting Tips

Return to the window where you placed your bet, and present your winning ticket to the clerk. You'll receive your cash winnings on the spot. Same goes for the touch-screen windows. As soon as the race results have been deemed official by track personnel, the payoffs will be posted on TV terminals and on the big board on the track's infield.

Saratoga Race Track Betting Tips Today

If you win big, be sure to tip the clerk - it's a polite move to make.

Saratoga Race Track Betting Tips Betting

Hopefully, you're now a believer that placing a bet at Saratoga Race Course really isn't so complicated. For those visual learners out there, we've created a simple infographic that explains all of the above information. See the infographic »

Do you have other questions about Saratoga Race Course? Check out our FAQs section and see if the answers are waiting for you!

For more Saratoga Race Course information, visit or NYRA's website.