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The History of Santastic Pool Mastic

I am Robert Denman, the inventor of Santastic Pool Mastic, and the vanguard (pioneer, visionary) of non-toxic pool expansion joint sealant. So, how did this come about and when did it originate?

Proudly, I served in the United States Navy as an aircrewman in the ES-3a for almost 11 years. As an Electronic Warfare operator. When not flying missions, aircrewmen are asked to assist with maintenance needs. There was a leaky fuel cell (gas tank) that needed repair. We mixed a two-part epoxy known as polysulfide and poured it in to seal the leak. I remember the distinctive chemical smell like it was yesterday.

After being honorably discharged from the Navy, I met someone who owned a company in the swimming pool industry. After learning of my history and experience with electronic gear, he expressed his need for a leak detection specialist. I obliged, and as before, when I wasn't doing leak detections, I was required to assist with applications of pool expansion joint sealant. The first thing I noticed while installing the mastic sealant was that smell!! The second was the level of difficulty to install. And the third was the cost to the pool industry as well as the cost passed on the homeowner. So what is this stuff? The name brand is Deck o Seal®, which is …poly sulfide the same product we fixed our plane with.

Wow, this stuff is supposed to be inside an aircraft fuel cell (not exposed to UV rays) and not in a pool expansion joint. I noticed that the frequency of replacing (due to break down from the UV rays) was every 3-5 years and costing the homeowners about $7 a linear foot each time. Also there was no alternative product to compete in such a niche market.

I set about to invent a natural pool expansion joint sealant that would offer an eco-friendly product that offers cost effectiveness and would need no repeated replacement over the life of the pool, and easily installed by homeowners .


Santastic Tucson

Santastic Pool Mastic was born. As with any invention, there have been stages of refining and prototyping in creating the perfect product. After 4 years. The vision of a superior product is complete. The goals of its design: saving the homeowner money up front and over the life of the pool, ease of installation and is repairable as needed with ground movement. The formula and installation method have greatly improved and with that so has the name.

Please view the videos and place your order. Enjoy all the benefits of Natural Pool Seal and tell all your friends!

Robert Denman
Inventor of Santastic Pool Mastic aka The 'Original' Pool Seal™

Santastic Retro Dome

Original Pool Seal™ makes it easy .

Santastic Mashups

Iron cross in craps. By using my Pool Sealant, you’ll SAVE time and MONEY right now and down the road.

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