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My first big poker tournament win was for $800 and the buy-in was only $2. (return on investment). Early Stages and Middle Stages Poker Tournament Cheat Sheet The best poker tournament strategy for you to use varies greatly depending on what stage of the tournament you are in.

  • Lets say that you know of a Tournament Director whose 'significant other ' is a reasonably good tournament player. Lets say that you know that said TD gives SO money to play in said tournaments. Lets say that said TD makes absolutely certain that said TD gives said SO their 'favorite seat ' 99.9% of the time when starting a tournament.
  • Ace: Serve where the tennis ball lands inside the service box and is not touched by the receiver; thus, a shot that is both a serve and a winner is an ace. Aces are usually powerful and generally land on or near one of the corners at the back of the service box.

February 7 was Super Bowl Sunday and while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were marching on to victory, several of our players were scoring touchdowns of their own.

Big Scores Galore at GGPoker

British grinder “MrSizeMore” got their hands on a massive $62,627 prize courtesy of being he last player standing in the $150 buy-in GGMasters tournament at GGPoker. MrSizeMore outlasted 4,056 opponents in this week’s event, which took them a shade over 13 hours from start to finish. The grind was worth it, however, because it resulted in a bankroll-boosting prize.

Michael Zhang came close to an impressive victory of his own but he fell short of the End Zone. Zhang navigated his way to the heads-up portion of the $2,625 High Rollers Blade Prime where he faced off against Bert Stevens. Zhang fell in second place and consoled himself with the $37,022 runner-up prize, leaving Stevens to collect $47,471.

Ireland had a big winner at GGPoker on Sunday, too. “Give me odds” finished fifth in the Global MILLION$ event and walked away with $35,642. Fellow Irish star Ian Parsley finished seventh in the same tournament for a $20,043 payout. Top work, gentlemen.


Check out these other big hauls from GGPoker.

  • Highjinx – sixth-place in the $1,050 GGMasters High Rollers for $33,527
  • Stephen Chidwick – third-place in the $2,625 High Rollers Blade Opener for $23,531
  • Stephen Chidwick – seventh-place in the $3,150 Sunday High Rollers Bounty King for $14,704*
  • Jonathan Proudfoot – fourth-place in the $500 Sunday High Rollers Fifty Stack for $14,208
  • Fugazy – fourth-place in the $315 Sunday Bounty King for $13,594*
  • poker996728348 – fifth-place in the $2,625 High Rollers Blade Opener for $13,232
  • Gavin Cochrane – fifth-place in the $2,625 High Rollers Blade PLO for $8,553

*includes bounties

Excellent Results at 888poker

888poker proved to be a happy hunting ground for our players, especially in the $100,000 Sunday Mega Deep where five of the nine seats at the final table were taken up by players calling the UK or Ireland home.

Ben “DoobieFish” Kett busted in ninth for $1,480 with “Anniepoke” busted in sixth for a $3,400 haul. “Tuna_lover” now has $4,550 to spend on their favourite fish after their fifth-place exit while “SRFC1899” of Ireland fell in second-place for $11,290. This left UK’s “DanOmaBrown” as the last player standing, meaning a $15,480 prize winged its way to their account.

Jamie “jamnix90” Nixon made it all the way to third place in the $100,000 Mountain, a finish worth $13,000, with “Grind4Gr33n” crashing out of the $33 Sunday BIG Fish in sixth for a $1,359 score.

There were four of our players at the final table of the $30,000 Sunday Challenge.

“Callxm” crashed in seventh for $1,705 while Mario “THEKIDM8” Sanchez saw their tournament end in sixth for a $1,046 prize. “me.and.her” saw their tournament end in fourth-place for $2,184 while “colisea13” collected $3,517 after busting in second. All those payments include bounties.

Big Game Joy at partypoker

There was plenty to shout about in the three partypoker Big Game tournaments, the only non-festival tournaments to feature real names in the lobby.

Robert Davison came out on top in the $2,600 buy-in High Roller Big Game. Some 118 players bought in, including the likes of Isaac Haxton, Jans Arends, Matthias Eibinger, and Artur Martirosian. Online casino top 5.

Roberto Romanello busted in 16th for $5,309 leaving Davison as the last British player in the field. Amazingly, Davison got the job done, defeating Ami Barer heads-up, to bank $73,494!

The $530 Big Game was laden with our players with no fewer than seven of them navigating their way to the tournament’s top 20 places!

Kevin Parkes, Bradley Harwood, Daniel McAulay, and Jamie Nixon busted before the final table, the latter winning $2,478. Ireland’s Padraig Lally’s time at the eight-handed final table was short-lived because he was the first out of the door.

Lee Amestoy progressed three places deeper and secured a $9,175 payout. Ben Jones was our players who went the deepest, Jones’ third-place exit locking up $19,863.

Only one of our players reached the final table of the $55 Mini Big Game, Jamie Munro being that player. Munro’s fifth-place exit saw $3,843 head to his partypoker account.

Shining at PokerStars

Over to PokerStars now where “houseplay9” finished second in the $50/50 Series Sunday Marathon SE and turned $50 into $22,902. They were joined by PokerStars’ Ben“Spraggy” Spragg who finished one place earlier in third for $15,850.

Cathal “shinerrr” Shine was one of the biggest winners courtesy of finishing second in the 50/50 Series NLHE 6-Max Turbo PKO. The Irishman netted $26,557 with bounties included.

Some of the other notable cashes at PokerStars included:

  • WhiteMcWammy – third-place in the 50/50 Series $100K Gtd Turbo for $13,219
  • Haufniensis – third-place in the $215 Sunday Warm-Up for $9,653
  • Jonathan “Proudflop” Proudfoot – third-place in the $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up for $8,774
  • sabonis1111 – third-place in the $22 Double Deuce for $5,602
  • I Play Cash – fourth-place in the $22 Double Deuce for $3,952
  • besttobebad – first-place in the $109 Omania for $2,591
  • Kashmir_uzi – sixth-place in the Hotter $109 for $1,691

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