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On a practical note, it may be a little bit difficult to say categorically that a particular strategy in roulette system is of low risk, every strategy has its own beneficial as well as detrimental advantages, for instance one might consider “outside bet” as low risk roulette system because it does not drain out the cash in your wallet in quick succession but gradually drains out everything, this act does not make it a low risk system because professionals called low risk system a beneficial play method. According to professional roulette system, let consider low risk roulette system (Advance Roulette System, 2015) but I also suggest the page at

  1. Roulette Electronic Machine: The electronic machine is made up obscure devices that measure the movement of the wheeland ball in order to know the winning number, this is not a typical roulette system but one of the most efficient way to put you on a winning side in the game and in most ofthe casinos they have a legal back up, although some casino still put restrictions on them so you need to use them secretly and smartly to avoid being find out. Although many roulette computers/ electronics machines are in existence but you need to look out for the right one to avoid being deceived by the sellers. On a recommended note, Uber and Hybridelectronic machine are preferred due to the following plus and minus.


  • On approximate note, its 90% better than present day’s wheel
  • Boundary line for players is between +20 to +100
  • Very efficient in roulette winning
  • Though it secretly used, you will hardly be found out when used rightly
  • Simple to comprehend for easy usage.

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Roulette System Low Risk

  • Has a legal backup in about 50% casinos
Roulette strategy low risk online
  1. JAA Intersecting Identification: This is commonly used in professional system, a very efficient system that foretells the number that win prior to the release of the ball, a very good roulette system with legal backings anywhere. This approach locate the association between the wheel’s physical mutability and the winning numbers. For a particular source, there is an outcome which is not due to the random movement of the winning number but to know the physical mutability of the ball and the wheel. Foretelling the next lucky number is having a perfect understanding of how the mutable affect the winning numbers. Essentially, this approach gives room for prediction when the mutable are not the same i.e. when the balls and wheel’s movement are not the same and when dealers are replaced.

Method: For good analysis, you need an estimate of 50 spins in a direction and this needed to be done once per wheel but you must have written down the winning numbers.


  • Its distinct
  • Its beats 30% off when compared to the present day’s wheel
  • Simple to comprehend for easy usage
  • commonly used in most casinos, automated wheel inclusive
  • very good roulette system that can forecasts before releasing the ball
  • Boundary lines for players is +5 to +15%


  • 50-200 spins is needed in a direction for wheel’s assessment.
  1. Forecasting with your eye (Optical Ballistic): This is one of the simplest method because it used just own vision, with your eye wide open, you foretell the winning number by predicting where the ball lands on but that will be towards the end of the spinning, for instance your prediction might be when you have just 6 revolutions left.


  • easy to use
  • just 60-100 spins is needed for each wheel’s assessment

Roulette Strategy Low Risk Online


  • Prediction is after ball’s release
  • Just 3% off present day’s wheel
  • your action can be easily monitor in the casino

4. Signatory of the dealers

It is in the nature of dealer to whirl the wheel and the ball at a steady speed, which in turn leads to irregular pattern known as the “dealers signatory” that is one major reason why dealers are replaced every 20-30 minutes. Although it does not work on every wheel except the dealer and the wheel are properly combined

The methodology involve are easy to understand, take note that ball has tendency of striking

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dominant diamond i.e. deflecting metals, it is difficult to predict the bouncing of the ball, take for instance, when the ball land on the rotor, your guess may not be 100% right because you don’t have an idea of its landing position. Assuming that the wheel travel on a similar speed, prediction is somehow easy because if the ball made a round of 20 revolutions prior to striking the dominant diamond, this means the movement of the ball will cover a pre designated area likewise the bouncing of the ball.From the above information, dealers signatory needs you to locate an appropriate wheel and an appropriate dealer for the wheel, getting a suitable dealer is an easy task and learning dealer’s signatory is at no cost.


  • It is not difficult to use, once there is appropriate wheel and dealer
  • Forecasting are done before releasing the ball


  • It is time sapping
  • Casinos can cause players loss by changing factors
  • Small alteration in the air pressure can cause irregularity in pattern
  1. Taking advantage of the imperfect nature of the wheel (Prejudice analysis): It is in the nature of the wheel, to make some numbers lucky numbers as against others, this is known as “biased wheel”. To a reasonable extent all wheel has a biased nature, when Joseph Jagger knew the secrete behind the biased nature of the wheel, he made an history at bank “Monte Carlo”, this caused a great headache for the casinos owners. Biased wheel is still very common in most of the casinos, although spin result are being observed closely and biased wheel are replaced immediately and the software used by most casinos requires 10,000 spins for its analysis but the interesting thing is that in a fewer spin, improved techniques will spot the bias wheel before detection by the casinos.


  • you can detect and make enough gain from biased wheel before detection by casinos
  • Know the forecast before releasing the ball


  • The beats is just 2% of present day’s wheel
  • Time consuming
  • You can be easily find out.

When developing any system I also recommend studying the types of roulette bets and the odds so you know the expected payouts. Then you can compare frequency of wins to test if your system works.

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