Responsible Gambling Week

For the latest scientific research on gambling disorder and responsible gaming, as well as guidance on how to talk to children about gambling, visit the website of the National Center for Responsible Gaming. The Responsible Gambling Council’s website provides information about how gambling games work, money management, and tips for safer play. “Responsible Gambling Awareness Week encourages gamblers to stay within their limits and highlights the support available to people who feel gambling may have become a problem,” Mrs D’Ath said. “As part of the week (July 24-30), gambling providers and Queensland Gambling Help have joined together to reduce the negative impact gambling. Responsible Gambling Week (RGW) took place across the UK & Ireland, November 1 – 7th, 2018. Our aims and objectives for the campaign were: To raise awareness of the campaign amongst gambling operators and encourage participation; Raise awareness amongst customers of.

Bethany considers what ‘responsible gambling’ means this RG Week.

Responsible Gambling Week is an annual event led by the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling intended to create conversations about gambling and how this can be done safely. These conversations might go on within gambling establishments, between customers, within staff teams or across wider stakeholders like policy makers or the general public. To have these conversations, it is important to first think about what ‘safe’ gambling actually is.

At its core, ‘safer gambling’ means being able to gamble without putting yourself, or others, at risk of harm. The team at Responsible Gambling Week have put together some pointers to help you to stay safe when you’re gambling, as follows:

  1. Only spend what you can afford
  2. Set your limits for time and money
  3. Gambling is not the answer to any problem
  4. Gambling when angry or upset is not a good idea
  5. Gambling shouldn’t interfere with your personal relationships

Big times pay slot machine. Whilst many people do gamble safely, for some people gambling will cause harm, and there are a range of ways in which this harm can arise. The most common harms are financial difficulties, relationship problems and mental health impacts such as anxiety, stress and depression arising as a result of the gambling. These issues differ for different people and could even change at different points of an individual’s life.

It is these individual responses to gambling and the impacts that they can have on your life which make conversation about it so important. If you are concerned about your own gambling, or someone else’s, having a conversation about it can really help. One of the biggest impacts of gambling related harm is the feelings of isolation it can cause. People often report to us that they feel too ashamed to talk about it. If you are struggling with your gambling, GamCare is here to help; our advisers are available 24 hours a day, every day through the National Gambling Helpline. Call is on 0808 8020 133 or visit We also provide a range of self-help resources, plus information about the tools that are available to help you stop gambling.

As part of Responsible Gambling Week, GamCare are offering free training sessions for young people and youth-facing professionals through our youth programme, BigDeal. You can find out more information about these sessions and how to book onto them here.

Responsible Gambling Week

The Responsible Gambling Week project is to be replaced by the Safer Gambling Week from this year, according to industry organisations behind the UK-focused initiative.

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), Bingo Association (BA) and the British Amusement Catering Trade Association (bacta) all support the initiative, which aims to promote the ongoing awareness of and education campaign for safer gambling.

‘Let’s Talk About Safer Gambling’ will remain as the strapline of Safer Gambling Week 2020, with the initiative to enable all businesses and organisations to talk about safer gambling with customers, staff and their friends and family. The rebranded 2020 event will run from 19-25 November.

“Safer Gambling Week is a fantastic initiative which the BGC are proud to play a leading role in,” BGC chief executive Michael Dugher said. “This awareness campaign is now in its fourth year and it has achieved a significant increase in engagement at all levels on the tools and support available to customers.


“We achieved over 25 million impressions on social media in 2019, setting a new benchmark for the campaign, which demonstrates the breadth and reach of the campaign.”

Safer Gambling Week 2020 artwork for promotional and messaging materials, including posters, online banners, social media collateral, contact cards and leaflets, will be available to all participants free of charge.

BA chief executive Miles Baron described the week as an important part of the bingo industry's commitment to social responsiblity. It provided a “useful focal point” for highlighting player protection efforts running throughout each year, he added.

Responsible Gambling Weekly

Bacta CEO John White added: “Safer Gambling Week allows bacta members to highlight their year-long commitment to safer gambling, the safer gambling tools available to customers and the quality of staff that engage with our customers on a daily basis.”