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  • Betting on the National Football League is one of the simple pleasures of life for pigskin fans. It’s easy to become totally engrossed in a game that involves your favorite team, but even if you love the sport, it’s hard to get excited about other contests. When you choose to bet on NFL football online, all of that changes.

If you are looking to bet on the NFL to make money you have found the right website. Sure, betting adds a lot of excitement to watching the NFL games, but here at we are in it to make money over the course of each NFL season.

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Read prediction blogs and NFL betting Reddit threads. You will get a better idea of how others think a game is going to go and why they think that. This is helpful in getting you to think about your own selection critically. Did you consider the points that influenced the decision of the blogger or Reddit user?

Making a profit of the course of the NFL season is tough, and the average bettor will not do it, but I am here to give you a few NFL betting tips and strategies (most that follow the normal sports betting strategies) that will help you have a better shot at making money this NFL season.

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Basic NFL Betting Strategies and Tips

Did you know that you need to hit above 52.4% of your NFL bets (assuming you are betting -110 odds) in order to profit? Doesn’t sound too hard does it? It is actually extremely tough to do, and only the best of the best can consistently hit 53%+ winners year in and year out in the NFL.

Use the basic NFL betting strategies below to help you on your way to a profiting NFL season.

Reddit Nfl Betting

#1 NFL Betting Strategy – Money/Bankroll Management

When you are betting on the NFL season you will want to set aside a certain amount of money to bet with that you can afford to lose, known as your “bankroll”. I suggest you either make a weekly bankroll, monthly bankroll, or full season bankroll (I do full season).

For example, you may set aside a $3000 bankroll for the full NFL season that you can use to bet with. A general rule of thumb for NFL betting I go by is to only use 2-5% of my bankroll for each bet. In this example, it would allow us to make $60-$150 wagers on each game we bet. You can use 2% for your smaller plays and 5% for plays you really like.

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One common mistake is to increase the size of your bets as you start winning or to chase losses with biggers bets – remember the NFL is a long season and to profit over the course of the season you need to manage your money smartly.

#2 NFL Betting Strategy – Look For Weekly Edges

I can’t believe how many times I will see bettors who play every game (or close to) in the NFL each week. This is a recipe for disaster in the long run – to be a winning NFL bettor you need to find edges and capitalize on them.

Find what you think may be an edge in the NFL lines and make your bets based on that. Some weeks you may be making 4 bets, some weeks 6 NFL bets, and hell some weeks even just 1 or 2 NFL bets on the whole weekend. Don’t force bets because you want action and want to make the NFL games more exciting. If you want to make a profit this NFL season find a few good plays each weekend and bet them with 2-5% of your bankroll like we mentioned above.

#3 NFL Betting Strategy – Line Shopping

In order to have the best opportunity of making money this NFL season, you will need to make sure you do a little bit of “line shopping”. Line shopping is simply checking a few different sportsbooks and comparing the lines on the plays you like. For example, you may like the Bears to cover the 5 point spread on Monday night. Before you place your wager you should check other sportsbooks, as one of them might have the Bears listed as 4.5 point favorites instead of 5 point favorites.

I suggest you sign up at 3-4 of the best NFL sportsbooks listed in our Online Sportsbook section and compare the lines on each before you make any bets this NFL season. This NFL betting strategy can help you win a few extra wagers this NFL season and help you on your way to a winning season!

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#4 NFL Betting Strategy – Bet Sober and Don’t Tilt

Bet Sober – This may seem pretty obvious, but there are hundreds of thousands of bettors who don’t follow this week in and week out during the NFL season. Do you think it’s a coincidence that Vegas casinos offer gamblers free alcoholic drinks? Drinking will impair your judgment while betting – save the beers for when the games start and you are done making bets.


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Don’t Tilt – Everyone losses. Even the best NFL handicappers lose bets 40% of the time. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Some bettors may take a few bad losses and start to make very poor decisions as their emotions have taken over. Make sure you have a clear mind when making your NFL bets. If you feel like you are on tilt go for a walk or do something to calm down and don’t bet until you are back to your normal state of mind.

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You are now ready to become a winning NFL bettor – Follow our Sports Picks for weekly NFL prediction articles and sign up at for a $250 Free Money bonus for this NFL season!