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I saw a stat (pulled from a decade ago) that said more than 1.6 billion people gamble each year.

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Knowing that, would you be surprised to hear that even more people play social casino games? One statistic said that more than 11 million users visit the top social casino games on Facebook daily.

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  • Our app is based on a social casino. It does not involve gaming for real money, so you cannot win real money in the game. All the games in our app only use virtual currency. You cannot exchange this virtual currency for real money.
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It has been argued in the past that casino games, in and of themselves, aren’t all that interesting. According to this line of thought, players are only interested in these games – which, to be fair, are usually pretty simple – because of the gambling aspect and the chance to potentially win money by playing. Our games are tested and monitored by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board to provide games that are fair and operate correctly. Only customers 21 and over are permitted to wager. You must be over. If you are not interested in playing casino games for real money or placing real money bets, then do not worry, there are other options out there for you. The US is home to lots of social casinos, which allow you to play casino games online without risking actual cash. There are lots of fun games to try out at the best free casinos USA.

That comes out to more than 4 billion users per year. About 2.5x the number of people who gamble for real money.

Now, that is only the user-base and not money spent or earned. Social games are nowhere near traditional gambling in that sense, where traditional gambling generates $100+ billion each year.

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But social gambling is still brand new, and it’s still growing. It’s currently a $3.4 billion niche market with experts estimating it’ll reach $4.4 billion by 2017. It makes up 4% of the overall $91 billion social gaming market – which is comparable to traditional gambling.

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Best tracker app. The point is this: social casino gaming is a big deal.

So big, in fact, that many traditional poker and casino companies are buying their way into this space. We have a few examples later on, but the most current example is the World Poker Tour. On August 31st, 2016, they announced the launch of their social casino platform, PlayWPT, which includes both poker and slot games.

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Anyway, chances are you’re already familiar with social games. Maybe you already have a favorite social slots or blackjack game you play. If not, then we’ll bet you’ve at least seen these games on your Facebook.

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If not, that’s okay too. Either way, you’re about to learn (more) about social casino gaming. The following sections will cover:

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  • What social gaming is.
  • How social gambling is different from traditional gambling.
  • Social gambling companies and games.
  • Risks and downsides (including addiction).
  • Thoughts on why social gambling is legal while many forms of (online) gambling is not.
  • What the future has in store for social gamers.