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Title: dolch-pp-bingo Created Date: 3/15/2011 11:39:58 AM. This bingo card has a free space and 24 words: PP is late, PP forgets location, PP apologizes for being late, PP blames traffic for being late, PP tries to review documents, PP asks if her mailing address is on the form, PP forgets her driver's license, PP forgets copy of driver's license, PP baby talks Vivian, PP baby talks Tabitha, PP gets on her personal phone, PP gets on her work phone, PP.

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October Self Care Bingo


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Your October self care bingo card is here!! Be sure to share your progress in the comments below! Happy self caring!

Sometimes just checking off, or in this case, filling out a bingo sheet, can be a fun way to try new self care activities.

For the rest of the month, try to complete as many of these activities as you can! All of these activities are either FREE or super affordable, and many you can do right from home!

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Sportsbet log in. For inspiration and to see something beautiful, look in the mirror!!

Happy Caring!

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