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Also, Power Doubles may be limited to hard counts of 10 and 11. Typically, Power Blackjack is played with six standard decks of 52 cards each. A winning natural “21” on two cards is a “blackjack” and it pays 3-to-2. All other wins are rewarded with even money. There is no surrender allowed. However, what makes Power Blackjack different from Evolution’s other blackjack titles is that it features an added opportunity for players to boost their winnings as they can choose to double, triple, or even quadruple down their bet on their two initial cards. They can make such decisions even after a split. Power Blackjack This variant of blackjack gives players the option to multiply their double down bet. This game is a variant of Evolution Gaming’s Infinite Blackjack and Classic Blackjack. In each round of Power Blackjack, players have the option to either double, triple. Power Blackjack is a Blackjack variant that offers players the chance to replace Double cards if they don’t like the card they receive and split up undesirable 15 and 16 hands. Power Blackjack uses 6 standard 52 decks of cards. Power Blackjack is only offered online at casinos using WagerWorks software (run by IGT). 'Power Blackjack' is unlike any previously published blackjack strategy! It does not rely on card counting. It is not a theoretical system like most blackjack strategies. Instead it is a practical winning strategy that has been thoroughly tested by real players in real casinos.

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Power Blackjack is a blackjack variation, which previously had placements at the Paris and Fitzgerald's in Las Vegas, as well as Internet casinos using WagerWorks software. The main advantages to the player are splitting any two cards (they don't have to be the same) and being able to exchange the double down card for the next card in the shoe.


  1. The rules are the same as conventional blackjack, except where noted below.
  2. Six ordinary 52-card decks are used.
  3. Blackjack pays 3 to 2.
  4. The dealer stands on soft 17.
  5. Double after split allowed.
  6. No surrender.
  7. If the player has specified two-card totals then he may 'Power Double.' In a Power Double, if the player does not like his third card, he may exchange it for the next card in the shoe. If the player invokes this option the unwanted double down card is put in the discard pile.
  8. With any other two cards, except blackjack, the player may still do an ordinary double.
  9. If the player has any hard total of 15 or 16 (for example 10 and 6), then he may do a 'Power Split.' A power split is just like an ordinary split, except the initial two cards do not have to be the same rank.
  10. If the dealer busts with a total of 22, then all non-busted player hands will push.

Some rules may vary, depending on where you play. Here is what you'll encounter in Las Vegas and Wager Works casinos.

Las Vegas Variant

  • Dealer hits soft 17.
  • Power doubles on hard 10 and 11 only.
  • Dealer peeks at hole card.
  • Player may do ordinary re-splits up to four hands, except no re-splitting aces.

Wager Works Variant

Note: I have an unconfirmed report that the rules below have been changed. Until I know what the new rules are, and have time to analyze them, I'm sticking with what I've got.

  • Dealer stands on soft 17.
  • Power doubles on 9 to 11, including soft 19 and 20.
  • The dealer follows the European no hole card rule. If the dealer gets a blackjack, the player loses everything he bet (including doubles and splits).
  • Player may split only once.


The following table shows the basic strategy for Wager Works rules.

If player has three or more cards, and strategy says to double or power double, then hit, except stand on soft 18 to soft 20.

Power Doubling Strategy

Keep your original double down card if any of the following conditions are met. Otherwise, make a power double.

Vegas RulesWin studios slots.

  1. Keep any card forming a 20 or 21.
  2. Keep any card forming a 19, except with 2-card 11 against a dealer 10.
  3. Keep any card forming an 18 against a dealer 7.

Wager Works Rules

Power Blackjack System

  1. Keep any card forming a 20 or 21.
  2. Keep any card forming a 19, except with 2-card 11 against a dealer 10.
  3. Keep any card forming an 18, if any of the following conditions apply.
    • 2-card 10 against a dealer 7
    • 2-card 11 against a dealer 7
    • 2-card 9 against any dealer card except 9
    • 2-card soft 19 against a dealer 2 to 4, or 6 to 8

House Edge

The house edge under the Las Vegas rules is 0.55%.

The house edge under the WagerWorks rules is 0.23%.


Scott McIntosh, of Online Poker Room Reviews, did an independent analysis of the Wager Works rules. His house edge agrees with mine to within 0.02%.

Written by:Michael Shackleford

Power Blackjack Strategy

Power blackjack is a variant of the card gambling game blackjack, modified by certain doubling and splitting rules, called 'Power Double' and 'Power Split,' that are advantageous to the player, offset by the rule that, when the dealer makes a total of twenty two, any active player hands push rather than winning.

Basic rules[edit]

Power Blackjack Rtp

The rules for the power blackjack game are based on the standard blackjack rules and involve common blackjack terms.

Rules variations[edit]

The main variations are:

  • 6 decks in shoe
  • Dealer stands on soft 17
  • Power double – (see explanation below)
  • Power split – (see explanation below)
  • Player's blackjack gets paid 3:2.
  • Double down after a Split is allowed
  • Dealer twenty two pushes against any active player hands (depends on casino rules)
  • Surrender when dealer has an open Ace is not allowed (depends on casino rules)
  • Insurance when dealer has an open Ace is not allowed (depends on casino rules)

Power double[edit]

If the player's two-card total is nine, ten or eleven (in some casinos, only ten and eleven, and in some casinos soft 19 and 20 are included) and the player doubles, the player has the option of discarding the double-down card received and replacing it with top (unseen) card from the shoe. The player can not replace the second double card. This option increases the favorability of doubling opportunities. Thus, basic strategy for Power Blackjack includes more doubles than for regular blackjack. Furthermore, a player needs to learn the additional strategy of when to replace the first double-down card to take maximum advantage of this rule variation. This strategy will depend on the player's initial total, the card drawn, and the dealer's up card.

Blackjack Power Of Love

Power split[edit]

Power Blackjack

If the player is initially dealt a fifteen or sixteen (in some casinos hard only), the player can split the two cards, even if they are different values. After a power-split, all regular double-down and split actions are allowed, but power-split and power-double options are no longer allowed.

Power Blackjack

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