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The third UK Election in less than five years is in the history books – with the Conservatives winning the 2019 General Election with a huge majority.

Point Spread Betting in Basketball. Buying half points is a strategy that can work for basketball too. Most online betting sites offer bettors the ability to purchase half-points at 10 cents each. Let’s say the Lakers are -6.5 at odds of -110 for example. Here of some of the options you can expect to see. Bovada’s odds are the strongest for Trump. The Real Clear Politics betting average, as of Tuesday, calls it Biden 64%/Trump 35.1%. When it comes to polls, the Real Clear Politics (RCP) average.

The United Kingdom went to the polls on December 12th for the third General Election in just over four years, and despite late support for Labour – at least in the betting – in the hours leading up to Election day, Boris Johnson’s Conservatives romped to victory, winning with their biggest majority since 1987.

A disastrous Election for Labour saw them suffer their worst result since the 1930’s, losing seats in the North of England, the Midlands and Wales in places which backed Brexit in June 2016, leading to Jeremy Corbyn immediately announcing he will not lead the party into the next Election.

The 2019 Election also saw the Lib Dems fail to win any new seats, leading to party leader Jo Swinson stepping down after losing her seat to the SNP in Dunbartonshire East.

Boris Johnson’s huge victory now means the United Kingdom is set to leave the European Union at the end of January, with the Prime Minister saying he now has a mandate to take the UK out of the EU in early 2020, “no ifs, no buts”.

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If you’re on this page, you’re likely already aware that political betting is big business these days. Over £20million was wagered in the United Kingdom alone on the last General Election, with several bookmakers taking six-figure bets on Election markets from customers across the UK.

To say there’s a lot for political punters to get excited about in the coming weeks would be a huge understatement, and betting on politics is expected to grow in terms of the range of markets, and the sums wagered, in the coming months and years.

Political spread betting rules

And while the immediate focus when it comes to the latest political betting odds concerns Brexit and the future of Labour and Lib Dems, betting on the next US Presidential Election is also popular – partly thanks to Donald Trump.

A wide-range of Brexit betting markets are proving popular as the future of the UK’s relationship with the European Union continues to dominate the news.

Uk Political Spread Betting Indexes

Brexit betting has been ongoing in various shapes and forms since before the EU Referendum. Back in 2016, ‘Leave’ had been 9/1 as polls closed on voting day, while Remain had been odds-on throughout the day as the United Kingdom went to the polls. In fact, a Remain verdict was rated about a 90% certainty with some bookmakers as the polls closed.

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Close to £20m had been gambled on the outcome of the Referendum, and millions more have been wagered since then as political punters continue to bet on the UK’s future.


When it comes to the next General Election, you can bet on the obvious markets such as the Most Seats won, the next Prime Minister, Overall Majority odds and more.

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Betting on the exit dates of all the major political party leaders is widely available, as are odds on the date of the PM’s exit from 10 Downing Street.

Here at BettingPro.com we’ll have the next General Election odds covered on these pages, as well as the latest Brexit betting news and plenty more!

Key Political Dates – 2019 to 2021

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December 12, 2019UK General Election
January 31, 2020Brexit
February-June, 2020US Primary Election or Caucuses
May 7, 2020UK Local Elections
July, 2020Democratic Candidate Confirmed For US Election (to run against Donald Trump)
November 3, 2020US Presidential Election
January 20, 2021Inauguration Of US President