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This is a guide for online poker players in the America who want to know where they can play online poker and when they might be able to play in their home states. For states where online poker is legal, this is a guide for US online poker room reviews, poker sites available in your area, deposit bonuses, and online poker announcements.

US online poker laws seem to be changing monthly since government attorneys announced that the Wire Act cannot be used to prohibit states from allowing online poker. Online poker rooms and online gambling sites are clamoring for state licenses, and the US online gambling landscape is going through a major change.

For a select few Americans, online poker is here already. Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware are leading the United States into the billion-dollar-a-year industry, and many more states are looking to get into the game in the very near future.

By the end of 2015, as many as a dozen states could allow their residents to play on legal online poker sites. That number may be higher if a federal bill, the Internet Poker Freedom Act of 2013, is approved in 2014. But since the odds of that happening are less than hitting a one-outer on the river, all the online poker news concerning legislation is coming from individual states.

American online poker laws are about to go through drastic revision, and US online poker sites will pop up as the laws change. Laws are changing fast, and this guide promises to remain up to date on all possible movements concerning online poker legislation.

A brief overview of each state’s stance on online poker is below, but click through for a full update on the state’s online poker laws, and gambling laws in the state in general.


Alabama doesn’t even have a state lottery. It’s home to some of the most morally strict policymakers in the country, so poker is not coming anytime soon. Read more ..


Online poker legislation remains frigid in the great white north, but the game has a few fans who are elected officials, and although lawmakers resisted expanding almost any type of gambling in here, online poker has a chance. Read more ..


Despite a thriving Indian casino industry — or more like because of it — lawmakers are being cautious with online poker. Also, the governor is a tough opponent of any type of gambling expansion, poker included. Read more ..


Online poker legislation may be far off, but unlike some of its neighboring states, online poker may come to Arkansas with a federal push. Read more ..


Online poker will come to California maybe as soon as 2014. A crowded industry split into three factions may delay action on online poker bills already submitted. Read more ..


With a steady and strong push from its significant casino industry, online poker legislation is most likely forthcoming in Colorado sometime in 2015. The state is already studying the effects online poker would have. Read more ..


As its neighboring states start to allow their residents access to online poker sites, look for Connecticut to follow suit. As such a small state, it’s a prime candidate to contract with other states for shared player pools. Read more ..


As of October 2013, online poker is completely legal, regulated, and live in Delaware. Read more ..


Two powerful casino forces — the racinos and Indian tribes — face off against a conservative state government intent on preventing gambling expansion. The governor has won the first round. Read more ..


The official view toward poker here is as rigid as a Georgia pine. Poker is gambling, and gambling is bad in Georgia. Read more ..


Although one of the few states without any form of legalized gambling, Hawaii is rumored to be looking to get into the online-poker game. Read more ..


Completely in the middle ground, there is no pending online poker legislation in Idaho. A grassroots effort would help here. Read more ..


Online poker is being talked about by state officials. look for an online poker bill sometime in 2015. Read more ..


With a conservative governor and minor casino industry, it’s going to take a political campaign by its online poker players to move online poker forward. Read more ..


Since 2011, certain lawmakers have pushed for online poker legalization. Now with states going live, watch for Iowa to join the game in 2014 or 2015. Read more ..


A significant political shift is necessary for online poker to even be considered in the Sunflower State. Read more ..


Now that the powerful horseracing industry has wedged itself into the multi-state casino industry, watch for online poker legislation to move fast once more states go live. Read more ..


An online poker debate should come to Louisiana in 2014, with significant movement in 2015. Online poker does face some opposition here. Read more ..


Brand new to the casino game, and with such a pretty face, Maine would make a lovely interstate online poker partner. However, it remains a wallflower. Read more ..


With a healthy paranoia that it is missing out on the online poker industry, lawmakers began to push for it in 2013. Look for another push in 2014 and beyond. Read more ..


Cautiously optimistic is how online poker players in Beantown should feel. Online poker won’t come there as quickly as it should, but it’s likely coming at some point. Read more ..


A large casino industry will fuel the push toward online poker. State lawmakers seem to be wary, though. Read more .. Best craps strategy.


With a strong casino industry, it would seem Minnesota would be further along with online poker legalization than it is. It may catch up soon. Read more ..


An online-gambling bill failed to make it out of committee in 2013, but a multi-billion dollar casino industry will have a say. Read more ..


Another state with a significant casino industry, but with no real movement toward online poker or gambling legalization. It will join the game sooner rather than later. Read more ..


Poker is considered gambling here, and online gambling was outlawed in the state in 2005. With no pending legislation, it may be awhile. Read more ..


Poker-playing multi-billionaire hedge-fund manager Warren Buffett lives here and he hates the thought of online gambling. Poker is sadly included in his categorization. Read more ..


Online poker is legal in Nevada, and several rooms are live for real-money play. Read more ..

New Hampshire

For such a small state, New Hampshire has more online poker players per capita than anyone else. Still, there’s no pending legislation. Read more ..

New Jersey

Online poker and gambling is legal in New Jersey. Online poker will be available in November 2013. Read more ..

New Mexico

New Mexico's 20 Indian casinos will have a say in the legislation of online poker here. Tribes have threatened to stop payments to the state if it legalizes online gambling. Read more ..

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New York

New York may very well be the fourth state to legalize online poker in 2014. It has the support of the governor, as well as many lawmakers. Read more ..

North Carolina

No real online poker push is coming from North Carolina. Check back once other states start to go live. Read more ..

North Dakota

This was once the first state to try to legalize online poker in 2005; the feds put an end to that. Online poker legalization is on the backburner. Read more ..


A state late to the casino game, online poker legalization has a real chance in 2015 or 2016, particularly if Pennsylvania beats Ohio to the market. Read more ..


This state allows tribes to operate online poker rooms, with one major caveat: They can only do business with people living in other countries. What a rub. Oklahomans will have online poker sooner rather than later. Read more ..


Once California begins to offer online poker, watch for Oregon’s Indian casinos to begin applying pressure to lawmakers. They have shown to be a savvy lobbying group. Read more ..


With one scrapped bill that would have legalized online poker and gambling, be sure another will come in 2014. Although facing resistance in committee, online poker should be here by 2016. Read more ..

Rhode Island

A prime candidate to partner with Delaware. Industry insiders say a contract is in the works. Read more ..

South Carolina

The online-poker industry faces major resistance here. Any talks of gambling expansion are immediately quashed. Read more ..

South Dakota

Online poker isn’t on the lips of any lawmakers here. But with a strong Indian casino industry, look for that to change in 2014. Read more ..


A strong religious base makes it difficult to move online poker legislation anywhere. Like, harder than shoving a mule through keyhole. Read more ..


Home of the congressman behind the Internet Poker Freedom Act of 2013, several bills that affect poker, online and otherwise, currently reside in committees. Texas looks like it wants to finally acknowledge the game. Read more ..


Online poker players in Utah at least have Nevada just over the border. Other than that, Utah is a desert for online poker players. Read more ..


The tiny state may be game to contract with Delaware, New Jersey, and/or Nevada and allow its residents access to online poker sites. Once more states allow online poker, watch for Vermont to follow. Read more ..


Online poker players must hope for political change statewide in order to eventually access online poker sites. It has a law on the books that outlaws Internet gambling. Read more ..

Washington, D.C.

Online poker was set to come to its citizens in 2013, but politics played its part and it was delayed. Online poker will definitely come to D.C. eventually. Read more ..


The only state that criminalizes the online poker player, a grassroots movement stemming from that law is growing. Plus, Indian casinos are now in favor of legalization. Read more ..

West Virginia

State officials are most likely looking to contract with other states, probably Delaware. It may happen as soon as 2014. Read more ..


The Indian casinos have yet to show their hand as to where they stand on online poker. There is no legislative chatter concerning online poker rooms. Read more ..


Lawmakers here are resistant to any form or gambling expansion, including online poker. If recent history is correct, online poker has a tough fight here. Read more ..

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Recent Reviews

Are we missing something? - Legal Online Poker In The USA

No portion of the online gambling industry in 2021 has taken as much heat, speculation, and scrutiny as that of legal online poker. Entire forums, user groups, and even careers have been made through online poker. The vastness of the industry, the popularity of some of the major sites, and the publicity the industry receives has made it one of the primary targets of debate over whether or not poker is legal under the pretext that it is a game of skill rather than a game of luck. Whenever you hear about the regulation of online gambling, you can almost always assume that the undertone of the proposed legislation is geared toward online poker above any other form of gambling.

Black Friday

April 15th, 2011, was a rough day for many online poker players. This is the day that the proverbial sky had begun to fall. On April 15th, the Department of Justice seized some of the largest online poker rooms. This includes Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, Absolute Poker, and UltimateBet. On May 23d, the hammer had fallen again - this time taking out DoylesRoom. Dubbed poker's 'Black Friday,' the industry had been left reeling. The Poker Players Alliance, iMEGA, and many professional players had all spoken out against the move, mostly under the impression that the Department of Justice had acted out of line. Unfortunately, the effects of the seizures have left many players without money and many more players without a way to get involved in the World Series of Poker without buying directly into the events in question.

Millions of people all over the United States have joined in on online poker in 2021, and players have been scrambling for a new place to play. With online poker rooms coming and going, it is somewhat difficult to determine which ones are worth using and which ones are not. We have found that some of the poker rooms are attached to businesses that are much larger than only online poker. While a stand-alone poker room could be targeted by the Department of Justice fairly easy, it is unlikely that a major gambling business, such as Bovada, would ever get targeted.

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Legal USA Online Poker Rooms

BetOnline Poker Room

When it comes to online poker, BetOnline is part of the cake poker network. BetOnline offers their users a solid set of games and bonuses, all of which are finely tuned to help both amateur and professional players alike. They offer a series of bonuses, including step and satellite tournaments to the World Series of Poker's main event. They offer their users a 15% or 25% match to $1,000 on every deposit, which is one of the better bonuses around. BetOnline uses strong poker software which is tested and certified to be fair by independent 3rd parties. In the end, this poker room will provide you with a way to play various mixed games, Omaha, Texas Hold 'em, stud and draw games. As one of the more complete poker rooms out there, BetOnline will offer you a solid gaming experience.

25% - $1,000


We cannot guarantee you will win in these poker rooms, but we can guarantee you one thing - a fair game play experience. In the event that you want to play online poker, you will be entitled to play some of the more exciting games online. Though not everyone becomes rich by playing online poker, you will definitely have a chance at earning real money if you stick to a reputable online poker room. If you have any degree of luck, you could very well walk away a winner by using any of the US legal online poker rooms.

FAQ's About Online Legal USA Online Poker

1) How has Black Friday affected those who play online poker?

Black Friday has shut down many online poker rooms, but this has not caused the industry to just stop. There are still many options available as playing online does not violate any of the online poker laws. These online poker rooms operate outside of the United States, but are the some of the best in the world.

2) Some players have not received their money from the online poker rooms that have shut down. How do I know this will not happen to me?

It is unlikely that none of these players will receive their money, but we can tell you that the sites we have put out here are some of the world's most trusted sources of gambling. That is arguably the most important part of the relationship between the poker site and player. If the sites did not pay out the winnings to the player, they would quickly go out of business.

3) Can I really enter the World Series of Poker through these online poker rooms?


Yes. Many online qualifiers have won their entry by way of online tournaments. When you visit an online poker site they will tell you if there are World Series of Poker qualifying tournaments coming up. These are legitimate qualifiers, and if you do well, you could be on your way to playing in some of the biggest poker events in the world just like Chris Moneymaker did back in the day.

4) Is it true that online poker rooms will let you play at a younger age than other forms of gambling?

In some states the legal gambling age for poker is lower than it is for casinos or sports betting. If you live in the United States, there will be two ages that you have to abide by. The first is the online poker site's gambling age that they will list. The second is the legal gambling age for players in the state that you live in.

5) How high can the stakes be at some of these poker rooms?

It is not entirely uncommon to find blinds in the $100's or $1,000's. There are plenty of big players out there who enjoy putting thousands of dollars on the line when they sit at these online tables. There can be a ton of money won at online poker sites.

6) How many players are usually on in these online poker rooms?

Some online poker rooms have tens of thousands of active players at any given moment. It really just depends on which site you are on. With online poker being so popular, these sites are more than capable of hosting thousands.

7) My poker bonus wasn't added into my account. Why is that?

Most online poker bonuses are not distributed immediately. For the most part, online poker bonuses are distributed over time as you earn frequent player/VIP points. This rewards players who play at more tables and in more tournaments as the bonus is then handed out.

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8) Are there any wagering requirements on legal poker bonuses that are added in instantly?

Poker Usa Real Money

Generally speaking, you do not have to contend with wagering requirements in the event that you receive an instant play bonus. There are some bonuses that might stipulate some form of a wagering requirement, but for the most part you will not have to worry about that.

9) Do these poker rooms offer a free play style of poker?

Yes. Every online poker room offers free to play card games for fun and for learning. Online poker sites will offers many free tables and tournaments for players who do not yet want to risk real money when they play. And like we said, it can also be utilized as a learning experience and tool, before making the jump to playing for real cash.

10) What assurance is there that these poker rooms accepting USA players are legitimate?

We have tested the poker rooms in order to offer you a completely legitimate experience. We play at these online poker sites ourselves, and would certainly not recommend an online poker site that we do not trust 100 percent. These online poker sites that we have reviewed meet all of our quality expectations.

Poker Us Companies

We have tested the poker rooms in order to offer you a completely legitimate experience.