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Nowadays, the online gambling market has grown significantly, and people are searching for new quick ways of entertainment. Thus, our poker developers have been working hard to make the best poker games to the animated virtual world. AIS Technolabs brings you the most effective and advanced Php Poker Script to boost your online poker business. Our online poker script is easy to use for you and the players. We provide you the best white label Php Poker solution added with numerous benefits so that players can play a lot and get new experiences.

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Features Of Our PHP Poker Script For Successful Poker Site

Our PHP poker script is available for Android, iOS, and web platforms. It consists of essential features for admin and end users. Player session data, Notification, Chat, private room for players, Store for buying chips, multi-table tournaments, and many more. All these features come at an affordable price with a real online gambling license.

Challenging the way the poker world learns since October 2019, Pokercode's goal is to redevelop the way poker players learn and accompany like-minded poker enthusiasts to progress their poker game efficiently and systematically (through an interactive Netflix-like content platform and a massively supportive community). Founded and guided by the world's best, Fedor Holz and Matthias Eibinger. Caribbean Stud Poker. Caribbean Stud Poker is a HTML5 Casino Game. Enjoy this stylish Caribbean Stud Poker game! Easy Installation. The ZIP package contains the game with 1700×768 resolution that scales to fit a full device oriented screen. Poker Html Code, browser unblocked games, tolerancing slots, blackjack hot 3. 150-No Deposit 2020 T&Cs Apply. Read our full review. Is3s( Card h ): detects whether the Poker hand h contains a Three of a Kind is22s( Card h ): detects whether the Poker hand h contains 2 pairs Checking for a flush. Engine Poker™ source code is a turnkey solution for developing your own social poker game. You get full source code for the Back-Office, Game Engine and Front End (HTML5 or Unity 3D).

Features for the Admin Panel

Administration Control Panel

When the clients complete the process of installing the PHP Poker Script, then they can easily create their players and start adding tables. The admin can delete or ban any particular member or group and also modify the game settings and much more.

Admin Dashboard

It allows admin to manage the data of active gamers, messages, events, and all other vital data from a single place.

Manage User

The admin can easily manage all the users’ data like game reports, registration details, privileges, and many other details in the online poker script.

Game Management

Game management features help admin to manage essential elements of the game like speed, blinds, table creation, and gameplay duration.

Payment System

One can integrate the right suitable payment system into the game to accept payments from users.

Money Deposit and Withdraw Management

Admin can manage all the money deposits and withdraw from the application. One can check the transaction history of the particular users using the advanced search option.

Chips Management

Admin will be able to manage the chips by adding or subtracting and check the requests of chips from the users.

Game Setting

Under this feature, the admin will be able to change the rules or policies of the application. Admin can also update business addresses and other vital information.

Private Table

Admin can create a private table on the players’ request and send an invitation to join the private table to start playing the game.

Rake / Admin Commission

Whenever the player will win any game, the rake amount will get auto deducted from the winning pot and deposited to the admin account.

All Chips Report

Admin will be able to view the sum of the total chips and system balance that is added or deducted from the account.

Rake Limit

Admin can set the Rake limit for Individual tables as per admin’s convenience.

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Profile Management

Players can manage the details like name, profile picture, language, and many other things related to personal information under profile management features.

Chat Room

Players can talk with other players during the gameplay using text or emojis through our online poker script.

Add Friends

Adding friends to the friend list adds a bonus to player accounts and gives them access to create a lobby or room to play with friends.

Money Deposit and Withdraw

Our poker script comes with an anti-fraud detection system, which creates a secure environment to deposit and withdraw money for the players.

Get Help

In our online poker script the players can get help from the application support team related to application issues.

Game History

It allows players to check their data related to previous games like the number of games played, the number of times a player won or lose, money invested or won and others.

Club Management

Using the club management feature, admin can have club managers create clubs and then add or remove members from the Club/groups. And also able to customize lobby, game tables, set the club session’s time duration, and many more.

Authorized Poker Script

Our poker script has a global serving ability with rich compatibility and features. The script is passed by many other game testing certified bodies.

Random Number Generator

We follow the globally accepted RNG algorithm that is certified by the top gaming licence and RNG certification provider.

Host Unlimited Tables and Players

With the Poker Game Source Code’s help, the clients can easily create unlimited tournament tables and have unlimited players within the setup.

Live Video

Features allow synchronized video chat with players who are currently playing on the table. Players are also able to enable/disable their video chat mode with poker game source code’s help.

Multi-language Support

Our script supports multi-language, which gives the player the freedom to use the application in their preferred language.

In-Built Game Engine

Our poker script comes with an inbuilt game engine that handles all the game logic and other data sets. You don’t need to pay money for any third party Php Poker game engine.

Progressive Web App

We have huge expertise in building web apps having fast loading pages. Our multiplayer poker script comes with an option of PWA so users can have an app in their phones without going through hassles of the app stores.

Poker Html Codes

Omaha Hi-Lo

We provide you the Omaha Hi-Lo, a popular variation of Omaha poker game, which is one of the most popular game variations across the globe.

Agent Module

Admin can create four-module of agent which are Super Admin, Agent (Master), Sub Agent, child agent, rake commission is shared between agents and admin and further between agent and sub agent and so on. Rake sharing percentage is decided by the admin.

100% Browser-Based PHP Poker

Our 100% Browser-Based Poker PHP Script is fully compatible with almost hosting platforms like PHP 5.4/5.6 + 1 and MySQL DB and works on all major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc. including tablets and mobile phones.

Full Statistics Tracking PHP Poker

Like any other professional poker site, our dedicated poker engine helps the client’s players track their statistics, allies, wins, biggest wins, folds, and so much more. It also helps to analyze and improve their skills with ease.

Professional PHP Poker Engine

We already know that the engine of Poker Game Script is powered by poker php script. It is because of that the Poker PHP Script has become a standard in creating and hosting “for fun” poker websites in the market since 2008.

Advantages of Our Poker Source Code

Our Poker Source Code plays a vital role while making changes in the game. So AIS Technolabs poker script developers provide the privilege of accessing the Poker Source Code to the clients. By getting full details of our Poker Game Source Code, the clients can easily control their poker gaming platform. AIS Technolabs poker php script comes with multiple advantages: saving your time and money and making it the right option for your startup or small and large enterprises. Below are the advantages of our solution.

Save time

We provide a ready-to-use online poker platform for quick implementation to save time for launch, and you have to only invest money on things that you want in your game.

Own Your poker game source code

Clients will own poker game source code and can easily control gaming platforms. We provide you Back end, Front end, and Game engine codes of the poker php script.

Pay in Installment

Clients have the freedom to pay us in installment until they own the whole poker source code.


It is the latest advanced web technology that helps to design rich interactive games to be played directly on a web browser. The reason behind using HTML 5 is that users can easily play the game after installing it. There’s no need to install software or download an app; you play directly in your web browser.


Utilize our Unity 3D version, and you can manufacture your poker game to keep running on basically any gadget as a local application. Get every benefit of using Unity 3D and work to any upheld stage with a single click.

Our Poker Gaming Solutions

Buy multiplayer poker script
With Upgradation & Customized Features

When the clients purchase our Poker Source Code, then they will get instant access to their copy and license. Clients have to download their copy, upload it to their hosting and install it all in just 5 minutes. We also provide upgradation and customization services to our buyers across USA, Canada, UK, European countries and other. Under these services, buyers can upgrade, add, or remove features from the application. We apply CI/CD process for further enhancements and upgradation of the poker script.

  • Under Upgradation, We Do : Theme Upgrade, Sound upgrade, Animation Upgrade, Graphics Upgrade, Visual Upgrade.
  • Under Customization, We Do : The script is 100% customizable. So you can change the script according to your needs at an affordable cost. We also provide you facilities like custom design, technical support whenever you want and updates for the poker Script.

Why Choose

Our Multiplayer Poker Script?

Our multiplayer Poker Script is a ready to rollout solution for beginning your online poker business in a brief span.The platform offers a full suite of tools, high quality design, sounds, animation and highlights to pull in new players. We applied docker at the server side to provide better security, scalability, and easy portability. Our multiplayer poker script back-end system is created using Node.js, and MongoDB for the fast and better calculation of data. We are one of the most trusted poke script providers to offer world-class solutions to our customers with reliable and latest applications. Connect with our team today and share your requirements.

We have several packages for the poker script; the time of delivery depends on what packages you choose. To know about our poker script packages, connect with our support team.

Yes, you can, but you must know NodeJS, Unity, and MongoDB to implement your UI graphics.

Yes, we can do that for you. You will have full access to the game and its source code.

Our team will provide software related help to assist you get a gaming licence.

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Poker Game

It’s not possible to code poker game in HTML but there is a solution, you can club HTML with Javascript. Also, you need to know the Poker rules before starting the game design. Poker rules are complex when handing the multiplayer at once. So, those scenarios need to be well designed for code implementation and functional testing. Blackjack is a famous & a type of poker belonging to the family of card games. The game well recognized as “twenty-one- 21” & played all over the globe. It is a type of comparison game where players compete against the card dealer & not against an individual player like each other. Also, know the tips on how to increase winning odds of blackjack.

  • Below are the main steps to develop a Poker Game.
  • Know the Poker Rules
  • Design and documentation
  • Software and hardware specifications
  • Coding and implementation
  • Regression testing

Poker Rules

You need a collection of playing cards & displaying routine, a poker chip & a collection of a poker chip. The game startup code will create a stack of cards & for the player & table.

Poker comes with a pack of 52 cards. The hierarchy is Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8….2, Ace. Ace can be higher or lower. Four suits spades, hearts, diamond & clubs.

Five of a kind : If anyone has more than 5 in one hand than the higher card wins.

Four of a kind: If someone has four cards of the same rank in that case that person wins

Full House: If someone has 3 cards of same rank & a pair wins.

Flush: If you have all your cards of the same suit such as for example Joker 8…2 & all of the spades that are called flush.

Straight: It’s basically a card in order. Ace can be higher (Ace-King- Queen) or low (5-4-3). In case of tie, the higher hand wins.

Three of a kind: Three cards of any rank, matched with two & not a pair, highest of three of a kind wins.

Two Pair: Two different kinds of pairs with a 5th card, the highest pair wins ties. If both hands have the same pair the 2ns pair wins.

Pair: One pair with 3 district cards, high card breaks ties.

High Card: If above-mentioned situations don’t apply than High card comes into the picture. If no one has a better pair than High card wins.

Betting: Get a dealt card. Players bet into the middle of the pot, at the end the highest hand wins the pot. Betting is typically clocked wise. Below are the options

Software/hardware Specification

To run this program you need a javascript. The system is accessed by jar file. It consists of everything that a player needs to play.

Windows 2000/2003/Windows7
500 MHz system with 128 MB free RAM, 16 MB free disk space
Game Server
Intel Dual XEON, minimum 4 GB RAM with 200 MB free space

Additional space for writing game logs

RAID 1 minimum failover

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Database server standard edition

Custom lobby, room/table design to suit the theme.

Multiplayer tables.

Full hand history

Player notes

Integrated site links in the menu

Regular speed setting

Www play2win casino. Custom rake tables configurable the requirements

Choice of card back design for players

Full sound with control options

Choice of 2 or 4 color deck

Complete Animation for cards & chips


Lobby game filters

2,4,6,8,9,10 player ring game table configuration option

Tournament scheduler application software

Self-replicating ring tables

Admin tools for real-time monitoring & management for players

In games management tools for administrators

Fully resizable tables

Coding & implementation:

Steps to follow to code & implement Poker game:

  1. create a Deck of Cards used in a poker game.
  2. The standard deck of cards is used consisting of 52 cards made up of 4 different Suits Values from TWO to ACE.
  3. Once you have your Deck of cards set up, the next thing you need to do is be able to:

a. Shuffle your deck
b. Deal cards to Players
c. Need to create Players.

4. These players have two distinct cards from the deck.
5. Need to deal with cards & “community cards” to players. Also “betting” module as per requirement. yet.

6. Once two cards dealt with each player & five community cards, then find out which player has the best cards. To do this, you need to know & compare other player cards
a. Each players cards to be shown in the console window also community cards. Once the winner is disclosed, we need to declare as won and the cards of winner player. Chances of a tie are possible sometimes (i.e. two players may have same winning cards), then determine which of the winning hands has the higher value cards. Then the player having higher value cards wins (i.e. Player 1 having three queens, but Player 2 having three aces, aces > queens, therefore, Player 2 wins).

b. A draw occurs only if the value of the winner hand exactly the same (i.e. two players has three of similar with kings and identical ‘non-winning’ cards)… In this case two players each have the same winning cards, but different non-winning cards (i.e. Player1 having three aces a queen and a ten, Player2 has three aces, a queen and a four), then the player with the higher “kicker” card wins (i.e. Player1 wins because their Ten kicker beats Player2’s Four kickers).

Refer the sample code available here forPoker Game

Game Regression Testing

Regression testing is a testing existing software application to make sure that a change or addition hasn’t been broken. To check that newly added codes are working error-free. It ensures that old codes are working fine with new codes. Whenever there is a requirement & modified code, a new feature is added in the software, defect fixing, performance fix, etc.

To do software maintenance which includes enhancement, error corrections, optimization & to delete existing feature. Its also called verification testing. Regression testing comes into place when time production code is changed.

  1. Areas exposed to a high number of users.
  2. Areas where frequent defects are there
  3. Highly complex functionality
  4. Areas that have undergone recent changes.
  5. Critical integration.

There are two types of test. Automatic & Manual testing. While automated testing takes less time, manpower & efforts. But automated testing can miss out what human can detect. Though automated testing is faster than manual testing. Writing & maintaining automated tests need a good amount of work to ensure they are always up to date.

SPM- The standard performance measure win rate, average number of big blinds won per hundred hands after correction for rake.

PRM- Performance Robustness Measurement defined as the average number of big blinds won per hand after correction for rake divided by the estimated standard error. The estimated standard error is the sample standard deviation of the rake corrected. Wining per hand divided by the square root of the number of hands.

Hands- The natural algorithm of the number of hands played. This variable is a proxy for the experience of players hence a possible indicator of skills.

Aggressiveness- The number of times a player led the batting as a proportion of the total number of times the player voluntarily wagered money. This factor is the other of the two simple playing style measure. Aggressive play is generally thought to yield higher expected performance than passive play. Because increasing the cost of playing at the right times can pressure other players to give up stronger cards or to wager more with weaker ones.

How to convert Poker game into app

Every App you publish must have a version code & a version name.

. Version code is an integer value that will not be visible to google play store users. It defaults to 1 & should be increased by one with every successive change whether it is a major change or a minor change.

It defaults to 1.0. A common structure is a decimal number which is increased by 1 for every major change & 0.1 for every minor change. For example, an initial version name is 1.0 which can be updated to 1.1 after a small change & 2.0 after a large change.

You will need to increase the version code & change the version name of your application when you upload a new version to the play store.

Download .apk

  1. Go to Home screen of the app you want to download the App Inventor.
  2. Click the dropdown labeled “package for phone”.
  3. Click Download to this computer.

Now you will get the save option. Once you have the .apk downloaded you are ready to begin the publishing process.

You can now go to Google Play Publishing Home & follow the steps to publish your app to Google Play.

Html Color Code

Poker Tricks

Small Blind-

The small blind is the most difficult position to master. When the action folds around you, you need to beat one player to win the dead money in the pot. Here is an opportunity you can take advantage. Betting provides the small blind a chance to win the pot without seeing a flop & reduces the average number of players in the hand. Betting range from the small blind needs to be tight as a continuing with only strong hands drastically minimizes the difficulty of playing out of position. Trying to paly a wide range of hands with such a positional disadvantage is a recipe for losing sessions. Despite our disadvantageous position, it is still important to balance our small blind 3-betting range with bluffs. If we 3-bet strictly value, our opponents can easily exploit us over-folding against our 3-bets.

Big Blind

Html Code Generator

Have you ever had a really good, aggressive player sitting on your left? It is an absolute nightmare, especially for blinds vs blind play. Their constant flatting, floating & 3-betting makes it tough to play anything but the strongest of hands.

Html Code List

By contrast, if you have the pleasure of playing blind vs blind vs a nit, you know great it feels to confidentially & consistently steal their blind every orbit.

Html Poker Game Code

You need to be mindful of tendencies like these for every player, particularly the one on your left & adjust your strategy to counter him/her.

Winning Odds in Poker

Poker Html Code Generator

In Poker, the starting hand dictates to a great extent just how well you will do in the hand. Sure you might draw lucky, but then again the better your opening hand the greater your chances at winning. So learn to identify the best starting hands to maximize the odds in your favor.

Poker Html Code Checker

If you play the same group of people frequently observes their habits so you can maximize your chances at winning. The key here is to identify trends or tells & how when they occur & when they don’t occur. For example, if you observe that when a player wins a hand he/she bets more, then you have more knowledge as to when to fold your hand or keep.

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