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Play Chess Online

Play free online chess at Cool Math Games: Join a match against another player, challenge a friend, or play vs.

  1. Play Blitz Chess Games. Thousands of players online now. Beautiful board graphics.
  2. Play chess live or against computer. Train with chess problems.
  3. Play chess online against a computer opponent for free. Set the difficulty, choose your color, time control and initial position and start playing! The simplest way to play chess online with people from all over the world.
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Play chess online with your friends or play the computer


In this area, you can play online chess easily and free of charge as a guest. Set up a new game with your own mode and challenge other players to a game, or accept a match offer from the available list. On our website, you can play the classic board game of chess against the computer, friends or any other random opponent. If you choose the chess program, then the game duration and skill level can be configured by the chess computer at different levels, from easy to difficult. The game level will be matched and configured specifically for you. By training with the chess computer, you can retract a move that you have just made. Paddy power free spins sign up. We will not provide any further explanation of how to play chess at this point, as we assume that you are already familiar with the rules of this royal game. If you do not know the rules of chess, then we would recommend that you read them in order to obtain a basic understanding of this strategic board game. We hope that you and your friends have lots of fun and good practice on our chess server.