Paddington Bear 50p Coin

2018 UK Paddington™ at the Station CERTIFIED BU 50p The brand new 2018 UK Paddington 50p has been issued by The Royal Mint to celebrate the iconic 60th anniversary of the British Bear. This is the first time this colourful bear has featured on official UK coinage and serious collectors will want to guarantee themselvesRead more. Paddington Bear 50p The Royal Mint has just released TWO brand new 2019 UK Paddington 50ps, featuring Britain's favourite bear outside two of Britain's most iconic landmarks - the Tower of London and St Paul's Cathedral! Have a look at the full range of Paddington 50ps below: 2019 UK Paddington at St. Paul's CERTIFIED BU 50p £4.50 More details. First introduced to the world in A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond, Paddington™ has been winning the hearts of children and parents around the world for more than 60 years. Two new 50p coins featuring Paddington capture his visits to the historic Tower of London and St Paul’s Cathedral. Follow Paddington’s antics in the scrapbook-style packaging that accompanies the coins. Paddington Bear is a much-loved bear a long way from home and became a British icon and a firm favourite with children and grown-ups alike. This coin follows the minting of the first Paddington Bear 50p coin at Paddington Station. Here are the details of the £10 50p Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Paddington Station edition.

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8 August 2018, 10:49 Updated: 8 August 2018, 10:53

The Royal Mint have announced they are giving Paddington Bear his very own coin to celebrate his 60th birthday, but where can you buy it and how much are they worth?

Everyone's favourite storybook character, Paddington Bear is now the face of a limited edition 50p coin.

The new coin sees Paddington Bear wearing his signature hat and raincoat as he waves a Union Jack flag outside Buckingham Palace.

This now follows a previous design that saw him sat outside Paddington station.

It's been six decades since the Peruvian bear first made an appearance in Michael Bon's famed book 'A Bear Called Paddington'.

Paddington Bear 50p Coin

Paddington Bear 50p Coin Tower Of London

The coin was designed by Dave Knapton at Royal Mint who was chosen to design both coins.

Paddington Bear 50p Coin Ebay

He said: 'It might only be a 50p coin but the rare collectors item will actually set you back £60 if you want to get your hands on the top end design, but there is a cheaper alternative available for £10.

Are Paddington Bear 50p Coins Worth Money

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Paddington bear 50p coin

“I loved reading the books about Paddington when I was younger, and felt a real sense of nostalgia as I was designing these coins.

“Paddington was part of my childhood, but now he’s being discovered by a whole new generation.

“I wanted to bring his portrait to life and show him in a very realistic environment, so I began with a modern train at Paddington station, showing Paddington waiting patiently on his suitcase for his new life to begin.”

When is the Paddington Bear coin released?

The second 50p coin, which sees Paddington outside Buckingham Palace was released on Monday 6th August 2018.

Where can I buy the Paddington Bear coins?

You can buy the coins at on the Royal Mint's website.

How much do the Paddington Bear coins cost?

These limited edition 50p coins start from £10 for a single coin, or you could fork out £60 and bag yourself the higher-end version for £60 quid which is silver-plated.

How much are the Paddington Bear coins worth?

There's no telling how much they will be worth in a few years time, but judging from past limited edition coins you can expect them to soar in value - particularly if they are in their original presentation box and the certificate of authenticity is in mint condition.

2018 marked the 60th anniversary of the book A Bear Called Paddington. Since that first publication, Paddington has been a part of many childhoods, becoming a British icon around the world and a firm favourite with children and adults alike. The Royal Mint continued its tradition of honouring Britain’s childhood favourites with two official UK coins celebrating the kind-hearted bear that started a new life a long way from home in Darkest Peru: Paddington Bear at the Station and Paddington Bear at Buckingham Palace. The series was continued in 2019 with two new coins, Paddington Bear at St Paul's and Paddington Bear at the Tower.

Dungeon mayhem. The British fifty pence (50p) coin - often pronounced fifty pee - is a unit of currency equalling one half of a pound sterling. It is a seven-sided coin formed as an equilateral-curve heptagon, or Reuleaux polygon - a curve of constant width, meaning that the diameter is constant across any bisection. This shape, which was revolutionary at the time, made it easily distinguishable from round coins both by feel and by sight, while its constant breadth allowed it to roll in vending machines.

The denomination was introduced in October 1969 with a large version of the coin; it was reduced in size in 1997, with the older coins being demonetised in 1998. The design of the new (smaller) type remained unchanged at that time, retaining Christopher Ironside's Britannia reverse. In 2008 though the regular reverse was changed to Matthew Dent's design; in a world-first concept, the designs for the 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p and 50p coins depict sections of the Royal Shield that form the whole shield when placed together (the shield in its entirety being featured on the £1 coin).

The denomination has also been used extensively to issue one-year types of commemorative coins such as this one.

Paddington Bear 50p Coin Buckingham Palace

Twenty pence and fifty pence coins are legal tender only up to the sum of £10; this means that it is permissible to refuse payment of sums greater than this amount in 20p and 50p coins in order to settle a debt.

Paddington Bear 50p Coin Waving Flag

Coins issued in 2019 have now been in circulation for only two years.