Oscar's Grind Blackjack

The Oscar system, or otherwise known as Oscar’s Grind uses a positive progression style of betting and the aim is to win one unit per cycle, and once the profit is achieved, the cycle ends. A ‘grinder’ in the gambling world is known as someone who regularly wins small amounts rather than aiming for a jackpot win, and this system rewards these type of players who are patient and are willing to put in hours of continuous gameplay.

The method enables more success if you’re on a streak as it lets you keep your bets low when you are losing and raise them when you are winning, similar to Paroli system, but on the other hand minimizes the loss while having a bad streak, which is its main advantage.

What is Oscar Grind System

As usual with all blackjack systems, the player starts by betting one unit. If you win that hand, then you start again at one unit as you have achieved your aim of a one unit profit. If you fail to win that hand, then you stay at one unit until you win. If you win but haven’t made a profit of one unit yet, you will raise the bet by one unit every time, until you do make a profit of one unit.

Oscar's Grind Blackjack Betting System

The major advantage of Oscar Grind is the discipline and control, which in turn keeps your balance in check for prolonged time periods – particularly useful when sitting at the Blackjack table. Oscar's Grind - HitorStand Blackjack Message Board Hedonist October 2007 Am trying to establish how Oscar's G wld function if played within limits as suggested, being one of the best systems around. Black jack karen strip.


Please notice, you must only increase the size of the bet by one unit if you are winning, and as long as it doesn’t give you an overall profit for the cycle of more than one. For example, if you win a 4-unit bet and you are now down to 2 units for the series, you would only bet 3 units to make a profit of one unit for that series.

This gives real meaning to the ‘grinding’ system as you are aiming to win a one unit profit per cycle and no more.


$3win$100 $0


  • Players are able to withstand longer sequences of losses without spending their entire bankroll or hitting table limits
  • It is more than likely you will be able to achieve small profits using this method
  • Even if you are unlucky to have ten consecutive losses, a run of just four wins will get you back on track.


  • It takes a lot of patience to ‘grind’ out a profit and more experienced players may find it hard to win big
  • The system still relies on consecutive wins and may put you far behind if you struggle to hit any consistency

Oscar System Blackjack – Summary

From all the methods we reviewed here on Online Blackjack Explorer, Oscar’s Grind system is definitely the most promising and the only one that can, unlike Martingale, work on a long run (or a long series of short runs). Nevertheless, you should be careful and set a strict budget, since it doesn’t change the fact that the house still has an edge. Also, if you use this system too often, eventually you might be banned by the online casino, so it’s better to divide your play between various online blackjack sites.

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Oscar's Grind Blackjack Forum

Casino BonusWhy it’s hereBest Game
100% up to $1000Best for USA and AUS casinoSingle Deck – 0.08% house edge
100% up to £/$/€ 100Best for UK, Canada and EUClassic Blackjack – 0.21% house edge
150% up to $1500Highest USA Blackjack BonusN/A
Am trying to establish how Oscar's G wld function if played within limits as suggested, being one of the best systems around.
For eg. if stop loss was 100 units and one were to stop after winning 20 units each time, how many times would one win 20 units before one loss of a 100 units?
Could anyone fill me in on this?

Oscar's Grind Blackjack Betting System

By 'best' I assume you mean one that loses the least when compared to other progression schemes?
The basic idea is this. If you play a good 6d shoe game, with a house edge of about .26% (-.26% from the player's viewpoint) then that is going to be what you are going to lose no matter how you modify your bets (unless you count cards of course).
The question is, with Oscar's Grind, (and this is not something I can answer myself since I do not play progressions of any type) is 'what will your average bet be over time?' Because once you know that, you know that for each round you are going to lose .0026 times your average bet, when summed over the period of time you play. There's not much other math that is important here. Your expected loss is a function of the house edge times your average bet. about once every 1000 losing sessions where you quit at -100, you are going to have an extra loser which is the -.26% house edge showing up.
There is probably some math somewhere that breaks this down into groups of 'hands' and 'average bets' but hardly anybody discussions progressions nowadays since they are all losing systems, and they make you lose faster than if you just flat-bet the table minimum and play as long as possible losing as little as possible. It would be far better to work on counting cards and actually play with an advantage over the house where you can really win more than you lose, although it is a wild ride.

Oscar's Grind Blackjack Explained

The punch line is that you are going to have lots of 20 unit win streaks, about 1/5 the number of 100 unit losing streaks, but you are occasionally going to be hit by an extra 100 unit loss, to take you to that house advantage of -.26% overall. There's no way to get away from that. Most progression players live on the fact that they have way more winning sessions than losing sessions, completely ignoring the important detail that they are losing way more in those infrequent losing sessions than they are winning in all those short winning sessions. Sessions mean nothing, the bottom line is total winnings or loss. Progressions are going to lose.