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Betting the Oscars is an exercise in due diligence and knowing where to turn to for the best in entertainment odds is key. Entertainment betting may be void of number crunching that comes with sports betting, but it nevertheless requires due diligence. Staying abreast of up-to-date news and narratives and understanding historical trends will help pop culture enthusiasts to better handicap their entertainment picks. Of which the Oscars represents the most high-profile betting event in a calendar year.

The race for the Oscars 2021 has begun, with contenders emerging. Behold, an early set of predictions on who will will win at the 93rd Academy Awards. It works most satisfactorily when the betting unit is not more than 2 or 3 percent of the sum that the player is prepared to lose at the particular table session. Thus, a $5 betting unit should be backed by a readily available fund of not less than $250. Best actor and best actress picks. While everyone is obsessing about the Best Picture award, Oscars 2020 betting tips must cover several other important categories, including the awards for best male and female performer in a leading role.

So, let’s get down to it and begin with the nitty-gritty: Oscar betting tips. After which, we’ll cover the latest developments on the 2021 Oscar trail and where bettors can bet the Oscars.

1. Know How Voting Works

Understanding the inner machinations of the Oscars – how the voting works – will help bettors to make informed entertainment picks and better predict how the coveted golden man is handed out.

By the latest count, the Oscars has 8,469 members that are divided into 17 branches. Each branch nominates for its own category – e.g., actors nominate actors in the four categories, directors nominate directors…etc. Everyone gets to nominate best picture and for the final vote all branches vote on every award.

The merits of nominating and voting peers within an industry underscores the Oscars’ voting system. In exclusivity, there is knowledge and familiarity that makes sense. However, like many similar such systems trapped in exclusivity, an inherent flaw of subjectivity exists. Bias. Personal preference, lack of objectivity…so on. Therefore, it’s fair to assume, voting likely is skewed by how well-liked and well respected (or not) an actor or director is; how polarising a film subject is.

When handicapping best actor award or best supporting actor or best director, one should keep in mind these factors that might well influence a decision.

2. Winning Begets Winning

The road to the Oscars is littered with other awards ceremonies, including the Golden Globes and BAFTAs. A good indicator for bettors looking to place wagers on the Oscars is the performance of contenders in the preceding events. It’s not unusual to see an actor pick up momentum with each passing red carpet event to improve their odds to win the Oscars or flat out emerge as a top favourite in Oscar betting markets.

3. Timely Subjects Matter

Oscar betting trends point to celebration of historical and contemporary issues. Giving the nod to actors in roles that explore social issue, challenge accepted norms or depict leading historical figures. Similarly, films that tick the right boxes with timely subjects that matter (be they fictional or true stories) or films that reprise watershed historical events typically do well.

4. Hype and Status

More often than not, the more well known an actor is the better the chance of said actor or film featuring said actor has of winning. Of course, this doesn’t mean there aren’t surprises at the Oscars… Andy Brody, Cuba Gooding Jr., Brenda Fricker are just a few names of Oscar winners that have fallen off the radar. Goldclubcasino. Predicting such upsets in Oscar betting though is no mean trick.

Oscars 2021 Delay Due to Coronavirus

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science (AMPAS) went to press a few weeks ago with its decision to delay the 2021 Oscars, pushing back the star-studded ceremony from February 28 to April 25 in an abundance of caution due to the ongoing public health crisis. The news ended weeks upon weeks of speculation that go back to mid-May when the first wind of a possible delay to the 93rd Annual Academy Awards made the rounds of Hollywood insiders.

In line with the Oscar changes, the calendar of award ceremonies has adjusted in kind. For instance, Golden Globes were pushed back to 28 February and the BAFTAs were pushed back from 14 February to 11 April.

To accommodate the Oscars’ new date, AMPAS extended the window of eligibility from December 31 to February 28 – meaning films released between January 1st, 2020 and February 28th, 2021 will be eligible.

Moreover, bearing in mind the challenges presented during this unprecedented time, qualification rules were relaxed as well to include otherwise-qualified movies that were forced to skip cinema release dates during lockdown and turn to streaming services instead.

What isn’t as yet known – perhaps, the most important titbit – is how the Oscars will be presented. Will it be a virtual affair? Zoom Oscars? Or will it go ahead with traditional pomp and ceremony? It’s impossible to know for certain and, equally, hard to imagine a return to normalcy, as yet.

Where to Bet on the Oscars

Many of the best sportsbooks serve up Oscar odds for bettors to sink their teeth into, including Bovada (visit our Bovada Review).

Oscars 2020 Betting Tips

Odds on the Oscars normally are found in a dedicated section for entertainment betting. Over and above odds on the Oscars, Bovada usually will serve up a slew of fun prop specials to with most entertainment betting events. There’s something for everyone, as the saying goes.

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The majority of people believe by using a betting system they can increase their winnings. Other individuals are more conservative in their gambling and believe the most effective recourse is a good strategy such as card counting. Yet other gamblers use strategies that are both unpredictable and erratic. One of the most popular and commonly used strategies among gamblers throughout the world is the Oscar's Grind blackjack betting system.

Oscar was a craps player as well as the inventor of the Oscar's Grind. This particular strategy can be easily adapted for playing the game of online casino blackjack. This strategy offers the most advantages for a player on either a hot or cold streak. If the player is experiencing a losing streak, Oscar's Grind enables them to keep their bets low. If the player is having a winning streak, the strategy allows them to increase their bets.

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Under either of these circumstances, Oscar's Grind often works well. Despite this, it is critical for players to remember it is not possible to predict either type of streak. This means Oscar's Grind should not be counted on for the long term. This advice is often crucial for blackjack players at both online and brick an mortar casinos.

A Progressive Betting Approach

Oscar's Grind is classified as a progressive betting system. The players consider this a positive betting system. The Oscar's Grind is also a bit more complicated than most of the systems currently being used. The majority of systems enable the players to double their bets after every win and decrease their bets after each loss. Oscar's Grind is similar to the anti-Martingale system.

This system is extremely well known as a negative system where the player increases their bet every time they lose. Every series of bets has the same goal, to win a single unit prior to beginning a new series. With Oscar's Grind, the player begins each series by placing a bet for one unit. The player increases their bet by one unit from their previous bet with every win. When the player loses, their bet remains exactly the same.

A good example is a player who has just lost a bet for two units. They will continue betting two units until they secure a win. At this time, the next bet will be increased to three units. Except for one specific stipulation, this is the entire betting system. The stipulation is the player must never make a bet that may result in winning the series for more than a single unit.

This means if the player has won a bet for four units, they are only two units down for the entire series. The player should not increase their next bet to five units. This is due to the win of four units. All the player would need to win the series by one unit would be a successful bet of three units. This makes the next appropriate bet three units.

Oscar's Grind Combines Strategies

The best features of the negative and positive progressions are combined in the Oscar's Grind betting system. The player can survive a much longer streak of losses without a bust than by using a negative progression. This is because the bets are not increased after a loss. Just a short streak of wins can win the previous losses back for the player during the series due to the bets being raised after a win. This is actually a brilliant strategy since the winning streaks pay more than the player loses in a losing streak. Although no blackjack strategy can predict a streak, this strategy helps compensate the player for any losing streak.

Oscar told Dr. Wilson the Oscar's Grind had prevented him from ever having a weekend where he lost in Las Vegas for many years. Dr. Wilson then performed some computer simulations and mathematical analysis on the system. He wanted to know if this was possible. He found when a unit of one dollar was used on a game with an even money payout, the key was the slow betting progression.

The player would effectively bump against the $500 maximum bet used by the house at the time on every $5,000 series played. The player could achieve their target in 4,999 of every $5,000 series. In 1965, Oscar's goal was a healthy win of $100. The conclusion of Dr. Wilson was Oscar was likely to have played in Las Vegas for many years without a loss.

Proceed With Caution

There is a caution necessary regarding the one series Oscar lost with this system. The amount Oscar lost on the $5,000 series was approximately $13,000. Despite bumping the $500 maximum for the table, he gained this position by losing bets in ranges from $100 to more than $400 during this extremely lengthy series. This means Oscar's Grind can still lead to a loss over the course of the series.

Oscars Betting Tips

There is no betting system that can overtake the edge of the house in the long run. This does not mean this type of system is worthless. Professional gamblers use these systems to find a way to profit in gambling tournaments such as camouflage. They also gain an advantage by disguising their play in betting systems to milk the bonuses provided by the betting systems at the online casinos.

Oscars Betting Tips 1x2

The only way to win at blackjack in a normal casino over time is to count the cards. This is not because the most profitable or best way to win while playing blackjack is card counting. It is because the same principles apply to blackjack as professional gambling. This includes the wide variety of methods not requiring card counting.

How To Bet On The Oscars

Oscars 2020 betting tips

Oscars Betting Tips 2019

Oscar's Grind can be a difficult system to grasp. It is also not a half bad system. The system takes a conservative approach to making small wins in a short period. The chances of a big win or a big loss are slim when using Oscar's Grind to play online blackjack. This is simply a progressive betting system that may or may not work out well for the player. The bottom line is this system does not guarantee success.