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For decades, Illinois was considered one of the least gambling-friendly states in the country. Luckily, that’s no longer the case; in fact, there are plenty of gambling options here. In this guide, our sports betting experts are going to explain how you can find the best Illinois sports betting sites, so you can start placing wagers on your favorite teams.

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There are so many options out there that it may seem kind of daunting trying to decide which site to join. Not to worry, though. We’ll help out by explaining the most important features that all the best real money sports betting sites should offer.

If you look below, you’ll find some of the best sports betting sites in Illinois. Feel free to visit any one of them and start betting right now!

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The state of Illinois has recently begun to expand its gambling industry, and many are still unaware of the online sports betting laws. Our team will let you know exactly what’s allowed and more in this guide to Illinois sports betting sites.

Here’s What to Look for in Illinois Sports Betting Sites

Today, online sportsbooks in Illinois are only getting better. In fact, most online sportsbooks in the US are great places to start. Unfortunately, some of them have gained reputations for being a little shady. With that said, it’s important to be able to tell a good site from a bad one.

If you learn about the features that only reputable online betting sites offer, you’ll know how to find the best options. Below are the four qualities you should look for in Illinois sports betting sites.

Safe and Simple Payment System

Nothing is more important than safety when betting online. Before you create an account, ensure that your money and your personal information is safe. Only join real money sports betting sites that offer reliable, simple payment options to all of their members.

This shouldn’t be too difficult to find. You can check out some Illinois sports betting sites for yourself and head to their cashier pages to see what forms of payment are accepted. Our gambling site reviews also provide information on the payment systems for many of the country’s best real money betting websites.

We also always recommend for players to join Illinois online sportsbooks that allow debit and credit cards. Withdrawal options differ from site to site, yet most allow Bitcoin payouts. Many sites offer entire pages that explain how to use Bitcoin to collect winnings.

A safe payment system should be the first feature you look for in different Illinois sports betting sites.

Modern Design and User Interface

Some completely overlook how important the design of an online sportsbook is. Don’t make this mistake. The way that a betting website is designed will affect your entire gambling experience.

In our opinion, you should only join online betting sites that offer a simple, clean design. The user interfaces of these sites should be great as well. It should never be too difficult to find the exact odds you’re looking for.

Of course, everyone has a different design preference. One isn’t always better than the other. Just sign up for a website you think is suitable for your needs.

Spend a few minutes checking out some of the Illinois betting sites we listed and compare their designs. The ones we recommend at the top of this page are well-known for offering fantastic user interfaces.

Helpful Customer Support Options

Customer support is another feature of gambling sites that many new gamblers tend to overlook. That’s a shame, because this is one of the best tools available for sports bettors. It’s the only feature that Illinois betting sites have to help their players out.

Illinois recently passed a bill to legalize sports betting. Soon, several state-regulated online sportsbooks will be available here. For those that choose to play through the unregulated websites, a solid customer support feature is hugely important.

There are many different forms of customer support that are being offered nowadays. In our opinion, the best is a live chat feature. It allows you to speak directly with website representatives over text chat.

Stay away from the Illinois sports betting sites if they only offer one method of communication, such as email support or a web contact form. Getting a response through this method could take weeks. Look for the Illinois betting sites providing instant support at any time of day.

The Betting Odds You’re Looking For

You might be surprised to find how many individuals join an online sportsbook without even checking out which odds are available. It’s one of the easiest mistakes to avoid. Just about every single betting site clearly lists the odds that they offer directly on their homepages.

The important thing is making sure there are betting options for the sports you’re interested in. If you love football, check for some sports betting sites in Illinois offering odds on the Chicago Bears or other NFL teams. If you’re a baseball fan, check for websites that provide odds on regular and postseason MLB games.

Don’t be concerned if you aren’t sure about what sports you want to bet on. Nowadays, there are a huge number of amazing novelty betting options, too. Some sites allow you to place entertainment bets like movie outcomes and politics!

Never join any IL online sportsbooks without first checking out which odds are available. The betting websites we featured at the top of this page are known for offering thousands of different odds every single day.

Why Are Sports Betting Sites in Illinois Growing so Popular Right Now?

The rise of sports gambling can be seen around the entire country. This is all thanks to the Supreme Court striking down PASPA in May of 2018. Since that time, every state in the country has been permitted to establish their laws on sports betting, whether that’s online or in person.

A huge number of states now have regulated sports betting options up and running. Even in states that haven’t passed sports betting bills, this industry is growing fast.

We wanted to know exactly why Illinois sports betting sites are so popular right now. Our team reached out to several bettors here and asked why they prefer to make wagers online. Here’s what we heard.

It’s the Most Convenient Option Right Now

Since there are no legal land-based sports betting options available in Illinois, the only real options to place sports bets here are with an illegal bookie on the ground. Or bettors can do it through an online betting site. Most agree that casino sites in Illinois are far more convenient.

Don’t bother looking for a bookie. These sites allow you to make bets from anywhere in the state with an internet connection. Many also offer fantastic mobile sports betting platforms. The convenience of these sites has helped them grow more popular every single year.

There Are a Huge Number of Betting Options Available

Have you already checked out any IL online sportsbooks? If so, you may have seen how many amazing online betting options are available. Some betting sites in this state offer more sports betting odds than the top land-based sportsbooks in the country.

Don’t forget—this includes more than just sports odds, too. There are also odds on politics, awards shows, and even the weather! You might be amazed to find just how many incredible betting options are now being offered online.

So, Are IL Sports Betting Sites Actually Legal?

Illinois recently passed a bill to legalize sports betting. But as of February 2020, state officials are still coming up with specific regulations. At the time of writing, there are no state-controlled online sportsbooks here.

Fortunately, there are some fantastic online sports betting sites here that are not directly regulated by the state. The state laws seem to indicate that wagering online is banned.

Some, however, believe these laws do not apply to sites based overseas.

Article 29 Sect. 28-1 of the State Statutes gives a brief description of Illinois’ take on online gambling:

“ … knowingly establishes, maintains, or operates an Internet site that permits a person to play a game of chance or skill for money or other thing of value by means of the Internet or to make a wager upon the result of any game, contest, political nomination, appointment, or election by means of the Internet.”

On the surface, it might appear that this law outright bans wagering online. Most feel that these laws are for anyone thinking about operating an online gambling site in the state.

Many are also looking at how this applies to the state’s sports betting industry, considering Illinois lawmakers officially legalized online sports betting recently.

Despite the seemingly harsh laws against it, Illinois’ online gambling industry is growing fast. More individuals are playing at IL sports betting sites every single month. This is especially true now that the state decided to legalize sports gambling.

To sum it up, the state’s online sports betting industry is in kind of a gray area. Soon, state-regulated online sportsbooks will begin operating here and lawmakers are likely to change the current online gaming laws.

Will I Be Prosecuted for Playing at Illinois Casino Sites?

It’s extremely unlikely. As we showed earlier, Illinois seems to have tough laws towards gambling online. But we have not come across a single case of an individual facing legal trouble for making bets online. Residents of IL hope that online sports betting laws will be official soon.

Please Note:

It’s important to note that we are not lawyers and always recommend you abide by your state laws. For more details on the gambling regulations in Illinois, please contact a gaming law professional. If you head over to our gambling news page, we provide you with constant updates towards sports betting laws around the country.

How Do I Bet Safely Through Sports Betting Sites in IL?

Almost everyone has concerns about safety when first getting into online sports betting. This is still a relatively new industry, and many are unsure about how secure it really is. Fortunately, sports betting sites in Illinois have improved dramatically over the years and most are completely safe.

Of course, some of these sites still have reputations for being a little shady. Generally speaking, however, the shady sites are quickly blacklisted.

It’s very easy to stay completely safe while gambling online nowadays. Here are some steps that you can follow to ensure that your betting experience is nothing but fun.

Only Play Through Reputable Online Sportsbooks

As long as you only make bets through reputable Illinois sports betting sites, there’s a very good chance you’ll never encounter an issue. Competition is high in this industry and these sites work hard to provide their members with the best possible experience. Feel free to check out the online sportsbooks we recommend at the top of this page. Each one is well-known for being completely safe.

Keep Track of Your Money

Some individuals accidentally wager more money than they can afford to lose. You can easily avoid this mistake. Simply keep track of how much money you are betting. If you realize your betting habits are getting out of hand, take a break for a little while. You can also ask someone you trust to help you hold yourself accountable for your spending.

Bet on Sports You Understand

You may have already seen that most online sportsbooks offer thousands of different betting odds every single day. It can be tempting to throw some money on sporting events that you’ve never played in hopes of winning big. With that in mind, we recommend that you only bet on sporting events you know and understand. It will significantly increase your odds of winning.

Understand How Promotions Work

Just about all sports betting sites in Illinois offer their members promotions. In case you’re unaware, these are promotional offers that help boost the amount of money you have to gamble with. Before you decide to utilize any promotions, understand exactly how they work. It will save you from any headaches in the future.

Keep Your Betting Account Information Private

Your online betting account is just like a real bank account. There’s money on the line. If you share your information with anyone, they can access the money without your knowledge. Never give out your account information to anyone. It’s also a good idea to change your account’s password every 90 days.

FAQ on Online Sports Betting in Illinois

When Did Illinois Decide to Legalize Sports Betting?

Not long after PASPA was removed in May of 2019, lawmakers began presenting bills to legalize sports wagering. In June of 2019, lawmakers here decided to officially legalize this industry. Both online and land-based sports betting is scheduled to become available here in 2021.

How Much Money Can I Win Playing at IL Online Sportsbooks?

That all depends on you. Not many sports betting sites in Illinois set limits on how much their players can win. The more you bet, the more you can win. Your chances of winning will obviously increase when betting on sports you understand.

What Are Some of the Best Illinois Sports Betting Sites Right Now?

There’s no one single answer for this. Most of the best online sportsbooks in the country are available in Illinois. At the moment, two of our favorites are Bovada and MyBookie. Both are known for offering great sports betting odds and safe payment options.

Is Online Sports Betting Easier Than Land-Based Sports Betting?

When it comes to convenience, absolutely! Online sports wagering allows sports fans to make bets from anywhere in the state with an internet connection. In terms of the ability to win, there’s really no difference.

Why Should I Bet on Sports Online?

The choice to bet, or not to bet, online is yours! This industry is growing extremely popular around the country. More individuals are choosing to wager online every single month. If you’re a sports fan looking to win a little extra money, then check out the Illinois sports betting sites we recommend at the top of this page.


Illinois is in an interesting place right now. Lawmakers here have decided to legalize both land-based and online sports betting. Soon, a huge number of different sportsbooks will begin operating in the state.

Head on over to our gambling blog for all things gambling and sports betting related and feel free to reach out with any additional questions.

Good luck with your bets!

Are you looking for the best sites for betting on sports and horse racing? Well, stick around, because this is all about showing you the best online betting sites.

Here are the 3 Best Online Betting Sites / Sportsbooks


Bovada has changed the face of Sports betting online. They have a great sportsbook, racebook and one of the largest online poker rooms for players in the US. Their racebook is only open to North American thoroughbred and harness races.


Bovada offers a 50% signup bonus up to $250 and a bitcoin sports bonus of 50% up to $500 with a promo code. There is also a 100% match bonus eligible up to $1,000 and a bitcoin casino signup bonus of 150% match up to $1,500, both of which are redeemable up to three times. You starting bonus requires you to bet 5 times the amount of your initial deposit and bonus.

Deposits and Payouts

They only offer two ways to make a deposit and that is with credit cards and bitcoin.

Their payout system has improved massively over the years. In the past, this was the main complaint about Bovada, but now that they fixed it by speeding up the process and being one of the first online sports betting sites to offer bitcoin withdrawals.

The minimum deposit amount is only $20.

Customer service

They offer 24/7 toll-free customer service via telephone. They can help you in English, Spanish or Portuguese, and they don’t offer live chat, the wait time is about 1 minute on phone calls and a few minutes for emails. Bovada covers all the major sports. They offering straight bets, teasers, if bets parlays, futures, and props on just about any sport. This makes Bovada one of the best Online sports betting sites.



BetOnline is great for sports gambling online in many ways, but especially with baseball. They constantly work to improve the online experience with their bonuses and other elements such as betting types.


BetOnline has a 50% signup bonus up to $1,000. There is also a 25% reload bonus eligible up to $1,000 and a $100 bonus for every friend who signs up and makes a deposit.BetOnline also has free play reload bonuses.

Deposit and Payment Options

You can make a deposit with Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, Diners Club cards or American Express. They also accept Moneygram or Western Union transfers, bank wire transfers, Bitcoin and Etherum deposits, checks, or you can send money from your Skrill account. Cherry jackpot casino no deposit bonus codes 2018. Offering so many options makes them one of the Best Sports betting sites.

The minimum deposit amount is only $10, which is the lowest you’ll find.

Customer Service

They have great, round the clock customer service. BetOnline has live chat, a toll-free phone number both can be reached 24/7 in English or Spanish.

Having separate email addresses for the casino, racebook and sportsbook is a huge plus in terms of getting results when you have a problem.

BetOnline is a great gambling site because they put lots of effort into their Racebook. They have a well-run blog that offers advice for gamblers of all skill levels and they really know how to keep novice bettors interested and coming back.


MyBookie is another place which offers Sports betting online. They are newer than the others but already have a great reputation online.


They 50% signup bonus up to $1,000, a 100% casino signup bonus up to $300. While the refer-a-friend bonus is only 10%, that can be offset if you refer high ticket customers to them. They also have a 3- tier loyalty program that offers free payouts, birthday gift cards, game seats, and more bonuses.

Deposit and Payment Options

Online Wagering Sites Bet

They accept Visa, Mastercard, Bank Wire, Check, and Person-to-Person Transfer for deposits. The minimum deposit amount is $50. You are allowed one free payout, then you’ll be subjected to a fee for each withdrawal.

Payouts are completed within 48 hours. This makes them a top sites out there.

Customer Service

Best Sports Gambling Websites

They offer a live chat customer service or you can call them 24/7, but they only support English. They are one of the newest betting websites, but they’re one of the top sites for Sports gambling.

These websites are Best Sports betting sites because they value their customers and constantly work to make improvements.