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Online casinos Germany Around half of German gentlemen are keen gamblers on the web, or at least have some experience in online gambling. Not just the vast number of brick and mortar casinos, but, too, the online casinos offering entertainment and wins online to German based punters, are the culprits. is part of Casino Nation, a global gaming and gambling network consisting of online casinos, igaming portals, news sites, video platforms, vlogs & blogs. The software and underlying technology of this website are provided by the company Vegassoft.

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Jun 23, 2020 The legislation in regards to online Gambling in Germany has changed several times over the years and is quite complex. Unlicensed gambling sites are and continue to be illegal, whereas online casinos holding a license from the German state Schleswig-Holstein are legal. At first, online gambling operators currently serving German players and willing to continue to operate in the market after its reorganization were told that they should refrain from offering online casino and poker products in the country until the law permits these. Responsible Gambling in German Casinos. Playing at an online casino should always be done responsibly. Here are the 5 things that should be taken care of while playing responsibly. Set a budget and abide by it. Once your budget has been exhausted, it’s time to move on.

On this page you will find only the providers whose Online Casinos are also available in German language. These German Casinos also offer their customer service in German, either by E-Mail, telephone or Live Chat. Live Chat means you can chat directly with the employee via chat box.

Best German Online Casinos

The German online Casinos listed here have some promotions and advertising programs in the offer, which are specifically directed to German or German-speaking players.

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The term “German Online Casinos” is a bit misleading because the Casinos are not located in Germany directly – for legal reasons – but offer the Software in German.

How to select the right German Online Casino:

  1. European competition law allows foreign online Casinos to market their offer in Germany completely legally and safely.
  2. German online Casinos do not exist, because in Germany no licenses are awarded to operators! The exception is currently Schleswig-Holstein.
  3. A good Online Casino for German players can be recognized by the European licenses, a German-speaking Customer Service and the reviews of other customers.
  4. Online casino winnings do not have to be taxed – neither in Germany nor in the country of the casino operator!
  5. If you feel safer and more comfortable when your Software is available in German, you are right on this page. In addition, this is another incentive to play with players from their own country. In recent years, more and more online Casinos for the German market have appeared on the net.
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The German Online Casino market is lucrative for the providers for many reasons, a circumstance that gives the customers many advantages, because this is the competition high and the offers cheaper than in other countries.

With strict regulation and a great industrial supervision, Online Casinos for Germany also have to be certified and licensed, so that no legal grey areas are entered. However, there are some things to consider when you want to play at a German Online Casino. How to calculate odds ratio betting.

“Deutsche” Online Casinos

There are countless online Casinos in Germany, but hardly one is really German. So how can you find a safe, customer-friendly, German Casino online?

In general, you should always pay attention to the Feedback and reviews of other customers when looking for German online Casinos.

Most online Casinos live by their Reputation, so that difficulties and problems are resolved directly. The best way to do this is to check on large comparison sites and independent test sites to see if the desired Casino has received negative contributions.

Seal of a gambling Commission and licensing-state of, under the stress also. A quick Google search for the owners of the casino can also be informative.

If you don’t feel like looking for a cumbersome search, you can simply choose a provider on our top list; all listed companies are tested by US and found as the best German online Casinos!

Good signs for safe, German Online Casino are also great partners. Credit card companies like Visa or virtual payment providers like PayPal are keen to work with reputable companies.

Legal situation for Online Casinos in Germany

Many players do not know at all whether playing in Germany is legal or illegal. Of course, it is important to know what Online Casinos mean to German citizens and what legal matters they can fall into. The legal situation around online gambling is somewhat complicated in Germany.

In general, it is not illegal to play at an Online Casino. However, it is forbidden for German companies to offer gambling online, that is to say, German online Casinos.

In general, the German state is entitled to a monopoly on gambling. The gambling monopoly includes Lotto, casino games, sports betting and Poker. This monopoly is maintained to reduce potential gambling addiction. Basically, this means that every company has to request a special license from the state to offer gambling.

Development of German Online Casino

  • 2004 – The European Commission presents a draft on the freedom to provide services of Online Casinos in the European area.
  • 2005 – Online gambling licenses are issued in Europe by Malta Gaming Authority and Gibraltar Regulatory Authority.
  • 2008 – Gambling state Treaty: prohibition of Online gambling offer over German companies, Online Casino and sports betting advertising.
  • 2011 – Schleswig-Holstein designs private law, and grants gambling licenses with a validity of 5 years for sports betting, Casino and Poker.
  • 2012 – Gambling State treaty is amended and adapted. Online offers are now allowed-but only limited by the state monopoly.
  • 2017 – Second gambling State Treaty was signed and thus a preliminary permit was granted to the 20 licenses previously granted until 2019.

The new state gambling treaty implies that even private providers can acquire licences for internet casinos, but no more than 20 licences are planned. However, it is not yet clear whether these new provisions are in line with EU rules because the 20 licences restriction is arbitrary.

How then can there be so many other German online Casinos online?

  1. Many Casinos receive licenses in Malta or Gibraltar
  2. Many reputable online Casinos receive a gambling license in Europe.
  3. These providers are mostly located in European countries (Malta or Gibraltar, for example), which issue very straightforward licenses.
  4. The European Union’s freedom to provide Services Act does not prohibit these Casinos from offering the game to German citizens.
  5. The foreign sides also offer much better odds because they do not have to pay any gambling taxes or profits.

“Deutsche” Online Casinos FAQ – frequently asked questions

Are Online Casinos legal in Germany?

Depending on this, the unfortunately somewhat inaccurate answer. In principle, the state’s monopoly on gambling prohibits the establishment of private online Casinos. However, in the second edition of the gambling State Treaty in March 2017, a quota of licenses was awarded. The future is still uncertain (as of 2018). But for them, the next question is more important.

Is it legal to play in Online Casinos?

Yes. There are restrictions and ambiguities only on the part of the German Casino providers. As a player, you are not guilty of any offense.

Do I have to pay taxes on casino profits?

No. Casino games gambling games, apart from Poker, and, to a lesser extent are, Blackjack, and winnings from gambling in Germany are generally tax-free.

Under which license does a German Online Casino operate?

Because of the unclear situation in many parts of Europe, virtually all Online Casinos have representations in the two places where there are no legal difficulties: Malta and Gibraltar. Outside Europe, the island of Curacao has a similar meaning.

Can I play from anywhere in German online Casinos?

No. There are countries in which German Casinos do not operate, meaning from there the website and the Lobby are not accessible. Which countries they are varies from Casino to Casino, but is specified in the respective terms and conditions.

Do I have to play in German online Casinos when I am in Germany?

No. The term “German” Online Casinos mainly refers to the fact that the Software is available in German.

How do you recognize good Online Casinos?

Good online Casinos have official licenses and are tested by independent institutes. Normally you will find the quotes at the bottom of the home page of each casino. If this is not the case, caution should be exercised.

Such an Online Casino doesn’t have to be bad, but there are plenty of others that are licensed and verified, so you should rather stick to one of them. You should also make sure that bonus offers and promotions, listen to fantastic, such as German Online Casino bonuses with no Deposit required. Some things are too beautiful to be true.

Are there any German online Casinos with no Deposit Bonus?

Yes. The same rules apply as for other Bonus Casinos. Search our Toplists: No Deposit Casinos

Germans have a love for gambling, exhibited by the fact that they are one of the largest gambling markets in the world. That’s why it is baffling that Germany has such restrictive laws regarding online casinos and other gambling sites.

Presently, online gambling in almost every form is banned in Germany, and those methods that are legal under the law are not available because the government hasn’t seen fit to issue licenses. These restrictions haven’t stopped Germans from gambling online and playing the games they love. Read our guide to German online casinos to learn how you can legally enjoy slots, blackjack, roulette, and other casino games.

Oshi Casino

Famous German Online Gamblers

Several of the top German poker players got their start playing poker online and some such as Fedor Holz continue to play online on a regular basis. Players such as Dominik Nitsche, Christoph Vogelsang, and even 2011 WSOP Main Event Champion Pius Heinz all started playing online and went on to become superstars in the live game.

Best 89 Online Casinos In Germany 2021 🌎

Learn more about Germany’s online gambling laws, the types of online gambling sites available and how to stay safe while gambling online.

German Online Gambling Laws

Online gambling in Germany is subject to the Interstate Treaty on Gambling (IGT) that was passed in October 2011. Under the IGT, 20 sportsbooks were allowed to apply for licenses, but the law explicitly bans online casinos and online poker rooms.

Presently, the only forms of online gambling permitted under German law are sports betting (with licensed providers), online horse betting and online lottery sales. Online poker is not allowed in Germany because courts have ruled poker as a game of chance and not skill. As such, it’s only available in live casinos.

Top German Online Casinos: 🥇 Best Online Casinos Germany 2021

Schleswig-Holstein passed the Gaming Reform Act (GRA) in 2011 and from January 2012 to February 2013 issued 48 licenses for online casino and online sports betting operations. However, the parliament decided to repeal the law in part due to conflicting with the Interstate Treaty. Since February 2013, Schleswig-Holstein has acceded to the Interstate Treaty.

Online gambling in Germany is a sticky subject because presently there are no licensed bodies permitted to offer sports betting, horse betting or online lottery. As such, online gambling is still illegal.

Betpat Casino

However, the Courts of Justice of the European Union issued an unusual ruling in 2016 stating that German authorities are not permitted to penalize or restrict international online betting sites, even if they do not hold a German license.

Online Gambling Operators In Germany

What this means is that while online gambling is technically illegal in Germany, the government cannot legally prosecute you for gambling online.