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  • Online sports betting tends to work the same in every state. Odds are, when it arrives in Wisconsin, it will function as it does in other states where it’s legal. Geolocation will ensure sports betting will only work if you are within state borders. So the minute you leave Wisconsin, you will no longer be able to place bets.
  • Legal Online Sports Betting Age in Wisconsin Provided that sports betting is currently illegal in Wisconsin, a legal age for this type of activity still hasn’t been voted. The issue of cannabis possession is treated likewise. Whether it be for medical or recreational use cannabis has not been legalized.
  • Online sports betting in Wisconsin is best done through the sportsbook found through BetOnline. This online bookmaker has been active for many years, and every year they continue to grow bigger and better. BetOnline is one of the leading online sportsbooks. They have a list of over 20 different sports available, and this list is ever growing.

Wisconsin is a state synonymous with blue-collar, down-to-earth people and values. Its largest city’s baseball team references beer-making in its mascot, and the fans of the only NFL football team in the state (whose mascot is derived from a meat-packing company) are nicknamed after the incredible amount of cheese manufacturing that occurs in the state.

So it should come as no surprise that there are several options for gambling in the state. However, it is not a free-for-all by any means. Gaming must exist in a specific set of circumstances, primarily on tribal lands. Wisconsin sports betting is illegal.

Wisconsin Legal Online Sports Betting, Laws And More Wisconsin sports revolves around Green Bay and Milwaukee, and locals are known to be diehard fans. Sports gambling is a popular market in the state as fans place bets on their favorite teams week to week.

Sweepstakes casinos in Wisconsin

Social casino options

With such extensive options in the state, the social casino side of things in Wisconsin is surprisingly anemic. Only one casino, Lake of the Torches, offers a Play4Fun network site where players can try the casino’s roster of slot machines (or similar ones) for free. It seems to be a good way to generate new customers — particularly young people who are newly legal to go to the casino. However, this is the only Wisconsin casino to take up that particular flag.

Otherwise, the options for social gaming in the state are much like those in other states. Slotomania, BigFish, Double Down Casino, and Zynga Poker offer players the opportunity to play their favorite (or sometimes, fantastical) slot machines or poker games without risking a dime.

Wisconsin players can also take advantage of the MyVegas app offered by MGMResorts. This allows customers to generate real-world comps for MGM properties and partners throughout the US. Although Wisconsin is not particularly close to most of these partners, the opportunity to create travel options does exist for the dedicated MyVegas player in the state.

Online gambling

Wisconsin’s gambling laws are like those in many states, in that there is no specific prohibition or allowance for gambling in the online sphere. As with many aspects of government, the law is slow to adapt to new technologies. Wisconsin’s gambling statutes offer a very meat-and-potatoes approach to the subject, so to speak. The fact that commercial casinos are not permitted would tend to make venturing online to gamble a risky proposition.

However, there may be a foot in the door through Wisconsin state representative, Tyler Vorpagel. He has fought for legal online fantasy sports and sports betting on a couple of occasions, but nothing has passed. His bill would have established a regulatory framework for operators to exist in Wisconsin and provide their services to all of the state’s residents. Overall, this represents a movement, at least from a portion of the electorate in Wisconsin, toward a legal framework for online gaming. So there is hope for the future.

Likely online gambling operators

FanDuel/DraftKingsUndisputed market leaders of daily fantasy sports industry;
Agreed to merger in November 2016;
Likely beneficiary of Rep. Vorpagel’s bill
Ho-Chunk NationWidespread land holdings throughout the state – not a single contiguous reservation;
Own/operate more casinos than any other tribe in the state
Forest County Potawatomi Indian TribeOwn/operate two casinos in Wisconsin;
Potawatomi Bingo Casino is largest casino in state of Wisconsin
Oneida Tribe of IndiansLargest tribe by population (by far) in Wisconsin;
Own five casinos or gambling outlets in the state

State casino operator history

Wisconsin’s history with regard to gambling is a decidedly conventional one. The state’s path to legalization mirrors the path of many other states. Like many states, its first foray into gambling was racing. Racing of any type has always been legal in Wisconsin, but wagering on the races, be they horse, dog, or car, was made illegal by a law dating back to 1897.

However, the siren song of easy tax revenue led to the introduction of numerous bills over the years to legalize wagering on races. To credit the fortitude from opponents of gambling, the bills failed for 90 years. To the credit of supporters of gambling, they never gave up. They were finally rewarded with a constitutional amendment in 1987 that legalized gambling in the state.

Normally, this would be a happy ending – but alas, even though five dog racing tracks eventually opened, all have now closed. Currently, the only news about racing in Wisconsin is questions about how to redevelop the former sites.

Around the same time of the racing legalization, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was passed into federal law. this act allowed federally-recognized Native American tribes to negotiate compacts with their states to build and operate full Vegas-style casinos on reservation lands. Wisconsin is home to 11 such tribes, and in good faith, the state government began to negotiate with the tribes soon after the bill’s passage.

Casino options

The arrangements reached during this period of time are responsible for the situation in Wisconsin today. The 11 tribes own and operate 22 casinos throughout the state. The nation with the greatest number of casinos (by far) is the Ho-Chunk Nation, which controls six properties. However, the Potawatomi Nation owns the title for the largest single casino. Their Potawatomi Bingo Casino in Milwaukee features over 3,100 slot machines, 100 table games, a large poker room, and all the comforts expected at a typical resort property.

Wisconsin Lottery

Finally, Wisconsin offers residents and visitors a chance to buy state and multi-state lottery tickets. The state began offering drawings in 1988. Somewhat unusually, the revenue from the ticket sales goes to property tax relief for Wisconsin residents. Almost every other state that offers a lottery ties the proceeds to funding educational resources.

Below are the tribes operating casinos in Wisconsin and the casinos under their control.

Tribes with land-based casinos

TribeCasinos Owned & Operated
Bad River Band of Chippewa IndiansBad River Lodge and Casino
Forest County Potawatomi Indian TribePotawatomi Carter Casino Hotel;
Potawatomi Bingo Casino
Ho-Chunk NationHo-Chunk Gaming Black River Falls;
Ho-Chunk Gaming Nekoosa;
Ho-Chunk Gaming Tomah;
Ho-Chunk Gaming Wisconsin Dells;
Ho-Chunk Gaming Wittenberg
Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians of WisconsinGrindstone Creek Casino;
Lac Courte Oreilles Casino, Lodge & Convention Center
Lac du Flambeau band of Lake Superior ChippewaLake of the Torches Resort Casino
Menominee Tribe of WisconsinMenominee Casino-Bingo-Hotel
Oneida Tribe of Indians of WisconsinOneida Main Casino;
Oneida Mason Street Casino;
IMAC Casino/Bingo/OTB;
Oneida Casino Travel Center;
Oneida One-Stop Packerland
Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians of WisconsinLegendary Waters Resort and Casino
Sokaogon Band of Lake Superior ChippewaMole Lake Casino
St. Croix Chippewa Indians of WisconsinSt. Croix Casino Danbury;
St. Croix Casino Hertel Express;
St. Croix Casino Turtle Lake
Stockbridge-Munsee Band of the Mohican TribeNorth Star Mohican Casino Resort

State legal environment

Permitted/Offered?Notes & Restrictions
Land-based GamblingYesTribal casinos only
Online GamblingNoFailed attempt to legalize in 2017
Charitable or House-based GamblingYesRaffles, bingo, and home games permitted
Minimum Gambling Age18 for bingo; 21 for casinos

Sports bettors in Wisconsin are searching for the best place to bet on their favorite teams, but are running into some issues. Wisconsin is one of those states in which gambling on the internet is actually, explicitly illegal according to state law. This prohibition, of course, extends to and includes the activity of online sports betting for Wisconsin residents, which essentially acts as a barrier against all sports betting. Wisconsin legal code similarly prohibits placing wagers on sports at physical locations within the borders of “America’s Dairyland.” However, there is some hope on the horizon for the Badger State, seeing as the many states in the US have successfully brought in legal sports betting after the repeal of PAPSA in 2018.

Now that PASPA is no more, the ball is well and truly in Wisconsin’s court. Whether or not the state legislatures at the capital in Madison are interested in tapping into the US sports gambling market, which has been estimated to be worth between $150 billion and $250 billion annually, is a different matter altogether. However, our goal to here to explain to you why this is the case, but we will also show you where you should bet if you are going to do so anyway. Luckily, there are still ways to bet on sports in Wisconsin without facing the law. There are a number of international online sportsbooks that are perfectly legal to use in Wisconsin. We will go over these books as well as the current landscape of the law in Wisconsin on this page.

Online Sports Betting In Wisconsin

Betting on the NFL in Wisconsin

Wisconsin residents know how much football means in the Badger State. The hometown Green Bay Packers are one of the most historic and beloved franchises across the entire American sports landscape. Nearly everyone from Wisconsin has some green and yellow apparel in their closet that gets busted out to root for the Packers on Sundays. The only thing better than rooting for your favorite NFL team is betting on your favorite NFL team, and with today’s online sportsbooks, it couldn’t be any easier. The NFL is one of the most popular sports in the world to bet on and online sportsbooks have thousands of game lines, futures odds, prop bets, teasers, and more ready to be bet on. Packers fans can place their bets from anywhere using their computers or mobile devices, even once the game has already begun. If you care too much about the Packers to bet on them then don’t worry, you can bet on any of the other games as well. There are infinite NFL betting options across the online sportsbooks that are waiting to be explored.

Legal Sports Betting Sites Accepting Wisconsin Residents

Despite the Wisconsin lawmakers not jumping on the legal sports betting wave, bettors in WI will find that there are various international sportsbooks that are ready and willing to accept Wisconsin players with no problem. The sites we have tested and reviewed here at SportsBettingWisconsin are among some of the safest and most reputable, as we have personally tried out each of them (in fact we play at them almost on a daily basis) in order to determine whether or not you can safely bet at any or all of them. These sites provide a fair and legitimate gaming experience when you want legal sports betting sites accepting Wisconsin residents.

Bovada - Bet On Sporting Events Around The World

If you want to start with the best of the best out of all the online offshore sportsbooks, then Bovada should be your number one pick. Bovada offers Wisconsin players the absolute best odds they can provide and it is extremely easy to use. If you want to make your bet, all you need to do is select the wager type and put down how much you want to bet. With about five clicks, you have placed your bets and are ready to make some money.

There are plenty of ways to get started with Bovada, but we have to recommend you check out their $250 Sports Welcome Bonus. For sports bettors such as yourself, you can receive a 50% bonus on your initial deposit for up to $250. All you have to do is sign up for your free account and make your deposit and the bonus will automatically kick in. this is great for new bettors because they will risk less of their own money as they get used to the site to place their bets on the Milwaukee Brewers or the Green Bay Packers.

SportsBetting - Lifetime Bonuses For All Deposits

50 free spins upon registration. If you want to know the odds on the Milwaukee Bucks sooner than anyone else, then Sports Betting is the sportsbook for you. SportsBetting is famous for letting you know what the odds are going to look like sooner than any other sportsbook. That gives you a huge advantage because it gives you an idea of how you might want to bet. Plus, the initial odds for the Bucks might be better than what SportsBetting will have before the game starts, so you can lock in your odds and earn more money that way.

There are plenty of deposit and payout options available as well. You can use your master or credit card to deposit your money, or you can use cryptocurrencies as well. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash are all accepted on SportsBetting. Wisconsin sports bettors know that cryptos are the way to go because of the minimal fees and how fast you can get money in and out of your account. Plus, there are plenty of crypto exclusive bonuses that are available at SportsBetting!

BetOnline - Play In A Full Casino While Your Bet Comes In

One of the best online offshore sportsbooks out there, BetOnline is here to make sure that you can get the best sports betting experience as possible. This website has odds on all the pro teams from Wisconsin and their Division I athletes as well. If that doesn’t sound like enough to convince you, BetOnline has one of the best live betting experiences you could ask for. With fast changing odds, live betting is an exciting way to wager on a game that is going on.

The real action takes place after the opening whistle and BetOnline has the bonus to prove it. If you are new to live betting and you are worried about losing your money to it, then fear no more. BetOnline offers you $25 in free play for live betting. That means that if your first live bet does not win, then you can email BetOnline and they will refund your bet for up to $25. The money will be sent to your account 48 hours after the email is sent. This means there is literally no risk involved with your very first live bet, so give it a shot!

Best Wisconsin Sports Betting Sites - 100% Trusted + Safe
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Is Sports Betting Legal in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has made online sports betting – as well as any type of sports betting in the state – completely illegal. Pretty much if it requires you to use an internet connection then it is, technically speaking, illegal for you to place wagers on your favorite teams in the Badger State. However, even though online sports betting is frowned upon, Wisconsin doesn't enforce these laws on the individual consumer level.

Rather, the state will go after any owners and operators of gambling sites or bookmaking operations based within the state lines. Since none of the betting sites listed here on this site are based in the U.S., they are outside of prosecution from the state of Wisconsin and are therefore safe to use. You don't have to worry about if you put money on the Packers on Sunday and then being arrested for it on just simply does not work like that. In fact, our extensive research on the subject has not turned up a single solitary instance of anyone having ever been arrested, much less charged and convicted, solely on the basis of their having decided to put some money on a sporting event in the Badger State.

Wisconsin Sports Betting & Gambling Laws

Sports betting in the state of Wisconsin is covered by one law that really complicates the whole affair of gambling. Wisconsin residents can see Chapter 945 of the Wisconsin State Statutes, specifically Chapter 945.01 (6), where a wire communication facility is defined as covering the Internet. Chapter 945.03 (G) is where it becomes illegal to use wire communications to transfer betting information. The violation of this law is not likely to be prosecuted against the player, but there is a possibility that you could end up getting into trouble for playing through these games.

Still, we recommend that you stick to a legal offshore sportsbook site like one of those we think are the best in business – Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, or MyBookie, all of which are 100 percent licensed and regulated in foreign countries and accept US players all the time with no legal conflict. If you do that, you should be fine as far as law enforcement is concerned.

How To Fund Your Wisconsin Sportsbook

Once you have decided on a sportsbook, it comes time to deposit your funds into your bankroll. All of the international sites we feature have efficient banking systems that are full of different options. There you will find common options like debit cards or bank wire in addition to things like paying with Bitcoin, and money orders. Bitcoin is an increasingly popular way to gamble online, especially with its rising value. Bitcoin also allows you to be fully safe and anonymous in your transactions, opposed to going through your bank. When choosing an option, the main goal should be to simply choose the best option that works for you. Each option comes with different benefits, like minimum and maximum limits, so it is important to fully understand each option.

Legal Gambling Age For Wisconsin Residents

While Wisconsin is one of the few states where online gambling is criminalized, they are also one of those states where other forms of gambling can legally take place beneath the age of 21. If you are 18 years of age, you can start taking part in the gambling options online or in the real world. In Wisconsin, that means you can enjoy several casinos, a state lottery, and other popular choices in the gaming world even if sports betting for Wisconsin residents remains a bit of a distant dream at this point. We get the feeling that, where the state’s lawmakers to make the most of the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the oft-derided PASPA, that the legal minimum age to place wagers on sports in Wisconsin would be 21, however, as a similar approach has been taken regarding the legal gambling age for sportsbook players in Las Vegas and elsewhere.

Mobile Sports Betting Sites In Wisconsin

Mobile sports betting sites in Wisconsin are interchangeable with the websites as they are the same operators. Sites and mobile applications rank number one for outlets that people in Wisconsin use to place wagers on sporting competitions. With today’s online sportsbooks, bettors can place wagers from any mobile device with internet access. Simply log on to the site from your device’s browser and you be automatically connected to the mobile version of the sportsbook. This mobile version has all the same features and functions as the desktop version, just in a smaller package. From your phone, you can browse all of the bets on the book and even access the live betting suite. Major books like MyBookie and BetOnline not only offer a vast amount of betting opportunities, but they also have great promotions and information regarding the competitions that bettors want to wager on.

Live In-Game Betting in Wisconsin

One of the biggest perks about today’s modern online sportsbooks is the ease and availability of live in-game betting. This is no different for Wisconsin residents, who have access to all of the live betting features of the international online sportsbooks. Live betting allows bettors to place wagers on any sporting event while it is happening in real-time. The live betting odds will change and adjust in response to what is happening in the game. For example, say the Packers were big favorites to win and go down early. The live betting odds would now offer the Packers to win at much better odds than before the game since they now have to overcome a deficit in order to win. With live betting, you can get great odds on favorites to win just by watching the game closely and getting in at the right time. This is just one example of the many live betting strategies that can be used to make some huge profits.

Land Based Gambling In Wisconsin

With plenty of gambling locations scattered around, Wisconsinites are not without legal gambling options in the form of physical casinos. There are no sports betting locations in Wisconsin, but those looking for a terrific time and casino experience can head to any online casinos in Wisconsin. However, as you will soon see if you keep reading our in-depth site about sports betting for Wisconsin residents, wagering on your favorite sports is possible right now if you use legal international sportsbook sites. Otherwise, you will probably be waiting a good long time for land-based casino sportsbooks to become available for customers in America’s Dairyland.

  • Bad River Casino
  • St. Croix Casino & Hotel
  • Isle Vista Casino
  • Oneida Bingo & Casino
  • St. Croix Casino Danbury
  • Little Turtle Hertel Express
  • Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison
  • Potawatomi Northern Lights Casino
  • Mole Lake Casino
  • Ho-Chunk Gaming Black River Falls
  • Menominee Casino Bingo Hotel
  • Potawatomi Bingo Casino
  • Ho-Chunk Gaming Tomah
  • Ho-Chunk Gaming Wisconsin Dells
  • Grindstone Creek Casino
  • LCO Casino
  • Mohican North Star Casino & Bingo
  • Ho-Chunk Gaming Wittenberg
  • Ho-Chunk Gaming Nekoosa
  • Lake of the Torches Resort & Casino.

FAQ About Online Sports Betting In Wisconsin

1) Wisconsin's gambling laws are rather ambiguous. How can I be sure the law applies to players and not those in the business of gambling?

As far as we can tell, gambling for the player is also a crime. We are not lawyers though, so our recommendation is for you to consult a real legal professional and get their opinion if you absolutely cannot rest until you know the definitive version of the truth about legal sports betting for Wisconsin residents. Our tip is to stick to legal offshore sportsbook operators at websites like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and MyBookie to stay out of trouble with the law.

2) Has anyone ever actually been arrested for gambling on the Internet?


Can You Bet On Sports Online In Wisconsin

Having never heard of anyone being arrested for gambling online in the state of Wisconsin, we can pretty safely conclude that you will not be arrested for gambling using an internet connection in the Badger State. Well, we should say that – if you were to be arrested for such as that – you would definitely be the first person to encounter such a misfortune. Honestly, we can pretty much guarantee that you will be alright.

3) With gambling on the Internet technically a crime in Wisconsin, can I actually withdraw winnings if I have some success?

If you take the risk and gamble online in spite of the legal implications, you can very easily cash out, yes. However, the best way to make sure you actually get your winnings is to make use of one of the many popular cryptocurrency banking options available through sites like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and MyBookie. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and – coming soon – Cardano are all accepted at these online gambling industry leaders, as cryptocurrency altcoins provide the ideal admixture of speed, reliability, and faultless security that serious sports betting enthusiasts in Wisconsin rely on to make the most of their hobby.

4) Is Bovada legal in the state of Wisconsin?

Bovada has not been specifically banned, and they operate under a legal license from the site’s home nation of Latvia, so we can conclude that Bovada is, therefore, a 100 percent legal site. It is illegal to play through them, however, if you live in Wisconsin, as the state’s laws do not technically permit online sports betting for Wisconsin residents, or even other types of online gaming either. Still, since nobody has ever been charged and sent to jail over internet-based gambling in the Badger State, and since sites like Bovada are based overseas (and outside US federal or state jurisdiction), law enforcement officials would actually not have much grounds upon which to base a case against you anyway.

5) My betting site requires me to be 21 in order to play. Does this supersede the state gambling age?

It sure does. You have to adhere to the higher of the two age requirements if you want to enjoy sports betting in Wisconsin, particularly since there are no legal land-based sportsbooks inside the borders of America’s Dairyland.

6) Where can I find the actual gambling laws in the state of Wisconsin?

You can find the Wisconsin Gambling Statutes here, and we strongly suggest that all our readers here at SportsBettingWisconsin read over everything carefully before deciding if placing wagers on sports over the internet is right for you. There is no harm in being fully informed on this subject.

7) Do federal laws actually ban online sports betting in Wisconsin?

No, but they give each state the right to actually ban online gambling if they so desire. This is actually a fairly recent development too, as the US Supreme Court only just overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) – the law that made that the rule – back in May of 2018. Before that, Wisconsin and 45 other states could not pass laws to regulate sports betting at all.

8) If I am just visiting Wisconsin, can I legally bet on sports if I am a resident of a state in which it is legal to bet on sports?

No. You may not actually bet on sports while you are within the borders of the state. You must use USA online sportsbooks if you want to bet on sports in Wisconsin. It’s kind of a drag, but those are the rules, and all things considered, this situation is not really as bad as it might seem, as legal offshore sportsbooks like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting and MyBookie offer better betting lines and far better selection than most land-based sports betting outlets anyway.

9) What if I am a resident of Wisconsin and gambling in another state?

Well, technically this is legal, but remember that in some cases a state crime turns into a federal offense if you cross borders with the intent to break the law. It is worth considering before you commit to going out of the state to bet on sports. Fortunately, if you stick to a legal offshore sportsbook site such as any of those we have profiled elsewhere in this guide you should be ok from a legal standpoint regardless.

10) Is it a felony or a misdemeanor to gamble online in the state of Wisconsin?


As a participant, you will generally be hit with a misdemeanor charge – if the state can actually prove you engaged in illegal sports betting over the internet. However, actually hosting a gambling site will generally slap you with a felony. If you follow these easy to remember rules you should be able to legally enjoy sports betting for Wisconsin residents at reputable offshore sportsbook operations such as Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting and MyBookie without running into trouble with the long arm of the law.

Read more about legal sports betting in the United States here. You will find a page on every state as well as detailed sportsbook reviews.