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Bingo Loto is a fun interactive game played every Wednesday evening in Estonia that gives participants the chance to win wonderful prizes for matching bingo numbers as quickly as possible.

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot (a gambling grand prize or payout) which increases each time the game is played but the jackpot is not won. When the progressive jackpot is won, the jackpot for the next play is reset to a predetermined value, and resumes increasing under the same rule. Looking for the best casinos with the highest Jackpot Bingo odds? We provide the top list of most popular casinos in addition to game info. Predict the result of the game making use of bingo odds and probabilities. Do not forget - your chances to hit a win increase when you follow tips. Bingo for cash prize – play enjoy and win money Written by orit levy - People play bingo for fun and to socialize, but one of the greatest.

Latest Result

  • 3
  • 7
  • 8
  • 10
  • 15
  • 23
  • 24
  • 25
  • 27
  • 34
  • 35
  • 37
  • 38
  • 39
  • 43
  • 46
  • 50
  • 51
  • 52
  • 54
  • 58
  • 60
  • 61
  • 62
  • 64
  • 66
  • 68
  • 69
  • 70
  • 72
  • 73
  • 74
  • 75
  • 2
  • 4
  • 11
  • 32
  • 33
  • 1
  • 14
  • 18
  • 20
  • 21
  • 29
  • 31
  • 36
  • 41
  • 55
  • 57
  • 63
  • 65
  • 71
  • 38

How to Play

To play Bingo Loto, choose 25 numbers from 1 to 75. You can either make your own selection or go for a random computer pick. Your numbers will be displayed in a 5 x 5 grid, with numbers 1-15 in the first column, 16-30 in the second column, 31-45 in the third column, 46-60 in the fourth column and 61-75 in the fifth column.

Bingo Loto costs €1 per game combination. Each ticket has either one or two combinations of your 25 numbers. Ticket sales close at 18:00 EET (17:00).

When the game is played at 18:30 EET (17:30), numbers are drawn randomly and players can watch on television. The game is played in three stages and the aim is to match the numbers drawn as quickly as possible.


Anyone who matches the four numbers in each corner of their grid within the first 33 drawn wins the lowest prize. Five more balls are then drawn, and players win a prize if they have matched all nine numbers to form a diagonal cross on their grid. In the final stage, balls are drawn until at least one player has matched all their numbers.

The jackpot is won if anyone can match all 25 of their numbers within the first 41 drawn. If nobody wins the jackpot one week, the target for the next week is to match all the numbers in the first 42 drawn. This increases by one every week until the jackpot is won.

Prizes are pari-mutuel, meaning they are calculated based on how many tickets are sold and how many players win at each stage. The table below shows what you need to do to win a prize at each stage and the odds of doing so:

Game StageNumbers MatchedHow Many Balls DrawnPercentage of Prize Fund
First4 (Each corner number)3335%
Second9 (Forming a diagonal cross, or X)3815%
Third25 (Every square)41- increasing each draw until the jackpot is won50%

Of the 50% allocated to the prize fund for matching all the numbers, 30% is set aside for anyone who wins the jackpot by matching all of them within the required number of balls. This rolls over to the following draw if the jackpot is not won. The remaining 20% is used to pay players who eventually match all of their numbers but not within the specified number of balls to win the jackpot.

For example, if you matched all your numbers in 41 balls or fewer, you would win the entire 50% of the prize fund designated for that tier. If you managed to match all your numbers in 42 balls or more, you would only win 20% of the prize fund. The other 30% of the prize money designated to that tier then rolls over to the next draw.

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Interesting Fact

The minimum jackpot is €100,000. If the prize pool is lower, the Estonian National Lottery’s reserve fund will be used to pay the winnings. The reserve fund will also be used to pay the minimum prize of €2 for players in the lowest winning group.

How to Increase Your Odds in Progressive Jackpot Games?

The Online Jackpot Score is a numerical rating that shows relative progressive jackpot growth in percentage with respect to its average hit value.The Scores allow you to compare current jackpot values and find the game with, probably, the best odds (expected return).Learn how to use Scores to win jackpots.

Score is a percentage of jackpot growth to it's historical hit values:

Odds Of Winning Bingo Jackpot Nba

  • Support a jackpot starts at $1000 (seed), and hits on average at $5000.
  • The average increase in the jackpot before it hits is $5000 - $1000 = $4000.
  • If the current jackpot is $7000, it has increased $6000 from its reset value.
  • The Score of the jackpot at $7000 is ($6000 / $4000) * 100 = 150.
The score means the jackpot has risen 150% to it's average hit level. Although there is no cap on the Score, values of over 400 are uncommon. We'd advice you start hunting for a jackpot from 200 - 250 Score level. See recent jackpot hits. Winning

Current Progressive Jackpot Scores:

Online Jackpot GameScoreCur. ValueTypeSoft Play
Island Caribbean Stud Poker3328$9,704.07CPWGS
Fun Fair Ride992€17,544.37VSSON
Diamond Valley573$410,674.58VSPT
Jackpot King Slots O Gold (EUCasino)541€1,082,559.36VSBG
Wheel of Wishes Major459$1,126,875.28VSMG
90 Ball (888Bingo)407£1,803.94B888
Esmeralda 8c395$90,581.16VSCT
Alices Wonderland (Playtech)352$304,618.39VSAG
Triple Twister (SlotoCash)352$9,380.50VSRTG
Dr Fortuno (Unibet)325€827.05VSYG
Caribbean Poker 888322$691,829.00CP888
Hall of Gods Midi (CasinoEuro)321€235,308.76VSNE
Halloween Treasures (SlotoCash)321$13,622.28VSRTG
90 Ball (WinkBingo)316£1,803.94B888
Mega Fortune Dreams Rapid (Unibet)314€2,542.30VSNE
Caribbean Stud304£95,055.92CPGS
90 Ball Nutty Ninety303£1,803.94B888
Game Show Bingo 25p292£14,911.79BGS
Megaquarium (SlotoCash)292$7,781.04VSRTG
Hall of Gods Midi (LeoVegas)291€164,455.67VSNE
Jackpot GT283£590,445.36VSAG
Small Fortune (SlotoCash)281$10,395.38VSRTG
Henhouse (Uptown Aces)276$9,032.41VSRTG
Achilles Deluxe (Uptown Aces)276$6,854.59VSRTG
Mega Moolah Mega275$13,537,730.85VSMG
Ozwins Jackpots Mystic (SlotsMagic)272£3,546.57VSYG
Ozwins Jackpots Apprentice (Cherry)270€989.93VSYG
Double Ya Luck (SlotoCash)265$3,796.51VSRTG
Wizard of Odds (WH Games)263£2,732,887.65VSOB
Fruit Fiesta262$58,535.61VSMG
Ozwins Jackpots Mystic (1XBet)261€3,049.10VSYG
Fairest Of Them All (WH Bingo)260*£1,864,615.77VSAG
Empire Fortune Diamond (Cherry)260€54,955.24VSYG
Streak of Luck 40c259$28,845.71VSPT
Multiplier Madness 3x258$495.24VSPT
Ocean Oddities (Fair Go)258$6,169.21VSRTG
Jackpot Bells $1258$109,188.29VSPT
Troll Hunters252€42,661.84VSPnG
Holmes and the Stolen Stones 3 (LeoVegas)246€4,036.81VSYG
777 (SlotoCash)245$6,217.33VSRTG
Roulette Premium242€18,946.81RPAF
Dr Fortuno (SlotsMagic)241€630.66VSYG
High Fashion (Uptown Aces)238$6,253.98VSRTG
Holmes and the Stolen Stones 4 (SlotsMagic)236€8,772.89VSYG
Super Pots Bar-X Pot 3235£12,004.13VSOB
Ri Ri Sheng Cai VIP Major235$24,246.04VSPT
Cyberstud Poker232$297,512.86CPMG
Double Ya Luck (Uptown Aces)229$2,464.14VSRTG
Holmes and the Stolen Stones 3 (Betsafe)228£2,778.15VSYG
Cash Bandits (SlotoCash)228$6,630.07VSRTG
Loch Ness Loot (Uptown Aces)228$5,742.98VSRTG
Holmes and the Stolen Stones 4 (Unibet)228€7,210.62VSYG
75 Ball Newbie Bingo225£1,158.39B888
Goddess of the Amazon224£419,955.48VSAG
Plentiful Treasure (Fair Go)224$11,411.39VSRTG
Redeem The Dream Major224€3,610.33VSNG
Ghost Ship (Uptown Aces)223$5,899.80VSRTG
Nature Bingo214€615.69BPAF
Poker Ride212$281,809.85CPMG
Funky Fruits212$3,133,012.55VSPT
Chests of Plenty (Playtech)208$537,548.96VSAG
Piggy Bank Luxury (Betsafe)208£2,767.61VSPnG
The Naughty List (SlotoCash)208$4,767.46VSRTG
Mega Fortune Dreams Rapid (Betsafe)207£1,373.88VSNE
Football Frenzy (Fair Go)207$5,329.44VSRTG
Purple Hot $1206$35,791.50VSCT
Jackpot Raiders Ancient (Unibet)206€8,841.71VSYG
Naughty Or Nice? (SlotoCash)204$16,126.48VSRTG
Vegas Millions Royal203£265,124.51VSAG
Hall of Gods Mini (Betsafe)201£1,708.83VSNE
Chests of Plenty (WHVegas)200£616,593.88VSAG
Money Miner Gold200€161,137.21VSGI
Football Frenzy (SlotoCash)197$6,205.68VSRTG
Fun n Games195€18,272.63VSPAF
Hansel & Gretel Ruby194$2,091.20VSMG
Mercy of the Gods (Betsson)193*€162,789.00VSNE
Fairest Of Them All (Playtech)192*$957,131.77VSAG
Bar Star Gold192*£63,011.33VSCoG
Jackpot Raiders Mythical (Cherry)191€2,493.88VSYG
Fishermans Jackpot187€17,232.61VSPAF
Reel Fruity186*£426,714.67VSmF
Ozwins Jackpots Mystic (Cherry)185€2,411.57VSYG
Gunslinger (Unibet)183£79,982.50VSPnG
Block Bashers (WH Bingo)182£1,216,442.26OAG
Jackpot Raiders Legendary (SlotsMagic)182*€270,699.94VSYG
Cat in Vegas181$526,960.58VSPT
Coin Coin Coin 20c181$10,879.19VSPT
Super Lucky Frog Lucky (LeoVegas)180€3,033.71VSNE
Juicy Booty180$32,438.27VSPT
Return of the Rudolph (Uptown)179$7,371.91VSRTG
Star Spins Blue Star179£37,908.87VSGS
Buster Safe179*£426,714.67VSmF
Which Witch179*£426,714.67VSmF
Hall of Gods Midi (Betsafe)177£145,148.19VSNE
Batman Jackpots Major177$102,354.64VSPT
King Cashalot175$1,296,957.23VSMG
God of Wealth (Uptown Aces)175$4,665.03VSRTG
The Elf Wars (Fair Go)173*$6,633.27VSRTG
Dragon Orb (SlotoCash)173$4,676.71VSRTG
Holmes and the Stolen Stones 5 (SlotsMagic)172€50,027.77VSYG
Mercy of the Gods (Cherry)171*€70,847.60VSNE
Mercy of the Gods (CasinoEuro)171*€70,396.57VSNE
Esmeralda $1170$908,153.96VSCT
Super Lucky Frog Super (NordicBet)170*€66,028.84VSNE
Grabba Dabba Dough (WH Games)170£5,865.69OOB
Let Em Ride169$165,948.00CPRTG
Genie Jackpots (EUCasino)168*€1,082,559.36VSBG
Winstar (EUCasino)168*€1,082,559.36VSBG
Mercy of the Gods (Magic Red)168*€63,794.85VSNE
Imperial Riches Major (1XBet)168*€3,659.33VSNE
Bejeweled Bingo167£66,598.89BGS
Ocean Oddities (SlotoCash)167$5,372.31VSRTG
Naughty Or Nice Spring Break (Fair Go)166$4,927.25VSRTG
Mercy of the Gods (Unibet)166*€110,678.27VSNE
Bouncy Balls165£1,132,045.45VSVF
Hall of Gods Mini (NordicBet)165€1,681.04VSNE
Who Wants to be a Millionaire (WH Bingo)165*£383,254.28VSAG
Ninja Fruits (InterCasino)165€8,296.00VSPnG
God of Wealth (SlotsPlus)165*$17,962.04VSRTG
Esmeralda 40c164$455,159.54VSCT
Pots O Luck 2 (WH Games)162*£5,626.10VSCT
Crazy Vegas (SlotsPlus)162*$16,399.92VSRTG
Jumping Beans (SlotoCash)161$5,329.16VSRTG
Mega Fortune Major (Paf)161*€191,994.98VSNE
Leprechauns Luck (Playtech)160*$2,801,272.29VSAG
Super Cubes (LB Games)160*£58,516.64OOB
Super Pots Bar-X Pot 4159*£41,993.58VSOB
Jackpot Raiders Ancient (SlotsMagic)159€6,692.64VSYG
Coin Coin Coin $1159*$189,103.60VSPT
Diamond Dozen (Fair Go)157*$8,340.31VSRTG
Hall of Gods Mini (EUCasino)157€1,592.74VSNE
Captain Cannons Circus of Cash (Playtech)156*$314,279.02VSAG
Sherlock Holmes156*€164,653.00VSGI
Dream Run (Fair Go)156$7,100.65VSRTG
Naughty Or Nice Spring Break (SlotoCash)156$5,518.82VSRTG
Mercy of the Gods (SlotsMagic)156*€46,137.19VSNE
Jackpot Bells $2155$140,344.65VSPT
Holmes and the Stolen Stones 2 (Unibet)155€701.86VSYG
Magic Slots $5154$209,313.48SPT
Mega Fortune Rapid (EUCasino)154€843.23VSNE
Jackpot Raiders Mythical (SlotsMagic)154€2,466.71VSYG
Time for a Deal (Unibet)152*€35,453.22VSAG
Divine Fortune Mega (1XBet)152*€46,377.63VSNE
Mega Pots Mega-X 1 (WH Games)150£1,721.27VSOB
Mercy of the Gods (LeoVegas)150*€50,016.85VSNE
Tritons Treasure (SlotoCash)148*$3,514.12VSRTG
Wheel of Wishes Wowpot148*$13,518,445.93VSMG
Adventures Beyond Wonderland147*$158,561.89VSPT

Game Types: S - Classic Slots, VS - Video Slots, VP - Video Poker, CP - Casino Poker, R - Roulette, BJ - Blackjack, B - Bingo & Lotto, O - Other Games.

Odds Of Winning Bingo Jackpots

Softwares: MG - MicroGaming, PT - PlayTech, CL - CryptoLogic, RV - Rival, 888 - RandonLogic (888), GS - GameSys, PG - PartyGaming, SL - Slotland, TG - TopGame, NM - Novomatic, NE - Net Entertainment, AG - Ash Gaming, OB - OpenBet, BG - Blueprint Gaming, CG - Cayetano Gaming, VF - Virtue Fusion, BS - BetSoft Gaming, GI - GTECH Interactive, SA - Saucify, YG - Yggdrasil, RG - Relax Gaming, PnG - Play N' Go, SON - Skill On Net, GG - Genesis Gaming, CoG - Core Gaming, iSB - iSoftBet, LG - Leander Games, CT - Casino Technology, mF - mFortune, NG - NeoGames.
* - Dynamic ScoreOdds of winning bingo jackpot - If we have not enough data to correctly calculate jackpot Score, we use dynamic Score formula. We suppose the jackpot is also hit at its current value to calculate the average hit value. This will eliminate artificially high Scores for new jackpots, where we have less than 4 hits.

The probabilities of winning a progressive jackpot are EQUAL on every spin, no matter how far the jackpot is grown. And that's the name of the game - the probabilities are equal but the rewards ARE NOT!

** - Triple Your Chances of Winning!

We track over 1,400 progressive jackpots. An average Score of all the jackpots is 73, while the top 10 of them have Scores of over 220 (3 times more). So, playing games with some of the highest scores will increase your JACKPOT ODDS at least 3 times, on average!If you see Score of 365, your odds are 5x times higher then avarage ones! The probability of hitting a jackpot is still the same on each spin, but your jackpot prize is 5x times higher.

The Score reflects odds of the progressive jackpot part of game's payout. With the regular winning combinations your total payback percentage on some games can be over 100%. So, we say the chances are 'at least' tripled.. Our recipe is pretty simple. Start from smaller jackpots with high scores and reasonable popularity. Bet max and play until hit!

Odds Of Winning Bingo Jackpot

Note: the correct Score calculation depends on the exact average hit level, that can be calculated with reasonable error (about 10%) if you have at least 10 hits. With dozens of recorded hits the error in Score will be 1% - 5%.