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AHTI Games… AHTI what?

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What does Ahti stand for?

One may be forgiven for thinking AHTI is an acronym for some international global corporation. But those of us who remember our Finish Mythology Lessons (no – me neither) may recall that Ahti is actually a Finish Sea God.


And this Sea God also happens to be the mascot of AHTI Games Casino.

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Gold coin blanks. But why use an ancient Sea God as the face of an online casino?

Ahti is of course a mythical character, based on Folklore.

So I guess if we can enjoy leprechauns and pots of gold at the end of rainbows in our casino games, then why not a sea god?

Cool – but how do you pronounce Ahti?

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Good question. I pronounce it as Ar-tee or Arty.

Why don’t I ever see Ahti Games advertised on TV?

While you may not have seen them on primetime, they do have Video Trailers for example on YouTube. Remember too, that focuses on newer and sometimes smaller casinos that you may never heard of before. Ahti Games falls in to one of these categories.