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How to bet the ky derby. Customer Service At Sportsbook - the highly skilled English-speaking customer service department is available 24/7. Not only are they fully staffed at all times but they have a number of different ways to contact the team including live chat. Best Site for Sports Betting.

Mybookie Customer Service Phone Number

I need help or advice.
I have deposited well over $15,000 on this site and now i have been trying to cash out for the first time since I have opened the account. I have been rejected multiple time, i contact their customer service(horrid) by phone and chat.
Their chat team disconnects the conversations multiple times and you are forced to start all over. Gave up and called, i spoke to a gentlemen who barely spoke english. I was transferred to his supervisor that spoke english but with a difficult accent. He was rude!!!!!!!
So according to them, when i signed up way back when the site gave me a signup bonus that i didnt request. No where on the sign up page did it mention anything about the rules. They say it was in the terms and conditions. 15x Rollover
When i signed up, i had them remove the freeplay, i did use $50 of it and waive the rollover.
However, when they removed the bonus, no one placed a note saying to waive the bonus. Now i am tied to this ridiculous rollover.
So no bonus play (minus $50 out of $1500), no payout.
I am thinking of disputing all my charges with my bank since they lied to me. Any ideas? I never win, and now i finally hit a parlay and cant get my money.