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Mint poker is located just off I-45 S (the Gulf Freeway), at NASA Parkway and Egret Bay Boulevard in the Clear Lake Area 18313 Egret Bay Boulevard, Suite A (FM 270), Houston, TX 77058 Located in the Marina Gate Center through the Atrium on the waterfront between Scout Bar and Rockey's Piano Bar CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS. About Mint Poker Dealer Position The primary responsibility of the Poker Dealer is to protect the integrity of the game being dealt. All duties are to be performed in accordance with Mint Poker.

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  • Interviews with frequent players at Mint Poker conducted by Stop Illegal Gambling Houston (SIGH) staff this week indicate numerous illegal gambling activities continue at Mint Poker, despite the demands in the December 2017 cease and desist letter from the City of Webster to Mint's owner Michael Eakman.

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Called The Mint for a reason, this IS the real deal casino clay poker chip from Claysmith Gaming - the chip of choice for many players in many places!

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This regal looking chip features four triangular edge spots surrounded by stick and edge markings, so it has a clean design that prominently features the dollar sign and denomination in the center of the poker chip.

This clay poker chip uses compression molding techniques to achieve its professional look and feel. The inlay is set upon a Claysmith Gaming 'gear wheel' molded poker chip and each one weighs approximately 13.5 grams. Ruby slots casino bonus codes 2017.

Part of the Claysmith Casino Clay line, this clay poker chip is of the highest caliber and is considered casino quality by any standard.

The Mint Poker Chip