Meaning Of Over And Under In Betting

What does 'over under' mean as a sports betting term? 'Over Under' refers to the betting line on the total number of a certain statistic — usually points or goals scored — in a sporting event, with. Instead, the bet depends on whether the combined amount is over or under a predetermined number set by the bookmaker. If you see a bet written as 45.5 o/u, for example, this means that the bookmakers have calculated the possibility of the combined scores of the two teams as being around 45.5.

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Betting on the over/under point total of a game is quite popular when making a sports wager. Bettors tend to really like betting on over/under because they don't really have a rooting issue for one team or the other, but rather offense or defense. It is one of the main ways to make a wager for any given match up and the over/under point's total can be found along with other game lines including the points spread + the moneyline (payout for a straight up win).

Meaning of over and under 1.5 in betting
  • Over/ Under 3.5 goals means you want either 4 goals (over) or more or 3 goal or less (under). Other Common Over/Under Goal Lines The Over/Under lines don’t stop there, as you can often regularly bet on a whole range of other similar markets.
  • Know that Over/Under bets are placed on the combined score of both teams and are much simpler to place. A bookie sets the Over/Under, and you simply choose if the combined score will be higher or lower than that mark. Over/Under bets are often less risky and complicated than other forms of betting.
  • A totals bet is a wager where you will predict that an occurrence will be over or under a certain threshold. You can probably guess why they are called over/unders now.

Below we talk about the different sports and explain how how to read sports betting odds when it comes to dealing with the over/under total wager option.

Super Bowl 55 Over/Under

Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 56.0 O/U

Looking at the Over/Under for Super Bowl 55 between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it is set at 56 points. What this means for those betting on the Over is, both teams would need to combine for more than 56 points. As for Under bettors, they would need to hope that both teams combined will not score 56 points or more. If they both score exactly 56 combined points, it will push the bet which would give bettors back their original wager.

How Does The Over/Under Betting Line Work?

When two teams are set to match up, oddsmakers will research both teams, their history, trends, previous meetings and a variety of other factors. After doing all their work an over/under point total will be released for the combined score of the game in questions. From that point, it is on the bettor to decide whether he/she thinks that score (total) will be 'over' or 'under' the oddsmakers' prediction. Simply pick the right side to get paid!

Meaning Of Over And Under In Betting Lines

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Now, this can be points in football games, goals in hockey and soccer, runs in baseball.. Ok you, get the idea, but you should know the concept of betting over or under comes into play when making team based prop wagers and individual player props. Instead of using points or score as the deciding number, prop-based over/unders will use all sorts of stats from the total number of turnovers in a given period of time, to the total number of rushing yards for a player.

When Can The Over/Under Be Wagered On?

The over/under total for a game is one of the staples over the game lines installed for every matchup. Bettors will have numerous chances to bet on the game total before the game, but even after game gets underway there will be other chances as well.

Game totals are installed with the point spread and moneyline, and typically there is plenty of time to check them out and get a bet in prior to the start of the game. But after the game starts, there can be different over/under totals installed for the game in increments. For example a football game with four quarters can have an over/under point total for each. Bettors could conceivably wagers on a total for every quarter or half in a matchup. That presents plenty of bets that can be made.

Live betting also comes into play. At different points in the game a live wager could reform a game total either higher or lower, with an adjusted payout. This is similar to an in-play betting line as well, with adjusted totals for in-progress matchups.

Betting On The Over/Under Totals For An Individual Team

Another type of over/under total bet is for the two teams involved in the game. This is considered to be a prop bet though and at most online sportsbooks will be in the team props, and not a part of the game lines. Those are reserved for the combined game total. Still, teams will be set with different over/under totals, which will closely relate to the game total on the game line plus the point spread. There are several variables that come into the formation of this betting line.

Understanding Payouts When Betting On The Over / Under

The payouts for an over/under total wager fluctuate but generally stay around even payouts for both sides of the bet. The times when the payout for an over/under will not be equal are usually when:

  1. One side of the wager is being bet on more than the other, however sportsbook operators will generally adjust the actual total to balance the wager instead of changing the payouts.
  2. The payouts typically tend to swing more when the total score cannot be changed because the wager is based on a low-scoring sport like NHL, MLB, soccer, etc.. When this occurs there can be sizable differences in payout

Example: Over/Under Total Points For Game - Over # Points (-105) / Under # Points (-125)

The numbers inside the parentheses indicate the payout. -105 shows this side of the wager pays $.95 for every $1 wagered versus -125 which pays $.80 for every $1 wagered. This basically shows the percentage paid to the house when the bet is won which is also known as 'juice'. If there are no numbers shown in parentheses both sides pay equally; usually -110.

Examples Of Total Wagers

NFL Over/Under

  • Dallas Cowboys vs. NY Giants: 44.5 o/u

Here in this example we have the Cowboys taking on the Giants. Oddsmakers have set the over/under point total for the two teams combined at 44.5 points. There are two options to take on this line. The over total, and the under total. For the over total to win this line, both teams would need to combine for at least 45 points. For the under total, 44 points or less scored and that side of the line wins. Get an explanation of NFL betting odds here.

College Football Over/Under + Total Wagers

  • Georgia Bulldogs vs. Tennessee Volunteers : 46.5 o/u

This Southeastern Conference showdown between Georgia and Tennessee has been installed with a game total of 46.5 points. This the total total number of points installed for the combined score in the game. The wager is made on the actual total going above or below this mark. For the over to win here, 47 points or more is needed between the Bulldogs and Volunteers. For the under to win, it's 46 points or fewer. Learn how to read college football betting odds here.

NBA Total Wagers + Over/Under Betting Lines

  • Miami Heat vs. Atlanta Hawks : 202.5 o/u

Flipping the total to be accurate for betting on NBA lines, the mark for this over/under total example has been set at 202.5 points. This is the combined point total for both teams in the matchup. The wager is made on the actual total from the game going over or under the installed line. Here, 203 points or more is needed for the over to win. On the flip side, 202 points or fewer and the under wins. There is no chance for a push with the half point in play.

Bovada Sportsbook - Best Sports Betting Site For Betting On The Over / Under

This is where Bovada shows its cards as the best site for many players to choose from. The Over/Under here on this site are clearly the best ones out there for players to pick. The scores are so close that when players do a little research, it is very easy to pick either the over or the under to bet on Bovada.

With different games and high scoring games in different sports, the over/under on Bovada is based on the success of the teams earlier in the season. This means that this over/under can change often so placing over/under bets on Bovada can be the most profitable especially when it comes to parlaying bets!

SportsBetting's Sportsbook - Lots Of Betting Odds When Betting The Over / Under's NBA expert picks provides daily picks against the spread and over/under for each game during the season from our resident picks guru. Nba over under betting tips. NBA Over and Under Betting Tips: Best Stats to Factor When Wagering Totals by - 7/29/2020 The NBA might be one of the hardest sports to turn a profit in by wagering on the totals.

Here is where betting odds on the over/under are just in favor of all players with an account with SportsBetting. This sportsbook is here for the players so that means that the odds that you will find are there for players to want to wager on. The better the over/under is, the more players will continue to sign up for accounts.

When you have an Over/Under set so high with two teams known for high scoring offenses, this means this that betting over could be very easy to do. In fact, when knowing that two teams like the Baltimore Ravens and The Kansas City Chiefs who are known for their high-powered offenses play each other, there is no doubt that the game will explode with points and SportsBetting has the Over/Under set up for players to win.

BetOnline Sportsbook - Best Sportsbook Bonuses And Promotions

BetOnline is just the site that has the best over/under totals and there is no doubt about it. These totals are favored for players to profit when picking these bets at the right time. Picking the Over/Under on a lot of games can be challenging if players don’t do any extra research on these teams. Here on BetOnline from past results, there are plenty players that cash big betting on the Over/Under total.

When it comes to creating the over/under total, these points are based on how a team has recently played and also the availability of the the best players on their team. The reason that you will get the best Over/Under total from Betonline is because as soon as any news comes out regarding a team, the Over/Under total is updated. Accuracy of the total is very much to winning huge and BetOnline makes sure to be as accurate as possible.

MyBookie Sportsbook - Players Often Play Over/Under Bets On MyBookie

There is no reason for players to not want to bet on the Over/Under totals here on MyBookie. The totals are always set up based on the teams that are playing no matter if one team is a lot better than the other. This means that even if a team is very good at scoring and the other one isn’t, there is a good chance this Over/Under will be based on the high scoring team.

The way that this is great for MyBookie player is very simple. This Over/Under total could really be affected when teams are going back and forth. The points scored can really increase if Team A , who is not known for scoring a lot, is trying to stick around and possibly pull off the upset. Paying close attention to both teams is important when placing Over/Under bets and once you have done your research, cashing on MyBookie shouldn’t be an issue at all!

If you’re searching for information about totals and over/under bets, you’ve
come to the right place. We’ve built this page to equip sports bettors with all
of the knowledge they need about these bet types. No matter if you’re brand new
to sports betting or an experienced bettor, we’ve got details below that will
help you walk away more knowledgeable on these popular sports bets.

In our detailed guide to totals and over/under bets, we’ll get things started
with the basics such as what these bets are and things that you can place them
on. Then, we’ll get a bit more detailed while talking about strategy for these
bet types and also giving you other valuable sports betting resources and FAQs.


For those of you looking to gather as much information as possible, we’d
suggest that you read this page from top to bottom so that you don’t miss
anything. However, if you’re looking to learn about a specific portion of
things, we’ve included some handy jump links below so that you can get directly
to what you’re interested in. Simply click on the one that you’d like more
detail on, and you’ll head straight there.

What Is a Totals Bet?
What You Can Bet On
Strategy for Totals and Over/Under Bets
Commentary on Different Sports
Additional Resources

What Is a Totals Bet?

Up first, we want to help you clarify one thing to make sure that you don’t
get confused. For the purposes of this page, we use the terms totals bet and
over/under bet interchangeably. In the sportsbook world, they both represent the
same type of wager. The reason for the difference is that in the United States,
it is often called a totals bet; meanwhile, the rest of the world usually calls
it an over/under.

With a totals bet, you’re betting on some numerical total that a sportsbook
has posted for a sporting event. In many cases, you’ll be betting in relation to
the total combined score of a game or match. With this type of wager, you only
need to decide one of two things. Your decision is if you think the total score
of the game will be higher or lower than what the sportsbook picked.

Here’s a sample for you. In an upcoming match between the Detroit Pistons and
the Los Angeles Clippers, a sportsbook posted a totals figure of 195 points.
What the sportsbook is saying here is that they believe both teams will have a
combined score of 195 points when the game is all said and done.

To bet this type of wager, you then have a decision to make. It’s up to you
to choose if you think the actual combined score will be more or less than the
figure posted by the sportsbook. If you believe that the score will be less than
195 points, you will bet the under on the game. On the flip side, you can also
bet the over if you believe that the two teams will have a combined score of
more than 195 points. For you to win this type of bet, you’ll need to pick the
over or under decision correctly.

One of the nice things about this type of bet is that you only have to make
the decision about total points. Luckily, it doesn’t matter which team wins the
game, nor which team scores the most points. All that matters to you is what the
combined total score is.

Below, we’ve included an image to give you an idea of how this type of wager
typically looks in an online sportsbook. Below, we’ll talk a bit about how you
can read and interpret this data. The image showcases real betting options on
NCAA college football games.

When checking out the snippet above, bring your attention to the right-hand
side of the image in the gold box section. It’s here that you can view the
information about the over/under bets for these games. For example, in the first
game listed between Texas A&M and South Carolina, the totals number posted by
the sportsbook is 58 points. If you wanted to bet on the total for this game,
you’d just select if you think it will finish up over or under 58 points.

It’s also worth bringing to your attention the second game listed between
Wake Forrest and Louisiana Monroe. First, the total for this game is lower than
the first game. However, it’s also using a half-point figure. With the total by
the sportsbook having been listed at 45.5 points, that means if you bet the
over, the combined score will need to be 46 points or more. Conversely, betting
the under will mean that you’ll need the final scores to sum up to 45 points or
less to win.

In the next section, we’ll give you some color on the different types of
betting options that you have to use this type of wager.

What You Can Bet On

Many folks mistakenly believe that you can only bet on final scores with
total bets. While that is what they are most commonly used for, there are plenty
of other options that you can use this type of bet type for.

As long as it’s something that can be counted, there’s a good chance you may
find a totals bet available for it. For example, you can bet on the total number
of yellow cards in a soccer match. Similarly, you can also bet on how many
birdies will occur during a golf tournament. Another good example is betting on
the total number of home runs that will happen during a game of baseball.

As you can see from the samples above, there are lots of different things
that you can place totals bets on. We mention this to you here so that you look
for these other totals betting options. Adding in these options outside of the
final score betting can be a great way to diversify your over/under betting

Strategy for Totals and Over/Under Bets

If you’d like to get a bit deeper into totals and over/under bets, we’ve also
developed a strategy guide for this bet type. On this page, we’ll dive deeper
into the best practices you can use when placing wagers. Specifically, we’ll
talk about sucker bets, key numbers, and pricing. If you’d like to see how you
can strategically elevate your totals betting game, don’t miss the link below.

Commentary on Different Sports

In this section, we wanted to provide you with a little bit of color specific
to some different sports. If you’re new to betting totals and over/unders, this
will give you a general idea of what to expect for these sports. It’s important
to note that each sporting event should be viewed independently. However, using
the information below, you’ll be able to recognize when something is outside of
the usual pattern of what is typical for these sports.

NFL Football

When it comes to betting on totals on NFL games, things are pretty
consistent. The reason for this is that in most cases, the NFL teams are pretty
well matched. Since the NFL is a professional league, you don’t find too many
instances of one side completely dominating another as you do in other leagues.

On average, the typical totals line for a game will be around 41 points. If
you find a line that is lower than this, that means that you have two strong
defensive teams facing one another. Conversely, lines higher than this mark
often will signal two offensive powerhouse teams facing each other.

NCAA Football

Unlike NFL football games, not all NCAA college football games are between
well-matched opponents. If you’re a fan of a top team like Alabama, then you’re
very familiar with the fact that there are some hard games, and there are some
cake walks. Traditionally, the Homecoming games are always scheduled against an
easy opponent that won’t be difficult for the home team to beat.

Because of the inconsistency with the level of teams playing one another, the
totals line of college football games will move around much more than the NFL.
Be sure to keep this in mind if you plan on betting totals on NCAA football as
there will be large variances depending on who is playing.


When it comes to hockey, the totals line tends almost always to be the same.
In general, you’ll find a line around 6.5 goals for most hockey games. If you
find a totals line significantly varied from this amount, be sure to dig in and
see what’s causing it. Either you have two very well-matched teams (if the line
is lower) or you have a dominating team playing a very weak one (if the line is


Soccer is another sport like hockey where the totals line is nearly always
around the same figure. On average, the line on soccer games will be around 2.5
goals. With soccer being such a low-scoring game overall, it’s rare to see it
get much higher than this.

Additional Resources

In addition to all of the helpful information we’ve provided above, we also
wanted to bring you some other useful resources related to sports betting. If
this is your first time using our site, you should know that we have built this
site to be your go-to stop to learn more about gambling. Be sure to check out
our additional guides below and check out the ones that can help you step up
your sports betting skills and knowledge.


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Totals and over/under bets are just one of many different types of sports
bets that you can place. If you’re looking to expand the types of bets that
you’re making, then don’t miss our guide on the different types of bets. Using
the link below, you can learn about all available bet types and see which of
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Many of you may be new to sports betting in general. For those of you, you
don’t want to miss our beginner’s guides on sports betting. In the two guides
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to understand to start placing wagers. Simply click on the links below to begin
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Once you’ve got a good handle on the basics, your next stop should be our
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read the two guides above, but it’s also a good starting point for folks with
some experience betting on sports. In this guide, we’ll go deeper into the
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If you ever come across a sportsbook using an odds format that you don’t
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this page, you can convert odds from one form into one that you prefer. By doing
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Frequently Asked Questions

We didn’t want to wrap things up without leaving you with some frequently
asked questions relating to totals and over/under bets. Below, we’ve gathered up
some questions that we regularly receive on these types of sports bets. If you
still have some questions after checking out our guide above, we hope that these
will assist you.

Are totals and over/under bets good for beginners?

Yes. These types of bets are some of the ones that we suggest beginners use when starting their sports betting adventure. Along with totals, it’s also good to use win and spread bets if you’d like to use more than one bet type. If you are a beginner, we’d suggest that you stay away from more advanced bets like parlays and permutation wagers until you have a good grasp of the more basic bet types.

How much should I bet on a totals bet?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy answer here that will work for all individuals reading this page. How much you should bet for any totals bet will depend on many things. Samples of what you’ll need to factor in are the size of your betting bankroll, your risk aversion, and your knowledge of the sport you’re betting on.

Meaning Of Over And Under In Betting Nfl

If you don’t have a bankroll management plan established yet, that’s something you should do as soon as possible. We’re big believers in using these plans to help you strategically decide how much you should bet on any wager. These plans will help you calculate an exact amount of your betting bankroll that you should risk. If you’d like to read more about bankroll management and see how you can make a plan of your own, be sure to check out the link below.

What if a game goes into overtime? What happens then?

As with moneyline and spread bets, totals and over/unders also account for the total final score of the game. Anytime that a sporting event goes into extra innings, overtime, etc., the points scored in the additional periods will all be factored into the final calculation on the totals wager.

What is a push?

With totals betting, it is possible for your wager to end in a push. For this to happen, the total final combined score of the game has to be precisely the same as the totals line set by the sportsbook that you placed your over/under wager on.

Here’s a sample: let’s say that your sportsbook set a totals number of 49 points on an upcoming game between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys. If the final score of the two teams combined ends up being precisely 49, your wager will result in a push since the actual result was neither over nor under what the sportsbook posted.

If you ever have a totals bet push, the sportsbook will end up refunding your stake. Essentially, you and the sportsbook have tied, so there is no reason for you or them to get paid on the bet.

Meaning Of Over And Under In Betting Sites

For a push to happen, the number posted by the sportsbook has to be a whole number like 35, 40, etc. When you come across a published totals number that includes a .5, a push can never happen. For example, if that same sample game above between the Packers and the Cowboys was posted as 49.5, a push is impossible since it’s impossible to score half a point in a football game.

What are the payouts for totals bets?

Typically, over/under bets will have the standard moneyline rate of -110 associated with them. In this scenario, you’d win $100 for every $110 that you wager on the bet if you pick it correctly. This is especially true for major sports like football and basketball. However, payouts can vary on these types of bets.

A sportsbook may decide to post a payout different than the standard -110 when they need to shift more funds to one side of a wager. It’s not uncommon to see some at -105 or other values depending on how the sportsbook is working to hedge their bets.

Over And Under In Football

Certain sports also tend to see higher payouts than -110. For example, both tennis and MMA fighting often have stellar payouts associated with their over/under bets. Ultimately, be sure to check out what the payout options are for any totals bets that you’re considering making.

Meaning Of Over And Under In Betting Terms

If you’re still searching for more answers, we’ve got you covered. In
addition to the list of questions above, we’ve also built out an entire page
dedicated solely to sports betting FAQs. On this page, you’ll find a vast
collection of questions and answers. If you’d like to view this page, click on
the link below.


Hopefully, you’ve gained all of the information and details that you needed
relating to totals and over/under bets. If this is the first time you’ve visited
our site, be sure to look around and see all of the other helpful resources that
we have to provide. We’ve built this site with the goal of helping gamblers of
all types and experience levels to elevate their betting game. This page is a
just a drop in the overall bucket of the other resources you’ll find here.
Thanks for reading, and best of luck with all of your future totals and
over/under wagers!