Mastercard Gambling Restrictions

Mastercard Gambling Restrictions

The change the Gambling Commission is making from 14th April 2020 applies to all credit cards. First direct has additionally decided to support the Gambling Commission’s objective of reducing gambling harm by blocking any transactions made using our credit cards where we know or suspect they are for gambling purposes. Other card issuers may have different plans. 3 Summary of responses. 3.01 We put forward two alternative consultation options, both aimed at protecting consumers from harm from gambling with credit cards. One option was to ban their use, the other was to introduce limits or restrictions on the use of credit cards for gambling, short of a ban. You’d like to avoid this fee, look for credit card gambling sites that don’t charge them, or consider depositing via another banking method that doesn’t have expenses associated with it. Gambling Restrictions. Certain banks issuing credit cards have restrictions relating to their cards being used for online gambling. Compliance framework set forth in Chapter 2 of the Mastercard Rules manual (“the compliance framework”), unless otherwise specified in the table below. The noncompliance assessment schedule provided in the compliance framework pertains to any Standard in the Security Rules and Procedures manual that does not have an established compliance.

No gambling online with Capital One credit cards

For those Canadian players out there I wanted to make a little post regarding Capital One credit card users. While depositing with a major credit card like Visa or MasterCard in Canada is usually as easy as entering your credit card numbers, Capital One has made it next to impossible. This is due to the fact that although they offer their credit services in Canada, they are an American company. This means that any transactions to gambling related websites will be declined due to the UIGEA ( Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act ) that was signed into law by Mr George W. Bush. ( Thanks buddy for not bothering to read before you sign btw )

I spoke to Capital one and asked why Canadians were being affected by laws made in the USA and the reply was simple. We are bound by the laws set forth by the US Government. I had no reply other than “not cool” because they are simply covering their own assets by obeying the law. Google calendar time slots.

There are still many options for Canadians who use Capital One though. CIBC has a visa-debit card that allows you to take money direct from your account and spend it online. Their debit card acts like a visa card and is accepted at all online casinos that accept major credit cards.

Does Mastercard Allow Online Gambling

Ecocard is a great alternative which allows the use of your credit card to deposit funds to their E-wallet. Read more about this method.

ECheck – If you would like to deposit at the casino direct from your bank account Echeck offers instant game play with just a few clicks. Read more about ECheck

ClickandBuy is another option this is very popular with Canadians. I signed up today and felt it was fairly easy to set up. You can instantly fund your ClickandBuy ( link opens in new window ) account with your bank account or debit card or any other service other than Capital One. It takes a couple of hours for the confirmation process but still worth setting up. However it seems hit and miss when using a Capital One credit card.


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Why can’t I use my credit cards for gambling transactions?

Mastercard Gambling Restrictions

Starting 14th April 2020, all UK licensed gambling operators can no longer accept credit cards for gambling. This step was announced by the Gambling Commission on 14th January 2020, with the aim of protecting consumers against the financial impacts associated with the use of credit cards for gambling. To support this, we are making changes to restrict the use of first direct credit cards for gambling, where gambling businesses continue to accept them.

To help you keep in control of your card spending, you can turn off gambling transactions on your debit card by using the App. To find out how to do this and for our FAQs see our Gambling support page.

What transactions does this change impact?

This change only impacts transactions made using credit cards, where the transaction is categorised as gambling.


How does the gambling restriction on credit cards work?

Bookies That Take Credit Cards

Businesses that accept payment by credit card are categorised depending on the type of goods or service they provide (this is done by Mastercard and Visa, and not by first direct.) If we know a credit card payment is for gambling purposes because of the way the merchant is categorised, it will be declined. We can’t guarantee we’ll be able to block all gambling transactions, for example, some lottery tickets are sold through supermarkets and other retailers, so may not be identified as gambling transactions.