Lucky Pusher Win Real Money

After having some time to play it, I am now ready to bring you a Lucky Pusher review.

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Lucky Pusher Win Real Money

An app that claims you can cash in big.

However, is that even real, and are any of its users earning money.

My expectations coming into checking out the app hit rock bottom, though.

That was after finding out that they are by the same company that is also managing fellow apps Plinko Master and Lucky Plinko.

Lsbet casino. Let’s get right into the review and see if Lucky Pusher can prove you wrong and me.

Lucky Pusher Review Summary

  • Owner: Shape Keeper LTD
  • What Are They?: Free Cash App
  • Cost: Free
  • Verdict: Scam
  • Recommended: No

What Exactly Is Lucky Pusher?

So firstly let me say that Lucky Pusher is an app owned by Shape Keeper.

A company that is known for making free cash apps.

There are 16 of these games under their name, and that does seem to be growing as they release more.

This game has a similar concept to Hyper Plinko, Brick Buster, Lucky Plinko, and Plinko Master, where you are sending something down in-game and getting a reward at the end.

In Plinko, there are brackets at the end where you can collect money, whereas, with this game, you send gold and dollar coins and get money whenever they are pushed off the edge.

The familiar theme with easy to understand games continue with these creators.

However, also a similar issue arises with the lack of people getting paid.

Looking at Shape Keepers previously launched games, they all get plenty of visitors, averaging between 100k installs and 5 million per game. Even the reviews are keeping within the lower 4’s.

But with no one getting paid, it is a big mystery on how these games always seem to have good looking stats and reviews.

Now while most making money apps don’t payout, there are games and specifically coin pushers ones that do, a good example is an app called Coin Dozer.

Getting Started

I expected pretty much the same experience the third time around.

The app is small in mb’s, which takes a few minutes to install.

But once you’ve done that, you are taken through a brief tutorial of Lucky Pusher and how it works.

Whenever you play a game or even sign up to an extra income site, you expect to make an account.

However, it’s not needed here, meaning you do need to be careful when doing updates as you could easily lose your progress.

This is something I have seen a lot of users complain about.

I have seen people moan about missing money or starting the app to seeing a reduction in their balance totals.

With no accounts, it can make this complicated as you can’t even contact Shape Keeper about this.

This is similar to apps in:

How Does Lucky Pusher Work?

I’ve played the game for a while now.

Not enough to have my time wasted mind you and only so I can produce this Lucky Pusher review for you.

So I started playing, and just as you expect, you find it very easy to make a few dollars in the space of a couple of minutes.

After about 10 minutes, I had $12.92, and I never needed to break a sweat.

Here is a look at my earnings so far.

As you can see, you have a convey belt that is similar to other apps on the game store and can also be compared to the game show The Tipping Point.

Your aim is to drop down coins and knock off the dollars, and the gold coins of the convey belt.

At the start, there is a high drop rate of cash, which is why I racked up so much in so little time.

But you can only imagine as you play more the rate gets lower and lower to the point where you earn nothing for days.

That is going off the pattern of the other games made by the developers.

So if your someone who is getting close to the cash-out and struggling, it will reassuring to know that it’s not you but likely an algorithm in place.

How Do They Pay?

In the tutorial, you are shown the rewards you can earn.

What popped up was a $100 PayPal reward and a $2 Amazon reward.

You can view these reward options by clicking on the shop button.

Just as it sounds, you need to earn $100 to get a PayPal payment.

If you want to get the Amazon gift card, you will need to stretch a limb and earn 1 million tokens.

From my experience, getting tokens is easier, and you’re more likely to get paid.

But whatever you choose to pursue more, you are unfortunately going to have put in many hours.

Which is something I would not recommend for only $2.

What You Need To Know

1. Pushing Too Many Ads

Lucky Pusher Win Real Money Hack

Lucky Pusher does push far too many ads in front of you.

This leaves you confused about whether you are watching TV or playing a game on your phone.

From playing the game, I was cut out multiple times to be taken to an unskippable ad.

I spent some time reading the reviews, and it does look like I am not the only one.

These reviews are good representations of an experience you will have with Lucky Pusher.

Constant ads and getting so close but yet so far to the cash-out.

2. Waste Of Your Time

Now I will admit the game is quite fun and got me playing more then I intended too.

However, that doesn’t escape the fact that its a waste of time.

Primarily since it revolves around you winning rewards.

The app has been live for nearly a month now, and frustratingly there are no payment proofs.

Does Lucky Pusher Actually Pay

This tells you everything you need to know.

Can You Win Real Money On Lucky Pusher

Not only will it take you months to get to the cash-out, but of course, along the way, you will waste far too much time.

It’s not worth it because that’s the time you need to put in for a $2 gift card.

Lucky Pusher Review

With no proper support team in place, your not even guaranteed that money either.

But months in return for so little, you could get your worth elsewhere.

For instance, if you completed surveys, you could have that amount in less than an hour.

Which I don’t even need to say is much better for you.

Even better you create an online business that would give you even more value for your time.

But if you want a list of reward sites that will give you opportunities to earn on the day you join, you can check these out.

Can you win real money on lucky pusher


I will give it to you straight the game, and the concept is fun and is similar to games I have played in the past.

However, Lucky Pusher is an app that claims to pay you lots of money but fails to live up to that.

Coin Pusher Games Free Online

Just look at this image from the advert.

You probably think that is from another app or maybe a YouTube video.

But that is literally a screenshot from the Lucky Pusher I got shown while playing another cash app.

Talking about false expectations, this one took it too a whole new level by showing thousands of dollars in front of your eyes.

I would take it easier if they paid at all, but that doesn’t seem the case.

As not only are you not getting thousands, but so many people aren’t even getting the $2 gift card.

So to wrap up this Lucky Pusher review, I’m putting them in the scam section and also do not recommend you try them out if you want to earn money.

Have you played them? Had any luck with the game?

Let me know down in the comments section below.