Liverpool Rummy

Phase 10 is somewhat like Uno but is more closely related to Liverpool Rummy. In Phase 10, there are 10 different matches or phases that must be fulfilled in order to win the game. This game was invented in 1982 by Kenneth R. Johnson and is now sold by Mattel. David Parlett suggests that Contract Rummy card games followed on from Contract Bridge which was popular in the 1930's. Other names for Contract Rummy include Shanghai Rummy, Liverpool Rummy, Joker Rummy, Progressive Rummy, Combination Rummy, King Rummy and Continental Rummy.

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Liverpool Rummy 2 Players

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Liverpool Rummy Rules

Liverpool Rummy is a variation of Contract Rummy. The principal differences between Liverpool Rummy and Contract Rummy are:

  • There are only six rounds (deal number seven is eliminated).
  • Ten cards are dealt to each player in every deal.
  • The contracts must be met exactly: 3 cards for a set, and 4 cards for a sequence.
  • The number of jokers is increased to two per deck (rather than one per deck).
  • In deal number 6, the player must meld a complete hand at once; there are no extra cards.

For the remainder of the rules, refer to the Rules for Contract Rummy.

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Liverpool Rummy Rules

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