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The Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is one of the most exciting and explosive young quarterbacks in the game.

Lamar Jackson, who opened at 50-1 last year, unanimously won the 2019 MVP following his dynamic season in which he and the Ravens achieved terrific regular season success. Jackson is not the favorite for 2020, though, as oddsmakers make the 2018 MVP and Super Bowl 54 MVP Patrick Mahomes the man to beat. 2020 NFL MVP Odds Top of the Board.

He can throw and run, essentially he can do it all.

  • After skeptics questioned whether he could even play quarterback in the NFL, Lamar Jackson has captured the attention of oddsmakers and now has the eighth-lowest odds to win the MVP award. Caesars Sportsbook reduced Jackson's odds from 50-1 to 18-1, following his five touchdown passes in Baltimore's 59-10 rout of the lowly Miami Dolphins.
  • Following Week 1, Jackson's MVP odds took a great leap. Jackson began the season with odds hovering from 50-1 to 41-1, but after his strong showing those have changed to the likes of 18-1 and 25-1, respectively, according to multiple oddsmakers.
  • Lamar Jackson will let you choose how he beats you Jackson’s odds to be the MVP have improved from 100-1 entering the season to 40-1 after Week 1 to 5-1 as of Wednesday, according to Nick.

Lamar Jackson Preseason Mvp Odds

This is precisely why he was named the 2019 NFL MVP.

Can Lamar Jackson win another NFL MVP award in 2021?

Yes he can, and here is why.

1. Quarterbacks Won In Recent Years

When the running back was the most dominant player in the NFL offense, he was a more viable candidate.

Emmitt Smith is an example of that.

We are now in the age of quarterbacks being more focal players and either earning glory or disdain.

The 2020 NFL MVP is Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers; this is his third time earning the distinction.

Jackson won in 2019, and the year before Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes won the 2018 MVP award.

Lamar jackson mvp odds before season

In fact, Adrian Peterson in 2012 is the last non-quarterback to win the award.

Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, and Peyton Manning were winners in the 2010 decade also.

The odds are very good that a quarterback will win the 2021 NFL MVP award.

Since Jackson already won, his odds are even better.

Speaking of odds, oddsmakers are already speculating on who next year’s MVP will be; Jackson is definitely in the running.

Odds to win 2021-22 NFL MVP @WilliamHillUS 📊

+450: Patrick Mahomes
+700: Aaron Rodgers
+1000: Josh Allen
+1200: Russell Wilson
+1500: Lamar Jackson, Tom Brady
+2000: Justin Herbert, Kyler Murray, Dak Prescott, Deshaun Watson, Matthew Stafford
+2500: Ryan Tannehill

— The Action Network (@ActionNetworkHQ) February 24, 2021

2. Statistics Help To Make The MVP Case.

For Lamar Jackson to win the 2021 NFL MVP, he needs to have great statistics.

Lamar Jackson Mvp Odds 2019

Aaron Rodgers threw 48 touchdown passes and rushed for 3 touchdowns during the 2020 regular season.

Rodgers’ 51 touchdowns eclipses Jackson’s 2019 numbers.

Jackson threw 36 touchdown passes and rushed for 7.

When Mahomes earned the honor, he threw 50 touchdown passes and rushed for 2.

Though Lamar had 43 in his MVP season, it looks like the quarterback needs over 50 touchdowns, through a combination of passing and rushing, to have a legitimate chance to nab the honor.

3. Big Wins Over Top Tier Teams Improve Jackson’s Chances.

In 2020, the Pittsburgh Steelers were the best team in the Ravens’ division, AFC North.

The Ravens lost both of their matchups with the Steelers.

Of course, the pandemic and Jackson’s own bout with COVID-19 contributed to these results.

However, the point remains.

To be considered NFL MVP, the player must have big games against good opponents.

It means more than wracking up numbers against the lesser-talented opponents.

Jackson’s AFC North is division is becoming increasingly competitive.

Three of the four teams made the playoffs in 2020.

And the fourth team, the Cincinnati Bengals, is definitely up and coming.

Jackson will have a lot of tests against formidable opponents in 2021.

For Jackson to repeat as NFL MVP, his performances against these division foes must be top notch.

Concerns About Lamar Jackson And Baltimore Ravens

There is the perennial injury concern for Lamar Jackson given his tremendous mobility.

The other concern is his lack of a supporting cast.

Jackson lacks big name backs and receivers to help spur the Ravens’ offense.

Casino rewards bonus codes. Also, the Ravens lack money, their salary cap carryover is the worst in the NFL.

The League average is just shy of $10 million, and the Ravens are at $587,000.

A look at the salary cap carryover for 2021:

— NFLPA (@NFLPA) February 19, 2021

All of these factors could impede Lamar Jackson’s individual success.