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Those who live by the sword have long awaited another game in the tradition of Golden Axe. Imagine a combination of Golden Axe and Magic Sword, but with only the weaker elements of each. That's King of Dragons. This game boasts a lot of mindless hacking, and very little fun.

It Really Drags On

The mighty red dragon, Gildiss, loves to scorch the Earth and wreak havoc in the land of Malus. Although the nasty beast's temporarily slumbering, you must destroy him before he awakes and comes looking for a snack.

Choose from five warriors, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. Their individual fighting abilities help to vary the otherwise repetitive game play. Once the action begins, your fighter basically hacks everything that moves. Similar to Golden Axe, groups of different enemies can attack simultaneously. At the end of each level, you fight a giant boss.

ProTip: When you're battling a flying boss, like a Dragon, use its shadow to aim your attacks.

The King of Dragons Slot Machine has been tagged by URComped members 3 times. Most recently King of Dragons was tagged at Grand Victoria Casino Elgin by jmancao Oct 2 '19 at 15:46. Unleash your inner dragon with this 8 Dragons video slot from Pragmatic Play software, serving up some beastly bonus action with a range of free spins with different multiplier winning. Welcome to the mini world of Dragon King Fishing Slots! We have collected several offline games, combined with slot game types, and made the Dragon King Fishing Slot Machine. Shooting fishing gameplay is the crown fun of this slot machine mini world. Although it also includes elements of baccarat, poker and bingo, we still recommend novices to play first: 'mermaid', 'dragon king/ocean king. King of Dragons looks like a typical side-scrolling hack-'em-up, but it has some nice touches, like blocking and the ability to power yourself up with more strength and magic. The Bosses are easy to defeat, even on the harder difficulty levels. King of Dragons Bonuses & Play - 2c Aruze Gaming Video Slot in San Manuel Casino, CA

One of the best parts of Magic Sword was the ability to choose different companions to assist you in combat. The buddy system is gone in this game; although simultaneous two-player action teams you up with any of the other fighters. The power-up system is similar to Magic Sword, with special items hidden in treasure chests, and improved weaponry earned for each level completed.

Each fighter has different abilities. The Wizard isn't the strongest, health-wise, but his Magic enables him to fight from a distance and avoid unnecessary damage.

King of dragons slot machine

Out of Control

King Of Dragons Slot Machine

Sluggish controls make it difficult to maneuver your fighter, especially when you're trying to jump and slash simultaneously. Safe online poker sites. Combined with heavy- duty slowdown, especially in the two-player simultaneous mode, it's enough to make you turn in your sword.

  • Watch out for these slimy blobs. When they grab you, they'll leach energy until you release their hold. Rapidly tap Left and Right on your control pad to escape.
  • When a Magic Orb appears that destroys all the enemies on-screen, wait until as many enemies as possible appear before you use it.

King Of Dragons Slot Machine

Although small, the sprites are nicely drawn. Unfortunately, the size in combination with the slowdown makes it frequently impossible to see what's going on. The background graphics and huge enemy bosses are nicely drawn, although occasionally repetitive. Average tunes accompany the action.

Give It the Axe

Warriors thirsting for some good old hand-to-hand combat in the tradition of the greats will have to wait a little longer. King of Dragons may temporarily satisfy your yen for adventure, but it won't slake your thirst.

King Of Dragons Slot Machine

Watch out for booby-trapped treasure chests. Some hold bad power-ups, like the instant freeze. Other treasure chests will attack you when you get too near. Either way, rapidly tap Left or Right to escape.

Overall rating: 8

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King Of Dragons 3 Slot Machine

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