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Keno Algorithm for Better Chances of Winning Keno is a captivating casino game, a great combination of luck, strategy and probabilities. Being a tremendous challenge, you might increase your chances of winning only if you will use an algorithm of calculations, based on simple mathematical rules. Most keno players agree that a keno algorithm can be detected by simply observing the number combinations that have been drawn by a random number generator. Casinos that operate keno games through such machines are likely to be populated by players who are very keen on observing how the numbers appear in every game.

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After many past lottery winners have started crediting the use of mathematical formulas for their wins these methods of selecting numbers has started gaining ground. In the past lots of lottery players almost gave up hope of ever winning the game as it seems to be just about being lucky. But there are multiple lottery winners (people who won big prizes more than once) who swear by the systems they use and with some of them having won 5 times, 6 times and even 7 times we must admit that there is something to their claims.

Now let’s face it not many lottery players would not like to be forced back into an algebra class. So, learning how to win the lottery by learning how to use mathematics equations doesn’t sound like an easy path to a lotto win.


Fearing Mathematics

Keno algorithm patterns

These fears are founded on the fact that they do not want anything to do with learning how to formulate Math formulas.

The type of lottery winning formulas are not at all difficult to use.

Keno Algorithm Calculation

Having to pour through page after page of spreadsheets and charts sounds like a very challenging prospect to would-be lottery winners.

Although I’m sure you are eager to learn how to win the lottery I’m also pretty sure you don;t feel confident about messing around with complicated Math.

This explains why the introduction of a lottery algorithm calculator was embraced with open arms. The best calculators are based on number wheeling. Good poker names for online poker.

Such systems save lottery players lots of time since all they need to do is enter the number of balls onto their chosen lottery wheel and then follow the instructions on how to fill out their tickets.

Lottery Games Follow A Pattern

Mathematics shows clearly that lottery games follow mathematical patterns.

This is not immediately clear to an untrained eye which just sees numbers being drawn at random. But there is a very distinct pattern at work that is based on probability.

In reality one set of numbers are no more likely to be drawn than any other set of numbers. But because of the number of possible outcomes available is restricted to a definite and set amount then all you have to do is cover every single possible outcome to guarantee a lottery win.

This is indeed possible; you can enter every single possible lottery line to guarantee a jackpot win (and many, many medium and small wins) but unfortunately it costs too much money to do this as you would need to buy many millions of tickets.

However, this clearly demonstrates that you can beat the lottery and guarantee a jackpot win!

So, although it would be too expensive to guarantee a lottery win you can use the same law of probability to slice the odds against you and dramatically increase the odds of winning to be in your favor.

Predict and Win Using Math

Although there are certain ways to pick your numbers to help give you a better chance of matching the winning balls, like picking hot numbers and avoiding cold numbers, you really can’t predict lottery numbers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have winning numbers in your picks.

Let me explain.

Through lottery number wheeling you can play more numbers than you normally would be able to play as I explained above. If you really get how powerful this strategy is then you will have found out how to win the lottery with science.

There is no real algorithm to predict lottery numbers but that doesn’t mean there is no way to beat the lottery.

This is very different from picking numbers at random as is the case with those who use Quick Picks or Lucky Dips.

Some lottery calculators use past winning numbers drawn to predict the next set of numbers most likely to be drawn based on algorithms. Although this is not bad per se it is not better than picking random numbers.

If you want to win the lottery the you need to use mathematics and probability engines to dramatically increase your chances of winning.

You can only do this through number wheeling.

You must use number wheeling if you want to start winning lottery prizes.

You Need to Play Differently

The process with lottery number wheeling is the same process used by statisticians and mathematicians use to predict outcomes in scientific experiments. The only difference between a mathematician or statistician using these probability engines and you using lottery wheels being that you do not have to perform calculations yourself.

This does not make it a magic wand which you just wave (like some people when they ask me to pick powerball numbers for them.

Selecting winning numbers still requires a degree of luck, but the more numbers you wheel the luckier you will get!

To wheel you just need to select the amount of numbers you want to wheel. This is usually dependent on how much you are willing to invest in lottery entries.

But rather than be the one bending over so many spreadsheets and charts trying to piece the puzzle together, a lottery calculator does all these for you and predicts the numbers for you to play.

Summing Up

So one way to guarantee that you win the lottery is to buy tickets containing all the possible combinations to be drawn.

Although anyone who can afford to buy all the possible combinations (millions of dollars worth) doesn’t need to win the lottery, what this reveals is that the lottery can be beaten because it is a game of probabilities and not just pure chance or luck.

You must have noticed that the odds of winning are usually very low. This explains the need to narrow those odds down to be in your favor, and that is where the application of Math comes in.

Winners Offer Proof That It Works

Keno Algorithmus


With more and more lottery prize winners laying claim to having used a formula to win it has become obvious that selecting numbers based on your birthday, numbers you feel lucky with, or playing past winning tickets will not improve your chances of winning.

What’s more although the aim of playing the lottery for most players is to win the grand prize lottery with lottery wheeling many past winners have won lots of medium prizes that actually amount to more money than if they had won just won jackpot prize.

Lottery wheeling not only increases your chances of winning the jackpot but it also increases your chances (by even more) of winning multiple medium prizes and a lot of smaller prizes.

This is why past lottery winners advise that formulas be used if you are serious about winning the lottery.

Every serious keno player applies his non-public keno algorithm to increase his chance of a hit the jackpot. Even supposing the keno game is just a game of excellent fortune, every other other folks have formulated a few strategies in order to take area massive payouts. It can be slightly bit subtle for the untrained eyes of the green individuals as it involves a few math concepts. Then again, you don’t want to turn into a math whiz so that you can know about some algorithms in a keno game. Some may also regard this as a mere whim of superstitious keno players. Nevertheless, there may also be some fact throughout the established patterns of amount sequences in keno draws if we best care to scrutinize.

Online Keno Algorithm

Most keno players agree {{that a}} keno algorithm may also be detected by way of simply gazing the amount combos which have been drawn by way of a random amount generator. Casinos that serve as keno video video games via such machines normally are populated by way of players who are very enthusiastic about gazing how the numbers appear in every game. There are a few “just right fortune” stories of other people beating the casinos that have unwittingly inspired the typical keno players. The ones other people had been lucky enough to decide that the majority virtual keno machines get began with the an identical seed values at one particular game in a day.

Every other other folks have predicted that the huge likelihood of drawing the an identical patterns is on account of the programming of the machines. If you can follow the history of a game (say, a four o’ clock daily draw) in its final 20 draws, you can needless to say come up with a repeating amount combination. They perpetually get began with a seed amount. “Seed amount” is the period of time that is used to give an explanation for the main amount in a sequence. The rest of the numbers following a seed amount is somewhat random. Actually, the numbers generated by way of machines are referred to as “pseudo random numbers” on account of their nature to decide patterns. They are not in fact “random” the least bit. It’s going to should be that the programmer did not put a undeniable instruction to the system to randomize the numbers at every get began of the draw. In all probability you can use this information to your non-public receive advantages.

Prior to now, the best methodology for a hit a keno game is to check the history of the draws. You are able to pore over the results of the previous video video games and in a while you can to find out that some three to nine numbers do create a sequence. Finally, it’s good to need to bet in a game for a particular hour in order to confirm your guess. The machines normally are reseeded to the an identical value for the same time of the day. After getting successfully recorded the amount sequences in every game, it’s good to take the predicted amount combination to the next draw. You might be lucky enough must you hit a minimum of 6 out of 10 numbers throughout the game. At all times bet more than your usual wager. Likelihood is that you can certainly not know when you can hit it massive time, then again since you have got a very good sense of the outcome, it is upper must you double up the quantity to your payout.

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