Karamba Bonus

Plus, it offers other bonuses like Refer-a-Friend, along with a great Welcome Bonus, so that’s why it received an extra point. Generally speaking, the operator does pretty well in terms of bonuses. Find out the specifics in my dedicated Karamba bonus review and get the lowdown on the different rewards, as well as wagering conditions. The Welcome Bonus at Karamba is one of the biggest. Along with the VIP program and weekly promos, the operator offers a great set of promotion incentives to all new players. Where the operator could stand to improve is by extending customer support hours to 24/7 and adding more table games.

  • Why to Pick Karamba Casino?

It is not a secret at all that online gambling rooms are more popular than landed casinos in 2021. This is due to numerous reasons, such as there is no necessity to get out of the house to play and win great monetary prizes, a possibility to play from your armchair as well as from any place that you want, comfortability of using and much more.

Today’s review is devoted to one of the leading UK casinos named as Karamba. This is a nice gambling room where the first one who welcomes you is a beautiful purple parrot. Scroll down to see what this casino is like, what offers it has, if it is secure and reliable and what other advantages can make you feel proud of being a member of this gambling portal. Come on!

Why to Pick Karamba Casino?

We offer you to start with the general information about Karamba casino. The year of foundation of this gaming portal is 2009. This is the same year when they managed to gain a license from MGA and become absolutely legit in the gaming world.

The platform operates for 10 years already and is considered to be one of the leaders of the gambling area of the whole world. For somebody, 10 years can seem like a long period. For the others, it is a short period, but no matter how it feels, the portal used those 10 years as well. Karamba not just operates on the Web, it is also the favorite casino for numerous players from all parts of our world.

We think that there is no sense to continue talking generally. We think that it would make sense to talk about the details of the website and talk about each one separately. So, this is what we are going to do exactly. Give us a second. Are you ready? We are! Scroll down!

Karamba’s Appearance

It would not be just some big words if we said about the high level of importance of the website’s appearance. This is the first thing that we pay attention to when go to the sites through its links. When we like the design and how the website looks, we literally get it as 50% of the portal’s success, because not every casino can catch the visitor’s eyes from the first sight. Those that managed to do it are very talented and responsible in the terms of design creating. So, let’s start with the Karamba appearance.

The picture above is what you see when you get to the website of this gambling room. In the middle of the page, there is a logo of the portal. It is designed in soft turquoise and purple tones and consists of the parrot image and the actual platform’s name.

In the right corner, we see two sections named as “Login” and “Join”. If you have an account, you press the first button. Clearly, you do not have one yet, so the button “Join” is for you to press (to start the registration process). In the left corner, you see for sections named as “Casino”, “Live Casino”, “Scratchcards” and “Sport”. There is also three lines near, and if you click on them, an additional menu opens.

The whole page is multi-colored and consists of a huge banner mostly that is made to attract you with its beneficial and generous offers of welcome bonuses and other additional gifts.

The picture presented above is aimed to show you how the bottom of the page looks like. As we can see, the sections that are displayed at the top of the page are the most commonly used and needed for easy navigation. But if you need any additional tools and going to particular pages, you can scroll to the bottom and choose the needed link. Simply press on that one that suits your requests and get to new tabs.

Compatible Gadgets

If you are curious about the ways how you can play with casino Karamba and about what gadgets & devices are compatible with the platform’s website, we are going to give you that information in details.

Many people prefer practicing gambling with the help of their laptops or computers because they find it comfortable to gamble looking at the big screen. In turn, this has advantages as well as disadvantages. For example, if you gamble with your computer, you can do it only at home using electricity. If you gamble with your laptop, of course, you can charge it and get out of home, but then the period of playing becomes limited and lasts until the battery is off. Though, if those options are still comfortable for you and bring no inconveniences, it is great! But if they bring those inconveniences, you can also choose the other ways to play.

For example, you can use mobile gadgets to play with. This may be mobile phone or tablet. Those devices are small and have low weight, so it makes no problem to be on a run with them. Plus, it makes no difference what OS your mobile device is based on. KarambaCasino is compatible with devices of different operating systems.

Also, numerous customers can wonder how the website looks on mobile devices and if it has a lot of differences with the desktop version. We have already said that the developers worked hard under the website’s design. Though, they also worked hard under the flexibility of this design to make sure that the work on various devices is smooth and accurate. The play is possible from the app (which you can download from your mobile store) or from the browser directly.

Karamba Bonus Code 2020

Signing up Process

As we have already said, the website looks pretty easy to navigate. Though, it does not just look so, it is really like this. Numerous players do not like registering (and not just only on the sites of gambling portals, they do not like registering processes on any sites). A lot of people find it extra headache, especially when it requires to mention a lot of information. But you do not have to find the registration process in Karamba annoying extra headache, because it is fast here.

To complete this process and start playing on www.karamba.com, you do not have to do much. All you are going to need is to complete the step №1 and to complete the step №2. Let’s talk about what you need to mention on each step of the signing up way.

Here is the step №1. It is easy to see that you need to fulfill only three lines here. Those lines suppose mentioning email address of yours and coming up with creative username and password. Actually, this is the end of the step №1. Can you imagine how easy it is?

Here is the step №2. As you can see, this step requires you to fulfill more lines. Here, you will need to leave your name (both first and last), choose “female” or “male” out of 2 options displayed and mention your birth date. Plus, you will need to choose the currency that you are going to use through the whole gambling activity with casino Karamba.

You will also need to write your address, the city you live in, its postcode, your contact number and one more thing that we are going to tell you about in a second. The last line literally asks you if you have a bonus code (or promo code) or not. If you have any bonus code, simply enter it. If no, skip that line. This one is optional and is not a necessity.

When all lines are fulfilled, you have only two things to do. The first thing supposes agreeing/disagreeing on sending notifications about special offers and bonuses. The second one supposes accepting the terms of the casino, the policy of cookies and privacy and the fact that your age is 18 or more. Once you did this all, you can press the button named “Open account”. On this note, the registration process ends as well.

The Games Spectrum

How do you think? What casinos do become favorite ones among users from all parts of the world? If you thought about the wide diapason of games as the reason, we would dare to say that you are not right. You are definitely right. The wider spectrum of free games is, the more customers want to try them out.

KarambaCasino offers its customers numerous free games of different soft developers and models of various genres, which is great for them, because there is long list to choose from. Karamba can offer various types of blackjack, different options of roulette, diverse varieties of baccarat and other board games. You can also play slots with no problems. If you are a big fan of live casino, you can press the button named as “Live Casino” to open the page presented below.

See, how many varieties of board and card games are available in live mote. With those games, you can feel yourself like you are in a real landed casino and play with real croupiers. Maybe, casino is still virtual, but dealers are real, that is for sure.

Also, there may be case, when you simply do not know what game you want (or otherwise, you know the exact game). In both cases, you can use the search engine and look for games there. For example, if you know exactly which one you are looking for, enter its name in the search engine. There is also another example. If you want to play games from a particular soft developer, you can enter the developer’s name and choose one of available models.

And if you do know what you want to play in, you can simply enter random words or combinations and pick one of the found options. Who knows, maybe, this way, you will be able to find the game that will become your perfect choice further. There is also another moment that you should know about. The casino can offer you to take a part in sports betting. You will be able to set bet on various sports kinds and win real money.

Bonuses & Promo Codes

Remember a little why you like birthday parties, Christmas parties and other celebrations. Of course, you love the atmosphere and keep those memories near your heart and soul, but let’s talk about other pleasant things that happen during any celebration. Presents! Right? Everybody likes getting presents from the childhood. Despite the fact that you are an adult now, you still like getting presents, don’t you?

Think about Karamba casino as a place of daily celebration. Here, you can get a lot of generous gifts, bonuses and promotions for free or for making deposits. For example, they can offer you the coolest welcome offer!

The picture talks for itself, but let’s focus on it and tell about this welcome bonus in details. The portal has 100% bonus on the offer. This can let you gain up to €200. Plus, you will receive 100 free spins as a nice compliment. Those free spins can be spent during the game the way you want.

Also, there is an exclusive VIP club that you can become a part of. The VIP members have additional bonuses and rewards. Though, you should better go the official website and read more there, because this is the only place where information is updated immediately. Why do we always recommend to go to official websites for accurate information? It is due to the fact that all offers (including stable (as a rule) welcome bonuses) can vary, change, appear and disappear, if the administration decides so.

Banking Options

When it comes to picking a suitable casino, customers start looking for the place where they are not going to get some extra headache. What does it mean? For example, if a casino does not have a suitable payment option, it would be easier to find another casino than to open a new bank account.

Due to this reason, Karamba started cooperating with the leading banking institutions, with those that are the most commonly used among all players from Canada, from Australia, from England, from New Zealand and from other different parts of the world.

We have managed to compile a listing from available banking options (onwards BO) and ready to present it to you.

  • BO Visa;
  • BO MasterCard;
  • BO Sofort Banking;
  • BO Maestro;
  • BO EntroPay;
  • BO Skrill (earlier known as BO Moneybookers);
  • BO Neteller;
  • BO Trustly;
  • BO PaySafeCard;
  • BO EcoPayz.

Though, the information can vary due to the decisions of the administration of the portal. It is possible that the casino stops cooperating with available (for now) banking institutions or start cooperating with new ones. For this, the official website www.karamba.com is always at your disposal.

Support for Gamblers

There is nothing strange that most gamblers have some worries about possible problems in the future. We all know that there is not any portal that works impeccably all the time. Sometimes, even the most accurately working websites can lag. Even despite the fact the work of Karamba’s website is smooth as a rule, the rule can be broken. No, we do not say about big problems. The talk is more about easy lags, such as overloaded services that can lead you to problems with logging in or uploading games. Though, with these problems, it is better to wait a little and try to download pages later.

Plus, you can have problems of other characters, such as being unable to login, noticing suspicious attempts to login into your account or just being confused of the questions that you cannot find the answers to. In those cases, you can easily contact the administration of support service and ask the professionals. How can you do this? Let’s see. Live chat has its door open for you all the time. So, feel free to open the tab “Live chat” and put your question.

As you can see, the live chat section has separate tab which makes it comfortable to work with. We attached this screenshot taken from the official site karamba.com to show you what is waiting for you if you try to open it. At first, the tab opens and “welcomes” you. In the right corner, you are going to see a picture of a pleasant lady with the phrase “Hello! May I help you?”

If you look near her picture, you will see 10 categories, from which you will need to choose 1 category that is related to your question topic the most. After you choose the category, you will see a chat window, in which you are notified about your place in the queue. While waiting, you can fulfill the line with your name and the line with your text (the place where you describe your problem). Once you are next in the queue, you can send your message and wait for the answer which comes pretty quickly.

Of course, there is always another option on every portal’s site. There is a lot of information on the website itself, so maybe, there is also information that you need exactly. Who knows, maybe, the answers were already displayed on the site and simply wait for you to discover them. The main advantage of this option is the fact that the website is intuitive, so it will make no problem to navigate through the site’s pages.

The Work of Security Service

The part of security service is essential and significantly important for every single gambling portal, because the reputation of the platform depends on the ratings of customers that evaluate the platform’s security measures honestly and fully. So, the better security system works, the higher evaluations the portal gets. The higher evaluations are, the more possibility to attract new customers is there. Everything is quite clear and logical.

So, here is the question. What security measures are used to ensure the safety of the data of every single customer? The portal uses SSL-protocol which main goal is to encrypt the information that is being shared by a gambler with Karamba. It becomes encrypted the second you shared it, so we can exclude the possibility of stealing your confidential info and documents.

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Casino Karamba can be considered safe and reliable to its gained license from one of the strongest leaders of gambling authorities. Yes, we are talking about MGA. And so you could know, when a platform receives the MGA license, it can be counted reliable for sure.

One more question. What do you know about Aspire Global LTD? If you have not heard about it, we should say that this is a corporation that control the processes of monetary transactions. In our case, it controls the safety of every transaction on the website of Karamba casino.

Karamba Casino Conclusion

This is going to be the final point of our article. So, if you want to hear our opinion on if it is worth to become a member of casino named Karamba, we would say “Yes!” with no hesitation. Let’s see why we recommend you this gambling portal.

Firstly, you will be greatly surprised with the website’s appearance. The design leaves a very good impression, because the tones of soft purple and turquoise are not typical for such websites. Have you seen many casinos with such design? The answer is rhetorical. The site is also intuitive. It is easy for you to navigate through the pages of Karamba’s portal. Plus, it is flexible and can adapt to every design whether it is laptop or mobile gadget.

Secondly, you will be glad about bonuses. Maybe, you will not see a no deposit bonus here, but there are other offers that can draw your attention. 100% welcome bonus and other special offers of gifts, including free spins of different amount are waiting for you. To deposit and to make withdrawals, you have several options of banking ways. The listing was presented in the section named as “Banking Options”.

In case if you need support, the staff will always be at your disposal. All you will have to do it is to press the button named as “Live Chat”, wait until its tab opens, fulfill all needed lines, explain your problem and wait until the answer comes. If you do not want to contact the staff, you can surf the website and possibly find the answers on one of its pages.

The spectrum of games is one more thing that plays a role of a great advantage when making a decision about the worthiness of playing here. You can choose any board/scratch free games, progressive jackpots games or simply the ones that catch your eyes from the first sight.

Karamba bonus code 2020

Shortly speaking, we can call Karamba a so-called bingo in online gaming world, because it mixes all opportunities that you can take advantage of in one place. Use those opportunities and win great prizes. We wish you this sincerely!

Karamba Casino NZ

Karamba Casino is one of the pioneers in online casino gaming. The website was established in 2005, and Karamba has a long history but only in recent years has it gained the traction it deserves from casino players.

Karamba renovated its casino website completely in 2017. It’s a premium online casino with a fresh look and an extensive game selection. Together with an excellent welcome bonus, Karamba Casino is one of the most exciting online casinos in the New Zealand.

Karamba Casino Bonus 2021

Karamba casino offers a warm welcome bonus for all new players. New Zealand players get 100% first deposit bonus up to $200 + 100 free spins. When you sign up and make a real money deposit, Karamba will double it instantly up to $200.

Karamba CasinoKaramba Bonus
No Deposit Bonus20 No Deposit Free Spins
Deposit Bonus$200 Bonus + 100 Free Spins
Minimum Deposit$10
Bonus CodeNone Needed
Free Spins GameBook of Dead
Sports Betting Bonus$10 Free Bet

Karamba Casino is a new online casino. All players who create an account, receive 20 No Deposit Spins without deposit required.

All Bonus.net.nz readers get 20 exclusive No Deposit Free Spins. All you need to do to receive the spins is to register a new casino account at Karamba. You get to play the bonus spins on the excellent “Book of Dead” slot machine.

Winnings from the no deposit free spins are limited to a maximum of $100.

Get a $10 free bet plus an entry into a $3,000 Karamba Battle when you join Karamba Sports. Start by creating a Karamba Sports account. Then, make a deposit of at least $10. Finally, make a $10 wager on markets with odds of 2.0 or higher. When you do this, you'll get the above-mentioned bonuses.

Karamba for Kiwis

Although not as familiar name in the NZ online casino scheme as some other high-profile online casinos, Karamba is a full-blooded gaming destination for Kiwis. It’s tested for fairness and security and what’s equally important, it’s a ton of fun.

With New Zealand’s favourite software providers featured, Kiwi players are guaranteed to have a great casino experience. Pokies are Karambas bread and butter, but you’ll find also all the other casino games from the site. And everything works perfect on mobile, too.

What’s more, you’ll get a generous welcome bonus for your 1st deposit and valuable promotions after that. It’s up to you to choose the right fit for your gambling needs, but we dare to say that you won’t go wrong with Karamba.

100% Casino Bonus up to $200 & 100 FS

After your Book of Dead spins, you’re eligible for 100% 1st deposit bonus up to $200 and 100 casino free spins. The minimum amount to take advantage of the welcome package is only $10. So when you make your first real money deposit, Karamba will double it instantly up to $200. You don’t even need any Karamba casino bonus code to start playing at Karamba.

You’ll also receive 20 free spins immediately. The remaining 80 free spins are divided equally for the next two days, 40 each. Free Spins are rewarded for the favourite real money slot Fruity Friends. It’s a 5-reel pokie from the NeoGames. Fine graphics and smart animations have made this feel-good fruit machine a players’ favourite all over the world.

As is always the case, all bonuses at Karamba come with wagering requirements. For Kiwis, however, terms are very reasonable. Deposit bonus has to be wagered 35x. That’s below the industry average. One thing to remember is that only pokies contribute 100% towards the wagering requirements.

$10 Free Bet

Karamba also offers a $10 free sports bet for Kiwis. To get this free bet you need to deposit at least $10 and to make a $10 bet with the minimum odds of 2.00. You’ll then receive a $10 free bet, which you can on any betting market with the odds of 1.80 or higher.

If you’re looking for a more lucrative sportsbook bonus, you should check out our top betting bonuses list.

Karamba’s Got a Massive Array of Pokies

We promised it gets a lot more colourful, and it sure does. You’ll get all the games neatly in a tight package with new games highlighted.

Karamba offers an excellent selection of casino games, mainly pokies. You’ll find over 500 real money titles from all the best providers such as the mighty NetEnt, Microgaming, Cryptologic, and Amaya. The diverse game library includes classic fruit machines and modern state-of-the-art video slot games.

There’s only one downside in Karambas otherwise wide selection of pokies. You won’t find progressive jackpots at their site. They haven’t included titles like Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune or King Cashalot. If you prefer those life-changing slots with prizes regularly rising up to millions of dollars, we recommend you to try Lucky Days Casino NZ or Frank & Fred Casino instead.

Table Games & Live Casino

As said earlier, Karambas real money casino game selection is geared towards pokies. You’ll find, however, also the basic versions of classic casino table games such as roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. If you’re a hardcore table-gamer with a passion for more exotic variants of these all-time classics, you’ll probably be better off somewhere else. LeoVegas, for example, offers an extensive selection of table games.

The same can be said about Karamba live dealer casino. If standard roulette or blackjack is enough for you, you’ll be just fine. One thing to notice at Karamba live casino is exclusive tables for high-rollers. There are special tables for those regulars playing with high-stakes. On these games, you can bet up to thousands of dollars per round.

If you’re looking for a great live casino experience with lots of live casino games, you can also get a live casino bonus at LeoVegas.

Quality Sports Betting

It’s not all about casino games at Karamba. They also offer a high-quality sportsbook with all the biggest sports and leagues covered.

You don’t have to be an expert punter to bet on sports. It’s perfectly fine to bet for fun every now and then and hope to win. With Karamba’s competitive odds you can’t even make a massive mistake, whatever your bet is.

They’ll give you an extra tenner when you’re a new customer and deposit $10 more. It’s not a massive bonus by any means, but it’s little something extra. A free flutter never hurt anyone.

Karamba Mobile Casino App

If you use iPhone or iPad you have two options. You can either navigate to the website and play directly in your browser or download Karamba Mobile Casino app at the iTunes store.

Android users can either play directly in the browser or download the app via SMS link or scan a QR code from the website.

The mobile casino is almost identical to the desktop version. Everything is well-optimised for smaller screens, which makes your gaming experience flawless also on the go. You can also do all your banking via mobile casino.

Karamba Deposit Methods in New Zealand

  • Visa / Mastercard
  • ecoPayz
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

Just like they should, Karamba offers secure real money NZ deposit methods. For instant deposits, you can use Visa & Mastercard, E-wallets Neteller & Skrill and ecoPayz. They’ll also process your withdrawals quickly and the winnings will land on your account in a timely fashion.Karamba processes all withdrawal requests within 48 hours (two working days). After this initial 2 days the time to receive your funds depends on how you’re cashing out. If you’re cashing out to a virtual wallet like Neteller or Skrill you get your dollars immediately. A bank transfer takes 5-7 working days.

Promotions and VIP program

Valuable promotions won’t end once you’ve taken advantage of Karamba’s welcome package with bonus spins. After that, you’ll find other bonus offers like reload bonuses, cashback bonuses, extra spins, and probably even some exclusive bonuses as well.

Karamba Bonus Code

Karamba is all about fun, and what’s more fun than generous casino bonuses? If you’re active and loyal enough, you’ll also have a chance to enjoy Karamba VIP club. That’s a top loyalty lounge with a ton of benefits. All kinds of bonus types, a quicker and bigger deposit and withdrawal limits, and even personal account manager are waiting for you at Karamba’s VIP scheme.

Expert’s Opinion: Easy casino site to recommend – Go Karamba!

All in all, Karamba is a ton of fun. An outstanding variety of slot games from NetEnt, Microgaming and others make sure that you can’t go wrong with this unique and colourful online casino. Excellent welcome offer with lower than average wagering requirements takes care of the rest.

You can try Karamba by signing up and playing the exclusive 20 no deposit free spins. Their deposit bonus is also well worth claiming. Go Karamba!

Put your sports knowledge to the test against fellow fans - join a Karamba Battle. To get started, log onto Karamba, then find the Karamba Battle promo page. Find a leaderboard tourney and join it. Finish near the top, and you'll win cash or prizes.

Karamba Casino FAQ

Karamba Casino No Deposit Bonus

🦜 Is Karamba casino a safe gambling site?

Karamba has gaming license by both Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. It means that players can rest assured that gaming, as well as all the transactions, are safe and secure.

They've also made sure they don't get in trouble with the UKGC. Most gambling companies holding UKGC license have received warnings from the commission for unsavory practices, but Karamba kept a clean sheet. No warnings, smooth sailing.

🦜 Can I play for free at Karamba?

You can try Karamba's games for free in demo mode after signing up. That’s even advisable if you’re not sure about the rules or strategies. After getting the grip of the games you can make a deposit and try your luck in practice. The only games you can't play for free are jackpot slots, like Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah.

🦜 Are there more promotions and rewards?

Karamba is well-known for its generous loyalty scheme. You’ll get loyalty points from day one and earn rewards every time you play. The 8-tier loyalty scheme gives you enhanced benefits, such as cash prizes and other exclusive perks.

There’s also a wide range of other promotions, such as daily races or weekly tournaments, for regular players.


Karamba Bonus Codes

🦜 Does Karamba have a VIP / loyalty program?

Karamba has an excellent VIP-program for its loyal players. If you’re loyal and active enough, you can climb all the way up in the loyalty scheme. The top 2 levels are reserved for VIPs. It means receiving extra benefits, your own personal account manager and even cashback. So the more you play, the more rewards you get.