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Author: Manuel M. Taylor

  • Why to Select Kaboo Casino?

Online industry of modern gambling takes an important part in the whole Internet activity. Gambling is one of the most popular entertainment options which comes to taste of numerous Internet users. And there is nothing strange about. When you play, you feel yourself entertained, glad and satisfied. Plus, it is not just the process satisfaction, it is one more opportunity to win large sums of money for a short period.

Kaboo Casino Review. The present day casino world is becoming saturated, and this makes it a very onerous task for new comers in the field to break even and get to the very top. But one of the sites that beat the odds and rose to an enviable height irrespective of the competition is kaboo. Kaboo’s missions system adds another layer of interactivity and fun that you won’t find in many other casinos, and when the rewards are wagering free you can’t go wrong by trying to complete some missions. You’ll also receive other Kaboo promotions such as deposit bonuses if. Kaboo Casino come from the same team behind Thrills and SuperLenny. It is well stocked with over 600 incredible titles from slots and jackpots to table and card games. There’s something for every taste or gaming preference. Bonuses on joining Kaboo comes with a wager requirement of 35 times. Your ordinary bonus on your first deposit is 400% up to a maximum of €440. For your second deposit, you have an additional 200% bonus to claim. Additionally, there is a campaign where you can earn 50 super spins with a.

As we all know, the competition in the online gaming world is wide, and due to this reason, all casinos need to do something unique to stand out and attract more clients making them permanent and loyal ones. At this time, it is not enough just to exist on the Internet.

The situation has change. Now casinos need to provide new customers with new attractive offers of bonuses, promotions, gaming models, the highest level of security and customer care. Plus, it is important to have a pleasant design to catch the visitor’s eyes.

Today’s article is devoted to one of such virtual gambling services named as casino Kaboo. We are going to tell you all about its features, including the same important things such as appearance of the website, offers of bonuses, promotions, gaming models, measures of security and customer care. It does not matter where you are from, you can play from any place of the world, whether it is England or Australia, Canada or New Zealand. What to wait for? Let’s get it started!

Why to Select Kaboo Casino?

As we have already said, the competition is on the high level nowadays. Casinos can be considered as beneficial activity which is why many people want to open their own ones. As the competition grows, Kaboo Casino (as many others) should be special and stand out. Are you curious what features this casino has and can offer its clients? Okay, you will get this information.

Let’s start with the general information about KabooCasino. This portal was created and launched in 2015. Can you imagine it? The portal operates only for 4 (maybe, a little more) years, but is a favorite one for numerous customers from different parts of our big world. The least we can do is to claim that becoming that popular and loved among users from all countries fro just some 4 years is a great success.

Monte carlo las vegas poker rooms open. Have you ever heard about MGA? If yes, you know what that means. If no, we will tell you. It is Malta Gaming Authority which is counted to be the leaders among all gaming authorities, and if a casino manages to receive a license from its administrations, it will be able to be called as a reliable one. All we want to say that casino Kaboo has managed to receive the license from this institution and can be definitely proud of it.

We offer you to get the general information part ended and get to the chase. Today’s article hides a lot of useful and interesting details about this portal which you will be lucky to be aware of. Scroll down to read about all these details. Each feature will be separately reviewed in its separate paragraph. Lights! Camera! Action!

The Appearance of the Website of Kaboo

We always get the first impression from what we see for the first time. When you are looking for a casino, the very first thing that your attention is drawn to is how the website of the chosen casino looks like. You pay attention to the colors, to the easiness of display, to comfortability of navigating through the website. Are we right?

So, this is the exact reason why online casinos pay so much attention to the design part. When you are going to the Kaboo’s website, you can observe the home page as well. If you take a look at the top of the page, you will be able to see the portal’s logo in the left sight. It consists of a little “play” icon that is designed in blue tones. Near the logo, there are four sections, among which you can find section “Games”, section “Live Casino”, section “Missions” and section “Promotions”.

On the right side, there are two buttons named as “Login” and “Open Account”. When you have an account, you can enter your login in the column “Username or Email” and you can enter your password in the column “Password”. As you are reading our review, there is quite high possibility that you do not have an account yet. In this case, press the button “Open Account” to get the registration process started.

If you take a look at the whole page, you will see a huge all-screened advertisement banner. Logically, it is huge to attract customers? How do casinos attract customers? Right, they do it with the help of such advertisements that show what bonuses can become yours if you sign up. If you are interested in the available offer, there is always the button named as “Open Free Account” which is located on the banner itself. To get you interested, the designers created a catching background for the advertisement.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see a lot of useful information about the portal. The left side of the bottom of the page shows you a small tab where it is possible to get support (“Live Help”) and to choose the language version of the website (at the moment, it offers four options of language versions).

A little below, you will notice 5 categories that can be considered as “fast links” for finding more useful information. This page also shows the visitors the icons of the corporations that Kaboo casino coworks with, the icons of gained licenses and the icons of available payment methods. Plus, the casino tries to tell about itself by writing two little paragraphs named as “What is Kaboo?” and “Play Safe”.

Compatible Gadgets

Providing services that would make the customer’s gambling life comfortable is the main goal of every casino that respects itself. Fortunately, Kaboo is not an exception. So the developers of the website were working a lot to make it easy and comfy for you. We can say with confidence that the design and the whole website are flexible and adapt for all types of gadgets with various operating systems and work well with different browsers and special downloaded apps. So, what devices does Kaboo work with?

  • Laptops & Computers. If you are a big screen lover and if your comfort lies in the opportunity to be able to observe the website from all sides and use all available tools, we will be happy to tell you that the website works pretty well on desktop devices. All you will have to do is to keep yourself warm, make something to eat and drink, wrap yourself in a blanket, jump on your couch and take your laptop in your hands (or make yourself feel cozy around your computer that depends on electricity). Make sure that your device works unmistakably and is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Mobile Gadgets. There is also another group of people. Those, otherwise, do not like big screens and are looking for the other ways to play. If you are often on a run or simply like doing everything with the help of your mobile phone or tablet, this option is the most suitable for you. Kaboo provides its customers with the opportunity to play on mobile gadgets from the browser directly or by downloading the Kaboo app from the store. Simply make sure that your device is charged and have a high level of connection to the Internet.

No matter what devices you prefer (mobile or desktop ones), you will still have two options to choose from. You may like both options. In this case, you will be able to choose the most suitable one when you are in one or another situation. Play with pleasure!


Almost all people do not like the registration processes because they count them protracted. And this is all clear and understandable. It seems annoying when all you are waiting for is the time when you can actually start your gambling activity. Kaboo casino understands this, which is why the registration process will not take long here. 5 minutes is the maximum.

To start the signing up process, you will have two options. The first options lies in clicking on the button “Open Account” in the right upper corner of the home page. The second option lies in clicking on the button “Open Free Account” that is displayed on the huge advertisement banner. Pick your option and start registering.

As you can notice, the registration process can be passed in 3 simple steps. Let’s talk about the first step and what lines are needed to be fulfilled. You will be obligated to leave your email address. Also, you will be required to come up with an interesting username and creative password (so it would be strong and impossible to figure it out).

Below, you will see 4 sentences for which you will have to put a tick (necessarily or optionally). The first one supposes sending you information on various offers (this one is optional). The second one supposes confirming that your are is 18 or more (that is necessarily). If to talk about the third one, we should say that it supposes sending you information on various offers from group companies (this one is optional). The fourth one supposes accepting the fact that your data will be processed. Maybe, you will want to discover more information on one of those sentences, so you could use the function “Read More” and only then put your tick. Once you complete the step number one, you will be redirected to the step number two.

Let’s talk about the first step and what lines are needed to be fulfilled. You will be obligated to leave your full name (first name/surname). Below the name, there are lines for a date of birth and gender that must be fulfilled too. After, you will be required to leave your exact address, postcode and the city that you live in (those lines should be fulfilled manually). The line with country supposes choosing one from the available listing. The same story with currency. You will need to pick the most suitable one from the available listing. The last line is your contact number. Leave it, and you will be able to be redirected to the step number three.

Let’s talk about the third step and what needed to be done. You will be obligated to wait until the verification code is delivered to your mobile phone. Once it is delivered, check it and enter this code in the line named as “Verification Code”. In case you did not receive it, you can press the button “Click Here” (look at the picture above).

The Games Spectrum

Gamblers think that the wideness of free games spectrum is important as well as the level of security, because if gamblers are not satisfied with presented spectrum, they will simply go and search for a better place. It is not a problem. Good for you that Kaboo can provide you with the coolest range of games of both large quantity and high quality. How can you get to the games? Simply! All you will have to is to take a look at the top of the page, find section named “Games” and wait until a new tab opens.

Once it opens, you can observe the games range. You will see a lot of categories and 7 game options with its icons to each category. Among them, you will find:

  • “Top Games”;
  • “New Games”;
  • “Recommended”;
  • “Live Casino”;
  • “Slots”;
  • “Table Games”;
  • “Classic”;
  • “Jackpot”;
  • “Megaways”;
  • “Quick Spin”;
  • “Red Tiger” and the others (including “All games”)

If you want, you can surf the section “More filters” and find something there. If you know exactly what game you are looking for, you can enter it in the search engine that is available all the time. It is a pretty useful tool. The gaming range is provided by NetEnt corporation which is a guarantee of safe and exciting entertainment.

Bonuses & Promotions in 2021

Free spins, pleasant gifts and no deposit bonuses are things that all gamblers adore. Unfortunately, Kaboo cannot offer the last one. No deposit bonus is not included in the welcome package, but available offers are not worse. Take it into account.

Welcome bonus is given to you during the two first deposits. When you make the first deposit, you will get a 100% bonus, which in result guarantees getting up to €50 and a small present in the form of 1 Relic. It is a beneficial trading when you give less than you get, right? When you make the second deposit, you will get a 50% bonus, which in result guarantees getting up to €50. There are also bonuses of other types about which you can find out in the section “Promotions”. At the moment, the following offer is available.

Though, bonus programs are never stable and can change due to the decisions of Kaboo’s administration. For example, if you have any promo codes (or bonus codes), it does not mean that they will be valid all the time. The same story with welcome bonuses and free spins bonuses. They all can change, so go to the official website www.kaboo.com and check the information carefully. Make sure that offered bonus programs are still valid.

Methods to Pay

Methods to pay always play a role of important feature of every single casino. Today, we are talking about Kaboo and are going to talk about its offers of payment options. There are 5 available monetary transmission methods (further – MTM), among which we can use:

  • MTM Visa;
  • MTM MasterCard;
  • MTM Skrill;
  • MTM Neteller;
  • MTM PaySafeCard.

All methods are secure and used by lots of financial and gambling institutions (both virtual and landed). If you already use one of those methods, good for you. If no, do not worry, the process of joining this or that banking company is not a hard and long thing.

Support for Casino Members

We are ready to open you a little secret of Kaboo casino. The website works perfectly. Though, as we know, even those websites that work properly all the time can make you feel like you need some help. Appearing problems may not even depend on those who own the website. Sometimes, there are lots of people who visit the site and login, which is why the server can be overloaded. Sometimes, it is just your own questions that you want to get the answers for. Also, it is possible that you may forget your password and due to this cannot login. There are a lot of options that can appear on your gambling way.

Anyway, no matter what troubles happen, what questions appear and why you feel like you need support, you can contact the staff of casino Kaboo all the time. How can you do this? What is needed to send a request? What ways to get help do exist at Kaboo casino?

  • The first option supposes contacting the staff through online live chat. For this, you will open a tab of chat and start fulfilling needed columns. You will be required to leave your full name, address of email, birth date (in the format ddmmyy) and street address. After you fulfill all those lines, press the button “Chat” and wait for the answer which comes almost immediately.
  • It happens when a customer does not want to contact the staff because of his/her own shininess or because he/she is sure that the answer can be found by himself/herself. Actually, it is really possible to find needed information yourself. For this, the section named as “FAQ” is always at your disposal. This section shows all the most commonly asked questions and answers to them.

Measures of Security

If to talk about the safety of your confidential information, we should that the website of Kaboo uses SSL-protocol which aims to encrypt all information that is being shared between the player (as in you) and the portal. Plus, sometimes, you can be asked to verify your account to make sure that this the person who is trying to login into your account is really you.

The portal cares not only for the safety of your confidential data, but also about your addiction to gambling. Well, it would be better to say that the portal cares about the absence of that addiction and makes an accent on it. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see a little paragraph named “Play Safe” which explains that in case if you notice any signs of addiction, you should limit yourself. There is tool that can shorten possible time that you can spend playing on the website. It says that entertainment should stay entertainment as a small part of your life and not grow into addiction.

Kaboo Casino Conclusion

As our article comes to the end, we want to conclude all the features in a couple of paragraphs to help you put the thoughts together, so it could be easier to decide if Kaboo is worth your attention.

If to talk about the appearance of kaboo.com, you will notice calming dark tones which create mysterious atmosphere and help you to dive into the world of gambling for some time. The design is intuitive and adaptable for all devices, including mobile ones. The registration process is also easy and intuitive.

Kaboo No Deposit Bonus

Talking about games range, we can say that it is pretty wide and has various board games, scratch games, slots and live casino gaming models on the offer. Everybody will find something to his/her taste. Bonuses are also included in the range of pleasant Kabood’s features. No deposit bonus is not included, but 100% bonus and one Relic (on the 1st deposit) and 50% bonus (on the 2nd deposit) are included.

To commit monetary transactions, you can use one of 5 available banking options that we have already talked about. If to talk about security and safety, we should say that SSL-protocol and verification are used to protect the data of the customers. To protect customers from gambling addiction, there are tools that let you limit your time spent on the website. If you need any help, support service is always at your disposal.

So, let’s finish our article on this positive note. If you decide to play with one of the UK best gambling platforms www.kaboo.com, be ready to show all gamblers that you are the king of all slots and board games! Win your prizes and take them away. Good luck!

Kaboo Casino Bonus Codes

Kaboo Review

Kaboo is the third casino by the gaming giant Betit Group, the company that brought you Thrills and Superlenny. Kaboo is by far their most unique casino to date, and in our opinion it is one of the most cool online casinos in the world. In this Kaboo casino review we will uncover the secrets that hides behind this mysterious gaming site.

Kaboo 1 Free Relic

When you open a new account at Kaboo you will be rewarded with 1 Relic which contains a minimum of 20 free spins and a maximum of €1000 free cash.


Kaboo Casino Welcome Bonus

  1. Open an account by clicking here or the button below
  2. You now have 1 Relic where you can win up to €1000

Relics are mystery boxes where you always get a guaranteed prize and you can win up to £1000$1000€100010 000 kr in each box.

*Eligible Countries

Kaboo Casino Bonus + Relics

At Kaboo you can claim a 100% up to €100 casino bonus + 100 free spins on Book of Dead when you make your first deposit.


  1. Open an account by clicking here or the button below
  2. Make a deposit of €20 or more
  3. Your 100% casino bonus up to €100 will be credited instantly. You will also receive 10 free spins on Book of Dead. Then you’ll receive 10 free spins per day for the next 9 days, giving you a total of 100 free spins.
*Eligible CountriesALL countries are eligible for this casino bonus, except the following:
      • Australia
      • Belarus
      • Bosnia & Herzegovina
      • Bulgaria
      • Czech Republic
      • China
      • Croatia
      • Denmark
      • Estonia
      • France
      • Georgia
      • Greece
      • Hungary
      • India
      • Indonesia
      • Ireland
      • Italy
      • Latvia
      • Lithuania
      • Mauritius
      • Moldova
      • Pakistan
      • Poland
      • Portugal
      • Romania
      • Russia
      • Slovakia
      • Slovenia
      • Spain
      • Thailand
      • Turkey
      • Ukraine
      • USA
      • United Kingdom

Important Bonus Terms & Conditions

  • All deposit bonuses has to be wagered 40 times the bonus amount.
  • When a bonus is active in a player’s account, stakes must not exceed 200 kr£$5 on any game or all winnings from any play involving use of the bonus will be void.
  • Credits can be exchanged to free spins on any video slot.
  • All free spins have 0 times wagering requirements.
  • All Relics will give you a guaranteed prize and you can win up to 200 kr£$1000 in each Relic.
  • This offer is only valid for players over 18 years old.
  • You have to complete the wagering requirements of any bonus within 30 days from when you received it, otherwise, it will forfeit.
  • Game weighting and terms apply

Kaboo casino games providers

  • NetEnt
  • Microgaming
  • Play’n Go
  • Quickspin
  • Yggdrasil
  • Thunderkick
  • Nyx
  • ELK
  • NextGen
  • Betsoft
Having all these game providers available means that you can cherry pick your favorite games from each provider. If you wish to go jackpot hunting you will find the biggest online jackpots here too!

Kaboo Live Casino providers

There are many lobbies available on each provider, and if you’re a high roller you can expect to find tables for your preferred betting sizes any time of the day.


If you have any questions about the missions you have been assigned, or if you need any other help, Kaboo’s support stands ready to assist you from their live chat. Quick response times and polite representatives is a great quality that Kaboo has.


Entering Kaboo is like stepping into an adventure book, with strange creatures and mysterious landscapes. The art of the site is just plain awesome, and its mystique is kept up everywhere. Kaboo has a very special missions system that lets you earn “credits”, and we’ll come back to this feature later in the review.

Extremely good looking casino with an exciting casino adventure. Collect “Credits” when you play, which can later be exchanged for free spins. All free spins have 0 times wagering requirements.

Casino Games

A casino can be as flashy and cool as it wants, but in the end it’s the games that matters. Betit Group are experts in online gaming, and on Kaboo you will find a great selection of games. There are over 670 of them right now, and more and more are being launched each month.

Live Casino

Kaboo has an impressive selection of live casino games, and during our test play we were biting our nails while waiting for our next Blackjack card one moment, and cheering at the Baccarat table the next.

Kaboo live casino games:

Kaboo Casino No Deposit Bonus

      • Roulette
      • Blackjack
      • Baccarat
      • Casino Hold’em
      • Ultimate Texas Hold’em
      • Caribbean Stud Poker
      • Three card poker

You can also play variations of the above games, such as double ball Roulette or Baccarat squeeze.

VIP Program

When you have made your account, you will find a missions section at the top of the page. On the mission page there will be a ton of missions waiting to be completed, and you can check their progress and rewards on the same page. There’s a big variety of missions, such as making a deposit or achieving bonus rounds in a specific game, just to name a few.

Kaboo Casino Bonus

Once you’ve completed a mission you will be rewarded with credits. These are points that can be exchanged into free spins with no wagering requirements on the rewards page. You decide yourself how many spins you want to buy with your credits balance, and even the value of the spins themselves.

Kaboo also recently introduced Relics into their missions system. Relic are kind of like mystery boxes that you are rewarded when you complete mission or increase in level. All Relics will give you a guaranteed prize, but if you’re lucky you can win the Kaboo Jackpot which consist of 10 000 kr£$1000.

Kaboo’s missions system adds another layer of interactivity and fun that you won’t find in many other casinos, and when the rewards are wagering free you can’t go wrong by trying to complete some missions. You’ll also receive other Kaboo promotions such as deposit bonuses if you’re an active player at their casino.

Mobile Casino

On Kaboo mobile you will find a ton of games, as well as the missions that are available on the desktop version. It was good fun to bang out a few missions when not being able to play from the comfort of our homes, or playing some Kaboo slots. Everything works and plays as great as it does on desktop, and we didn’t experience any technical issues while doing missions on our phones.