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Feel like catching the last bit of summer before it ends? Then Push Gaming might have something special for you! They are coming out with a brand new, collapsing reel slot that has written summer all over it. With more juices spilling over than BerryBurst,Jammin’ Jars will give you that last hit of heat before the leaves begin to fall. And perhaps even throughout the rest of the seasons. This Jammin Jars slot review will go through everything you will need to know before you dive into the pool of juicy big wins.

Jammin Jars is a collapsing reel; cluster pays slot with 8-rows and 8-reels and six different paying symbols. The symbols are represented by a bunch of colorful, juicy fruit, each differing in value (as seen below in the paytable).

The maximum win in Jammin Jars is 20 000x your bet. Yes, twenty thousand times. The trade-off for such an unbelievable number is the possibility of long winless streaks. But with a max win like that, it doesn’t seem to bother slot players online. Jammin Jars Mobile. RTP: 96.83% Volatility: Medium – High Max Win: 2,000,000 coins Features: Rainbow feature, multiplying wilds Jammin’ Jars is one of Push Gaming’s 2018 online slot creations with a theme of fruit machine meets 80s disco party. What may seem like an odd combo will quickly turn into an exciting and hilarious addition to our portfolio of. Join us on the dancefloor and get into the groove with Jammin’ Jars! Back to games An 8x8 cascading slot that will get players dancing to the rhythm as Jam Jars jive across the dancefloor, bringing massive multipliers and exciting wins. Jammin’ Jars is a Push Gaming slot with a unique, modern and exciting fruit theme. Get ready for an explosion of colour and jam all over the 8×8 reel grid with clusters instead of paylines. The Jammin’ Jars slot is a large game on an 8 x 8 grid in which you spin 6 different kinds of fruit slot symbols. The goal is to create a cluster of 5+ symbols that payout the same minimal amount. The Jam Jars are the Wild symbols, and when you get them in a winning combination, they increase their multipliers.

The game carries a range of bets between a minimum of €0.20 and a maximum of a €100 bet size. It’s a high volatility slot, as is prevalent with collapsing reel slots. However, it does pack a fair RTP of 96.83%. The maximum possible win in this game is a 20 000X.

Jammin Jars Slot Review: Features

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What number is craps. In addition to the basic symbols, there’s a wild symbol or the Jammin’ Jar. When it drops, it does what wild symbols do, as well as move over to a random direction for the next spin. If it doesn’t hit a win, it disappears. Though, after every win associated with the wild symbol, it increases the multiplier value. Also, the wild symbol acts as a wild symbol, so when you get 3 Jammin’ Jars, the game enters the bonus game.

Jammin Jars Slot Rtp Memoria

A huge win on the Jammin’ Jars bonus.

Besides the bonus game, there is also a randomly occurring base game feature – the Rainbow Feature. What it does is send a wave of the rainbow across all reels, then adding one or more Giant Fruit Symbols, which will convert any positions that they cover to the Fruit Symbol of the same type as the Giant Fruit Symbol. It’s a relatively simple feature that can be found in some other collapsible reel slots similarly.

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The features don’t show as often as you would think, however. The bonus is exceptionally rare by the looks of it. Even getting a single Jammin’ Jar is an exclusive event that happens only from time to time. Though, when it hits, and it hits right, there’s a good chance of piling up a nice win. Though, the infrequency of the game does not make it seem very compelling.


Jammin Jars Slot Review: Design

Compared to other Push Gaming slots we’ve reviewed, this one seems just okay. It packs the whole specter of colors literally, having the rainbow itself represent a crucial part of its design. However, other than the brightness of the colors, there is not much else to it. The symbol design is alright, while the animations are also nothing to over the top.

Jammin Jars Slot Usa

The soundtrack can get on your nerves quickly. It doesn’t seem to hold any ambiance. Instead, it’s just a constant, never-ending dynamic guitar loop with some groovy drums. Not that it’s terrible or anything, just that over time, it can become dull and begin grinding your gears.

Jammin Jars Slot Rtp 777

Jammin jars slot rtp 500

Overall, the design in this game packs about enough to make the game occasionally replayable. Though, for not extensive lengths of time. Of course, in this case, you may be the judge whether the soundtrack does grind your gears or not.

Jammin Jars Slot Rtp 100

Jammin Jars Slot Review: Jammin’ hot or not?

All in all, the game is just short of impressive. It holds enough juice to make it burst like a ripe plum, but there may be some bad spots beneath the skin. There are tidbits of the game that make it worth your while, such as the Jam Jar symbol. It has the potential to some very hefty wins but only for a limited time. However, some elements of its design may seem appealing, and some might seem off-putting but by no means does it affect the game experience. In general, it’s a yet another, somewhat decent, Push Gaming slot.

Jammin Jars Slot Rtp 500

Feel free to check out the game on September 25th on any Push Gaming online casino.