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InBet Games is an award-winning B2B solutions provider for the betting, gaming, lottery, and amusement industries around the world. The company was founded in 2001 in Moscow and has offices in London. InBet Games was established in 2003, and quickly became a powerhouse in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, and other former Soviet republics. This is not a company that is a threat only in one area, either: they’ve branched out into all corners of the gaming industry, from iGaming.

InBet Games primarily offers slot machines, but also have a handful of lottery, bingo, roulette, and racing games. Many of skins of each other. It would be an understatement to say their games seem dated. I suspect they were created in the last millennium and somehow managed to survive the test of time. So, if you yearn for a time when Bill Clinton was president, OJ Simpson was a household name, and mobile phones were a luxury, then you may enjoy a trip down memory lane when you play anything by InBet.

Inbet Games Casinos

Inbet Games CasinosExpand

NameWizards SealDE Friendly Play
Drake CasinoYESYES
Gossip SlotsNOYES

Mini Roulette

mini roulette

Mini Roulette is a roulette game played on a table with 13 numbers, from 0 to 12. The player may bet on any specific number, red, black, low (1 to 6), or high (7 to 12). The house edge is 1/13, or 7.69% on all bets, so bet on whatever you wish.

Dogs 3D

Dogs 3D is a simulated dog racing game allowing win, place, show, and exacta bets. According to my analysis, the bottom line is a return of 92.2% on win, place, and show bets and 90.7% on exacta bets.

For more information, please see my page on Dogs 3D.

Fortune 18

Inbet Casino Games Play

Fortune 18

This game is mathematically the same as 19-number roulette. The player may bet on numbers 0 to 18 or groups of said numbers. After a betting period, a wheel will be spun to resolve the bets. The house edge is 1/19, or 5.26%, on all bets.


This game is mathematically the same as 19-number roulette, or InBet's Fortune 18. In this skin, the player may bet on numbers 1 to 18, in various ways, or on a 'save.' After a betting period, a simulated ball will be kicked into a 6x3 net, numbered 1 to 18. However, there is also a chance the goalie will block the kick, known as a 'save,' which I presume has a 1/19 chance. Mathematically, this game has a 1/19, or 5.26%, house edge on every bet.



Velodrome is pretty much a skin of Dogs 3D, except has eight bicycle racers instead of six dogs. After all the math, I get a return of 92.0% on win, place, and show bets and 80.0% on exacta bets.

Tron Race

Tron Race is pretty much a skin of Dogs 3D. Instead of dogs racing there are virtual race cars, like in the movie. I get the same overall return of 92.2% for win, place, and show bets. For the one race I studied, I get an average exacta return of 91.6%. I suspect the cap on wins of 100 may cause the average exacta return to vary from race to race. I would also suggest not betting on anything with a win of 100, in case fair odds are higher and they are rounding down.


Filipino Bingo

Fireball Bingo

The two bingo games are played on Latin American 3x5 cards. The player may buy extra balls, which I assume are priced according to the expected win they would generate. The pay tables are the same, so I assume they are skins. No information is given about the return.


There are five different keno games to choose from. All of them are standard 'spot keno' where the player may pick 1 to 10 numbers and the game draws 20. Here are some comments on each one:

  • X Keno

    X Keno allows the player to play seemingly unlimited sets of picks on the same draw, like you can do in live keno. In X Keno, draws are 180 seconds apart. Following is the pay table, hit frequency, and return percentage by number of picks. As you can see, the return is all over the place from 75% (pick 1) to 98.10% (pick 2), so be careful how many spots you mark.

    X Keno

    PickPay TableHit FrequencyReturn
  • Apple pay between countries. Turbo Keno

    This has the same format and pay table as X Keno above. The main different is there is no waiting period between games, just click 'play' for the ball draw.

  • Neon Keno

    This game seems the same as X Keno, including a waiting period between games and the same pay table. The only difference I can see is the neon skin.

  • Keno T+

    This game seems the same as Turbo Keno, including the pay table, except it plays a little slower and has an Asian sounding soundtrack.

  • Disco Keno

    Beware this game for it has a HORRIBLE pay table, as follows:

    Disco Keno

    PickPay TableHit FrequencyReturn

    The pay table above is based on a 10-coin bet, with the wins divided by 10. As you can see the return gets as low as 38.02% (or house edge of 61.98%). Even at best, the return is only 69.17%. I think InBet should reconsider the employment of whoever came up with this awful pay table.


There are three ways to play 37-number roulette. The first is 'live roulette,' which is a standard roulette game based on the outcome of an actual wheel somewhere. There is a round about once every 60 seconds. The other two are Fortuna and Black Fortuna. These are mathematically the same as roulette, but played instead on a vertical wheel and a 6x6 betting layout. The odds are the same on all three, with a house edge of 2.70% on every bet.

There are also three more roulette games, based on 13-number and 19-number wheels, which are addressed separately in this review.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo

Sic Bo Australia

The two sic bo games seem identical except the Australian version has better odds and is on a blue felt as opposed to red. Why anyone would play the generic red table I don't know, but I'm sure they do. The following two tables show the bets, odds, probability of winning, and house edge for both versions.

Sic Bo Australia (Blue Table)

BetPaysCombinationsProbabilityHouse Edge
Small, Big110548.61%2.78%
4, 176231.39%12.50%
5, 163162.78%11.11%
6, 1518104.63%12.04%
7, 1412156.94%9.72%
8, 138219.72%12.50%
9, 1272511.57%7.41%
10, 1162712.50%12.50%
Any triple3062.78%13.89%
Two die combination63013.89%2.78%
Any number1,2,129142.13%3.70%

Sic Bo (Red Table)

BetPaysCombinationsProbabilityHouse Edge
Small, Big110548.61%2.78%
4, 176031.39%15.28%
5, 163062.78%13.89%
6, 1517104.63%16.67%
7, 1412156.94%9.72%
8, 138219.72%12.50%
9, 1262511.57%18.98%
10, 1162712.50%12.50%
Any triple3062.78%13.89%
Two die combination53013.89%16.67%
Any number1,2,39142.13%7.87%


disco spin

dwarfs gold

explosive cocktail

Gagarin 61

Havana Club

Heart of Princess


James Cook

Land of Ozz


Phoenix's fruits

Rich Life

Secret Agent

Walking Death

InBet slots takes me back to the low-budget Java-based Internet casinos of the late 1990's. The screenshots should speak for themselves. The sound effects are equally antiquated. The game play is pretty simple. Most games have a free spin bonus. Land of Ozz has another bonus that takes me back to playing Dungeons and Dragons with a hit-point inflicting battle between Dorothy and the Wicked Witch. Unfortunately, no information is provided about the return percentages. While I can't say these games are state of the art, but if are nostalgic for a simpler time in slot machines, they may be what you're looking for.

Are you looking for the best gambling experience? Then, don’t pass by Inbet slots online. Inbet software provider started developing Inbet games with the engaging plot in 2003. Since then, the company has won popularity in many countries worldwide. Both beginners and experienced gamblers enjoy playing Inbet casino slots. It isn’t surprising as all of the games have interesting plots and are full of attractive features. Every gambler will find the type of entertainment according to his/her personal preferences and skills.

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Inbet Casino Games To Play


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Inbet Slots: Online Casino Games Made from Scratch

Inbet provider offers high-quality gaming content for those who love games based on original ideas. By playing these games you will enjoy a fantastic design, cool graphics, and good quality sound. You can play your favorite slots wherever you are using your mobile. The mobile version is of top quality. There are features that make Inbet slots exclusive. All of the pics are drawn manually. Choose Inbet games to get started and gain a guaranteed positive experience.

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Inbet Casino Games Poker

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Inbet Casino Games Bingo

If you join a reliable casino site, you can count on getting a generous bonus for joining the platform. RichPrize site is the one where you can get a positive gambling experience with no fear to meet scammers. Plunge into the world of gaming and betting opportunities. Video slots, virtual sport, games of different genres are waiting for you.

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Inbet Casino Game

The choice of a trusted platform gives you a great opportunity to check how effective all the gambling strategies you have managed to learn. Don’t go to websites with a doubtful reputation. You will waste your time because such websites have the only aim – to get more visitors. They don’t provide any guarantees to clients and don’t control the activity of scammers at a site. If you want to gamble safely and forget about all the problems caused by illegal sites, choose a website with a flawless reputation. RichPrize will be a good choice no matter how experienced you are.

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