Humanity Game

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Humankind is the brand new historical turn-based strategy game from SEGA & Amplitude Studios, developers of the critically acclaimed Endless Legend & Endless Space games. What if you could.

  • But as outsiders in the game industry, we started making Humanity without any really solid idea about how to release it. Then, about two years ago, we had a stroke of luck: Our main programmer, Yama-san, showed an early version of Humanity as part of a presentation to Unity developers; one of the judges at that event was Mr. Tetsuya Mizuguchi.
  • I've Played Cards Against Humanity. We're proud of you. This is Cards Against Humanity 2.0: the biggest, baddest, and best edition of the best card game ever. We’ve expanded the game from 550 to 600 cards and replaced over 150 outdated jokes. Expansion Packs? We know you are. 2.0 is the expanded, updated.
  • A whole new game for kids and adults to play together.
  • Cards Against Humanity is a cringeworthy modern classic in the adult party game genre. It has a reputation for delivering big laughs, but how does it hold up nearly a decade after its release?
Humanity Game

Game of Quotes

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Against Humanity Game

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Humanity Game 2020

Game of Quotes is a meditation game that makes you feel better by awakening your self-awareness. It fuels your soul with indomitable strength! It reminds you and allows you to feel how wonderful life can be each and every day.
Game of Quotes is created with one thing in mind – and that is to bring hope & awareness about the truth of life. It is a one of a kind mental health tool app that combines the power of word game, quote reading, and daily positive notification that is meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly to our daily lifestyle.
Today around 264 million people suffer from depression. Modern civilization, the rise of high-stressed and industrialized lifestyle , are just a few to make humanity more prone to mental illness. We believe that instead of resenting these inevitable changes we must develop and pursue things that enriches our well being, values, and purpose as human beings
For We. Can. Make. A. Better. World.
So….Let’s Gamify!