How To Win The Pick 4 Consistently

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Every player on the show Deal or No Deal has a chance to win $1 million, but the frustrating part about this game is that it’s mostly based on chance. Since there isn’t a surefire way to know which briefcase has the highest amount and which will send you home with just a penny, you’ll have to guess at random, narrowing the briefcases down throughout the game. You can play a game of Deal or No Deal well by keeping an eye on the board, but ultimately, winning this game is about luck and luck alone.

Playing a Basic Round

How To Win The Pick 4 Consistently Week

  1. Submit an application online to be on the show. To be considered for a spot on the show Deal or No Deal, head to NBC’s website and click on their casting page. Then, submit an application with your name, contact information, and the reasons why you’d like to be on the show to have a chance at getting a spot on TV.
    • If the show is on hiatus, meaning they aren’t filming any new episodes, you won’t be able to fill out an application.
    • To find NBC’s casting page, visit:
  2. Choose a briefcase to keep for yourself. Initially, you will be asked to choose 1 briefcase out of the 26 that you believe has the highest amount of money in it (in this case, $1 million). The briefcase will be brought over to you, but you won’t get to see what’s inside of it just yet. You’ll get to switch this briefcase out after every round, or you can choose to stick with your original pick.
    • There’s no way to know which briefcase has the highest amount of money yet, so you’ll have to choose at random.
  3. Pick out 6 briefcases to open up and remove from play. In the first round, you’ll be asked to pick out 6 of the briefcases on the stairs to remove them from the board. Since there’s no way to know the money amounts in each case, you can pick these at random, going for your favorite numbers or choosing them completely on a whim. The aim is to pick briefcases with low amounts in them, because once they get removed from play, you can’t win that amount anymore.
    • The cases range in amounts from $.01 to $1 million.
    • The cases that you choose to be removed from play will be opened up as you pick them, so you’ll be able to see which ones you’ve removed.
    • In each round, you’ll be asked to remove fewer cases from play, so pay attention!
  4. Listen to the banker’s offer. After you pick out your cases, the “banker” will send you an offer to purchase your cases from you. Initially, the banker will probably try to throw you some pretty bad deals, so don’t expect a lot of money in the first couple of rounds.
    • The banker bases their offer on what amounts have been removed from play and what amounts are still on the board.
    • The banker has the same information as you do, so they don’t know what briefcase has which monetary amount.
  5. Accept the offer if you think it’s more than what’s in your briefcase. If you believe that the banker’s offer is more than what you would win by opening up your briefcase that you picked initially, you can say “Deal.” This will end the game and you’ll get to take home the amount of money that the banker offered to you.
    • Remember, the banker’s role is to get you to leave the game with the least amount of money as possible.
    • Make sure you don’t accidentally say “Deal” when you mean “No Deal.” It sounds silly, but it does happen!
  6. Decline the offer if you think you can win more money by playing. If you think that the banker is offering less than what is in your current briefcase, say “No Deal.” This will keep you in the game so you can play more rounds, continuing to remove briefcases from play until the end.
    • If you do decline the offer, you’ll be able to switch out which briefcase you’re keeping for yourself if you’d like to. Or, you can hang onto the same one you picked originally.

Using a Strategy to Win

  1. Look at the board to see which amounts are still in play. Each time you remove a briefcase from play, the monetary amount gets taken off of the giant board in the center of the room. Keep an eye on this board as you keep playing so you know which amounts you still have left so you can try to guess which amount is in your briefcase.
    • Keeping an eye on this board is the best way to track your progress as you remove briefcases from play.
    • For example, if you knocked off the $5, the $100, and the $0.01, there’s a pretty good chance that you have a briefcase with a high amount in it.
    • However, if you’ve removed the $1 million, the $50,000, and the $100,000, it may be time to accept the banker’s offer.
  2. Use a bingo cage to pick out numbers randomly. Although it isn’t typical, you can bring a bingo cage with you to pick out briefcase numbers at random. This will help you randomize your briefcase numbers completely to make sure you don’t have any amount of bias when you pick the ones to remove from play.
    • Tony Oriente, the contestant who brought a bingo cage to the show, said it helped him at first, but ultimately, he should have gone with his gut.
  3. Accept the banker’s offer if there aren’t many high values on the board. If you notice that there are only 1 or 2 high values left on the board, you may want to take the banker’s offer so you can walk away with a good amount of money. The more low values are on the board, the higher the chance is that your briefcase is a low amount.
    • Remember that the banker is seeing the same information you are, so if they see that there aren’t many high values left, they may offer you a lower amount of money.
  4. Take the banker’s offer if it’s over $131,477. The expected value of the game Deal or No Deal, or how much you would win if you played the game an infinite amount of times and averaged out your results, is $131,477. This means that if you leave the game with more than that, you’ll have done better than average.
    • You can calculate expected value by adding up all of the potential values and then dividing that number by 26, or the number of briefcases in the game.
  5. Keep playing if there are a lot of high values on the board. If you are consistently seeing low values being removed from the board after each round, keep playing the game. Chances are, you may have a high value in your briefcase that’s much better than what the banker has to offer.
    • Games like this are hard to quantify, and even statistics can’t fully predict what amount is in your briefcase. Ultimately, it’s up to chance.
  6. Avoid holding out for the highest amount. Although it can be tempting to play all 10 rounds in hopes of getting the $1 million, your odds of choosing that amount is less than 4%, or 1/26. Don’t be afraid to “settle” for an amount less than $1 million. Since you don’t have to pay to sign up for the show, you aren’t losing anything!


  • Watch the show a few times to get a better understanding of the rules and strategies.
  • Make sure you're fed and well rested the day of the show so you can think clearly.

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  • The crowd will pretty much always tell you to say “No Deal,” but it’s not their money to lose! Make decisions based on your own thoughts, not the thoughts of the crowd.

How To Win The Pick 4 Consistently

How to win the pick 4 consistently

How To Win The Pick 4 Consistently Year

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